Asked for $8000. Scam.

Asked for $8000 to create folio and model training. Scam. Thank god we didnt pay it.

User's recommendation: Scam.

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Melbourne, Victoria

A scam and something more

With the whole #metoo movement I couldn’t help but reflect back and think about all the slime balls I have encountered as a woman. This made me think of Paul Roberts and he’s scam artist ways. As a young teenager I was manipulated into paying for “catwalk practice” and a weird, amateur photo shoot. He also convinced myself and a few other girls to walk the streets of Melbourne handing out cards to unsuspecting “potentials” who were usually young, teenage girls unaccompanied by an adult. I should also mention I was told by a friend that he had taken her out, got her drunk and made a move on her. At the time I had thought it was gross. Looking back, I have now realized it was not only gross but predatory and disgusting. I hope this guy is not getting away with it anymore. Stay away girls.
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Big time SCAM

We had to deal with so called Robert from primodels. It is a scam and he is fake. We lost $20000 and the rest. All the fake promises, but he doesnt care. So what ever you do, PLEASE DON'T DO ANY BUISINESS WITH PAUL ROBERTS FROM PRIMODELS.
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Scam scam scam!!! Stay away

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Reason of review
Problems with payment

PAUL ROBERTS PRIMODELS - deceiving, scammer, laughable.

Primodels is {{Redacted}}. I attended 'catwalk' sessions every Saturday in late 2015- mid 2016, and was told by Paul Roberts prior to attending to the building weekly that we would have a photoshoot every so often. The entire year I was with Primodels, there was one photoshoot. This photoshoot consisted of very poor equipment (Just a LOW quality camera outside, no proper lighting or reflection boards), and makeup applied by a so called 'makeup artist' that practised poor hygiene and heavily lacked application skills. Apparently with years of experience. Paul asked for money up front, from memory i recall it was about $2000. This was to walk up and down a long hallway in our own heels for, for a few hours once a week. Futhermore, Paul then asked a few of the girls out of our group of 13 or so, to go to New York to speak to designers and agency's about whether they'd like to use us in New York Fashion Week. Paul asked for $18,000 for this, and it wasn't even a guaranteed position to participate in NYFW. The front he puts on is absolutely ridiculous and he thinks so highly of himself that it is laughable. Paul gets into the heads of 15 year old girls and makes you believe that THIS is what you have to do to make it in the modelling industry, leaving supportive and encouraging parents out of pocket and dreams of young people crushed. Since leaving Primodels, I have become my own, SUCCESSFUL, freelance model. I organise my own photoshoots multiple times a week so I can make a living, and acquire highly regarded make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, and fashion stylists by myself at 18 years of age. Excelling your catwalk if you're under 5'10 is pointless. Make your own professional relationships and do NOT fall into Paul Roberts trap.
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Melbourne, Victoria
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Paul Roberts Complaints | Primodels Paul Roberts

I am writing this to spread the awareness about Primodels and Paul Roberts, I have worked with Paul Roberts in various photo hoots and modelling assignments. One of my friend told me he wants to join a good modelling school and I recommended him Primodels. Few days later he came to me mentioning complaints about Paul Roberts and Primodels but i couldn't believe, Obvious as i worked with them and i was aware about how legitimate they are. I called Paul and asked him about those complaints he told me some of them are put by his competitors and most of them are on Rip off Report and they are now calling him for extortion. Rip Off report has asked for $ 20000 fro removal of these complaints. Paul informed me he has filled a case against Rip Off Report which is in process. I suggest all aspiring models to join Primodels and don't get mislead by Fake Complaint about Paul Roberts and Primodels
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Yes the guy is a scammer


Whoever wrote this review is not very educated, the grammar is appalling. No wonder they think this guy is the real deal. Keep away girls, far far away!


Amen, he’s a con artist. He’s very cunning and manipulative, he just looks like a sick twisted money sucking leech too.


Paul Roberts has been scamming young girls of Melbourne for 26 years. Believe all the fakes reviews. If you are modelling material you will not have to pay.

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Reason of review
Good quality

Primodels Legit, Primodels review

I Joined Primodels 3 months ago and attended all cat walk sessions and photo shoots. Paul Roberts taught us all about modelling in detail.I found Primodels a legit and Paul Roberts a true professional. I still remember when i was planning to join Primodels i was so confused after reading reviews about Primodels because some says it's very good and some says it's scam but then i met one of my friend who has also attended Paul's Classes at Primodels and told me the truth behind all those reviews, All those negative reviews are posted by Paul's Competitors to tarnish his image but honestly speaking i was still under dilemma whether to join or not. Later i decided to listen to my instinct and i decided to join and thanks to Jack (my dear friend ) who helped me join Primodels and now i have done 2 modelling assignments so far and i am a more confident girl. I recommend Primodels to every aspiring model, Paul Roberts Will Groom you the way you wanted.
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I remember back in 1994 I was 16 years old and approached by Mr Paul Roberts in Bourke Street (the body shop) with the opening line of "are you a model"?.I am nowhere near what you would call model material. 5 foot 6, size 14/16 and clearly had sucker written all over my face.He gave me a well printed business card and said he would be in touch.

After a week after he promised to call me, he arranged a meeting in a hotel lobby in the city with around another 4 girls. Showing off his photography work and what work he had done. Nothing too suspicious at this stage- except a meeting outside his office did seem a little weird..After the meeting I can remember waiting and waiting for his call and somewhere along the line I did ask initially if this would involve money. He said "no".

But by the time we had had the initial meeting - and trying to *** in, he explained a port foilio was required.I would have to pay for photography and how to groom myself etc.He stated I needed a portfolio and in an instant I smelt scam.I didn't appreciate going from no money needed - to needing about 2k for a portfolio etc.He called a few times afterwards trying to *** in but coming from a family that didn't have thousands to spare - well that was that.I was shocked to hear his name mentioned on the t.v recently relating to false promises and demanding money with clients 20k or so as I would have though this guy would have been out of business by now.Girls warned. This guy preys on young women and I feel as though he is very calculated and is only looking after his best interests. He sells you a hope and dream even if you do not fit the criteria.

He doesn't care. Be warned this guy is bad news!!


Hi, I have been approached by Paul Roberts recently for modeling. Can anyone throw some light that can help me deciding to move on or not ?


Can anyone shed any light on Paul Roberts Primodels

My daughter has been contacted we have reservations about how honest and reputable this proposition is


Rubbish. I was scammed by him 22 years ago.I can't believe he is still doing this. Young girl beware.


Thanks for clearing the doubts i had, I am in search of a legit modelling academy. I will surely join primodels now.

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Melbourne, Victoria

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