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Highly Recommend Primeau Funding

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I have been honored to have the amazing experience of introducing my clients to Primeau Funding for many years. Our clients have always been pleased with Primeau's streamlined application and underwriting process not to mention the care and attention that Debbie Mcnutt and her team of investors have exemplified throughout the years.

As a broker in the private funding industry, it is far and few between to come across a company that not only has access to real investors but at the same time are able to get deals funded!

I will continue to do business with Debbie Mcnutt and Primeau Funding for many years to come. They are truly an unmatched force in the world of private funding!

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User's recommendation: Use Primeau Funding for your private money funding needs

Bobby SC

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Letter of Recommendation for Primeau Funding

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The purpose of this letter is to personally thank you for all you have done to improve my credit score by 28 points and counting to help me obtain needed funding for our exciting project. Your guidance how to improve my credit score with all three credit reporting agencies has been masterful.

You crafted multiple letters to each agency that relayed a sense of urgency in a very professional manner. Each agency responded quickly since time is of the essence. I also want to say that your fee is very reasonable, especially compared to the results we have received to date.

Thank you and your Team at Primeau Funding for persevering to obtain the results we need to move forward with the loan process. When many other entities have said no or unnecessarily dragged out the process, your can do spirit and professionalism shines brighter than all the rest.


Bobby S.

Charleston, SC

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User's recommendation: I would recommend Primeau for any funding needs.

Donnie KC

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Good Experience

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Primeau Funding has a remarkable ability to strengthen businesses financially. Their expert guidance, notably from Debbie, ensures success. I Highly recommend their services! Donnie K.
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User's recommendation: Go to Primeau for your financial business needs.

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Find Someone Else

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To begin. We have just completed almost 7 years of 2 multi-million dollar court cases against some incredibly rich and incredibly powerful people. We won the original court case(s) by unanimous jury decision. We have also won all appeals and currently hold a mandate in our hand (which means the case is dead and they cannot appeal any more). I will also state that we won against two sets of attorneys that have defended their clients in the Supreme Court. So, if you wish to threaten us with 'legal action' for stating the truth here, or perhaps to try a defamation suit (which we also won), we are not afraid, and our teams of attorneys are standing by to hold you accountable. Bottom Line: I would avoid dealing with these people. I would be especially wary of giving them any money. We recorded this phone call. We keep detailed records. I do not work in the lending industry, neither does anyone that works for me. We are not in competition with Primeau Funding and we have never heard of them before today (probably because they did not want people researching them before the meeting). We are not in competition with Legacy Commercial Capital and we heard about them just a few days ago, when we started speaking with their ‘consultant’ Jeff Thornton of T-Time Investments. I am not being paid and/or compensated for this review. The following is a break-down (more or less in chronological order) of how our ‘funding conference call’ went with Debbie McNutt of Primeau Funding as well as Terrence ‘Coach’ Smith of Legacy Commercial Capital. I have relayed the basic parts of the conversation, but the best/most accurate record is the telephone recording (which was used extensively to create the information below). Please draw your own conclusions from the provided information. I. How the ‘funding call’ went down (conversation was recorded with notes): 1. I was about 2 minutes early to the conference call and the music was pretty bad while I was waiting. Not ‘elevator music’ but a loud, sometimes disharmonic, fast guitar. 2. Terrence ‘Coach’ Smith, CEO of Legacy Capital, got on the line on time and asked me to introduce myself. He seemed pleasant/professional enough, however, it was incredibly difficult to answer his questions... Why, might you ask? Well, for one thing, when he stopped speaking, the line would ‘click/pause’ (similar to if someone hung up on you), and then that blasting, raking music would start playing. After trying to get through about a minute or so of questions, I finally asked if he had some sort of setting he could change so that music wasn’t blasting at me. He chuckled a bit and said, ‘sure’ and made the music stop. It was a bit difficult to understand his mode of speaking as well. In addition, throughout the entire call, the line would click and beep a number of times, as well as pause/go mute. This implies to me that a number of people were calling in and/or monitoring the conference call without introducing themselves. Very difficult to communicate this way. 3. Debbie jumped on the line, and started talking. Fast and to the point. Basically her first question was she wanted us to state how much money we had already invested. She then proceeded to cut me off before I finished (we had a 9-item list previously provided to them with patents, trademarks, hours worked, as well as tax-supported records, etc.) I started with my work hours as a paid consultant; as stated, she cut me off and said that was unacceptable (she actually laughed at me). When she was done with her ‘explanation’ of why that particular line item was not acceptable, I swallowed my pride, didn’t even argue with her and tried to move on to the next line item. She didn’t want to hear it. I had to actually ask her if I might finish answering her original question. She said OK and I outlined my partners’ involvement to the tune of $217k... of which she merely didn’t care. 4. She then jumped into her next issue and stated that we had to come up with 10% ‘capital injection’ and asked if we were willing to do that. A. I said that my group had not discussed that, but we could discuss it. B. She then tried to dismiss me from the call. 5. She then wanted the Net Worth and Liquidity of every member of our Company. I started to say that if all she needed was a verbal, that I could provide that much money if needed, even without my partners. She then stated that she was leaving to take another call! Not kidding. 6. Jeff (the guy that brought Legacy Commercial Capital to us) jumped in and said, when do you want to talk again and she hung up/left the line at 9min and 30 sec into the talk (meaning ‘her’ talking at us). 7. Debbie then RE-JOINED THE CALL approximately 54 seconds later... (not kidding) A call that she had just terminated and said something like ‘Oh, I... um... I guess you are still talking with Terrence?’ 8. I then asked Debbie, if we produce this money for you/your group, what do we get in return? A. She said not a cookie cutter approach. She said what her equity group would look at is Capital Injection, 5 year pro-forma, very aggressive (bleep: Meaning their phone line made beeps/pauses and I don’t know what she said) cash flow, exit strategy, typically bought out by year 5, (bleep, again), an array of everything, so she can’t underwrite it over the phone. B. She then returned to ‘we just need a verbal statement of net worth then we will look at NOI and EBIT for years 1-5.’ ’ Which again, I had already told her that I, alone, without my partners could come up with that money). C. She then told me that I was being very adversarial and basically would not want to work with me. I chuckled and said I was going to say the same thing about you; you literally just left in the middle of my answer to your questions to go on another phone call. I said I am a former military commander and a business owner of 16 years ... and she chopped me off again. She then proceeded to speak non-stop until the 15 minute point... WHEN SHE HUNG UP, AGAIN! D. I remained on the line, trying to piece together a plan with my ‘consultant Jeff’. He was happy I was able to speak with her again, but was ‘upset’ at her rude behavior. I admitted that it already seemed as if Debbie had decided she didn’t want to work with us. E. At 16minutes, a series of beeps meant that someone had either left or joined the call, but did not speak to us. My guess is that Terrence left the line or someone new joined and listened in without saying anything. F. At 18 minutes, another beep of a caller joining or leaving: “This is Debbie McNutt with Primeau Funding”... DEBBIE RETURNED TO THE CALL, AGAIN!!!. She then said, “Terrence, we have another call scheduled here.” We do have other calls besides yours (meaning my group, not Terrence/Legacy Capital). G. Despite the fact that I thought this was Legacy Capital’s conference line, and that I was supposedly in a conference call with the CEO of Legacy Capital (Terrence Smith), I started to protest, realized it was pointless and that something else was clearly going on... I just sucked it up and said, OK. Goodbye. H. My consultant-Jeff- called me back immediately and wanted to know if I could provide her the net worth statements and tried to explain that she really didn’t mean we needed to give them $1Million dollars up front. He also mentioned that Terrence was basically Debbie’s ‘Boss’... which is also really strange. I. Now that I knew who some of the players in this ‘show’ were, I immediately started looking up Primeau Funding on the internet... surprise, surprise. Whether legitimate or not, they seem to have taken advantage of a number of people. 9. What a real funding group or entity might do: Spend 5 minutes actually reviewing the 4 pages of information that they made you send them (them requiring us to use their forms/documents, instead of their own is not that abnormal... however, normally they would want to see the rest of our information/documents, if they were interested). If the proposal on the table is getting $10Million, a legitimate funding group would do their research, before speaking with you – A. Debbie McNutt came to our meeting unprepared. She knew nothing about me or my partners, and seemed to not even care what our project was (very odd for venture/angel capital). Had she done even a cursory Google Search on the CEO or our Chief Science Officer, she would have seen dozens of legitimate sources about us, to include Wikipedia, Linked-In, Numerous Universities, Military Records, Local/State/Federal/International Government Records, White Papers, Court Case/Litigation Records, Business Records, even Trademarks and Patents, etc. 10. Debbie McNutt was rude and had her own agenda to push... neither of which is a no-go for business (not how I do business when trying to form a business relationship... but I digress), however, if She actually listened to ANY of the answers provided, she would have quickly realized that we already passed her ‘capital injection’ test and her ‘required 10%’ test for our net worth (as an individual or a group). She didn’t listen, she spoke over me and interrupted me numerous times, and was very unpleasant to speak with in general. To me, this means that something unspoken was playing out and she just didn’t want to deal with us, despite already being given the information she said she needed to ‘get to the next step’. 11. This is a well-played ploy. In psychological terms, if you continue to tell someone they aren’t good enough or you don’t want them, that person will subconsciously try to prove that they are good enough and that you do want them. Prior to this call, we had already stated we would not pay upfront fees, to the tune of thousands of dollars. When the consultant-Jeff, pushed back and said we need to pay for fees like background checks and stuff. I said, that won’t be a problem. We can pay for each line item, however, part of my company deals with background checks and they cost about $18-$30 (sometimes less if you get a bulk rate deal with a good company). Also, credit checks are similar. I also know that if they wanted to check on the status of our businesses, they could pay for a ‘business in good standing’ certificate from each particular state of organization/incorporation... and that would only be a few hundred dollars maximum... how do I know? I have paid for them before. Thus, she didn’t care about our project, because all she seems to want is those ‘up-front’ thousands, and it seems, they have a second plan for people that can produce large amounts of cash. I am sure that plan will not be good for anybody, except them. Undoubtedly they will use that plan to line their pockets even more. I recommend avoiding these people and protecting yourself before the next time you try to get funding, by having a checklist of your own, for what you are and are not willing to do for them. II. Checklist for Investor Conversations/Meetings 1. Ask for the name and company name of the people looking to invest in you, BEFORE, accepting a meeting. 2. Up Front Fees: Do not pay them. It is typically not a good idea and you should say no right away A. To Proceed forward anyways/work through a compromise: i. Ask for a physical address for their company ii. Ask for some type of reference. (Perhaps who they have dealt with in the past. A customer or a financing institution that has actually succeeded with a deal) iii. Ask for an Escrow attorney, that they have used more than once, to vouch for them? iv. Provide documentation for all of their ‘hard costs’ to determine legitimacy. v. Provide documentation for all ‘time spent’ working to try and get us funding, like an attorney or consultant would keep track of their hours (I do it...) vi. Offer to place the capital and/or ‘up-front money’ in a third party escrow account, which can be used to draw funds, when appropriate documentation is provided and/or proven, as opposed to just giving them control of all the money. vii. If they balk, then walk. viii. Try to check out a number of ‘scam reporting websites’... don’t just trust the first page or two of Google Searches. ix. Forbes link to a Venture Capital (VC)/Investor Checklist: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidteten/2015/02/11/dont-pitch-a-venture-capitalist-without-this-checklist/#6fc322ae5d53 x. Entrepreneur .com article on how to prepare for a VC meeting https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/81964 3. Good luck and Stay Positive (...but be as prepared as practical!)
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Elder Xhx

Please Read my Prior Post, do you think she is worth pursuing in court? As my company alone lost 7.5K and many sales and time,that was valuable, as I personally Wasted months working with her.

One Paperwork after another week after week. She was claiming that she needed more info and this and that. Making us jump through Firey Hoops. Read my story online called "The Joker Broker who Stole my Money "Debbie McNutt is McDeath" Article online.

The Kazweh website. We are doing to write a demand letter either way. Just on this site alone, it looks like she has tallied up over 21,000 dollars in losses claimed. Can't imagine how many more that haven't been to this site and reported their losses.This has hurt us bad, as that money could have went towards other debts or expenses.

She is a thief and she knows the scam she is pulling off is a Loophole. When enough people get together, we can take her out. This happened almost two years ago, and she has managed to steal many more company's dollars.I Think she wants to hit up the big corps. because they will just write it off as a loss and move on, butwith smaller businesses like myself, it really can take a toll on your life.

I can't believe someone like her really exists. She has no shame in what she is doing and this has caused me and my family, great distress. How can people like her operate a business and not get taken down or shut down?Shows what Ethics America doesn't have, which I stood for and believed in. I contacted many Attorney's and even FTC and they acted like, 'This happens all the time, if there is pre payment, don't ever do it'....Right, but she is very convincing that you will get the loan, and don't worry about a thing, she will do all the paperwork to make your company look good.

She doesn't do a damn thing, but take your money, and forces you to send it in in a week , or she can't help you get a loan. That should have been my red flag, but they had other Scammers there to keep supporting your efforts with her. Then later they act like they can't believe what just happened.It is a big Ponzi pyramid scheme/Show. You are right.

Thanks for posting this, however we are working on getting a class action lawsuit against her. If you know of any material or way to help us, we would possibly be willing to work with you. You didn't actually go forward with this scam, did you? You are blessed if you didn't, it looks like you didn't.Thanks for taking the time to put this up.

You would think more people would look her up, before undergoing her underwriting process. WHICH IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE! Coach Terrence is a Jerk and Liar as well.

These people will have bad Karma come back at them, very badly.They are aware of what they are doing. It causes harm against others, I don't care how Corrupt money is and the system of chaos.

Elder Xhx
map-marker Scottsdale, Arizona


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We should all work together to do a class action law suite against this company. I already talked to FTC and many other government site representatives and after talking to many more attorney's about this specific scam that they are doing, they said if we can just all come together, at least 3 or more, we could get our money back and then some.It looks like there are possibly even more victims than this, we can all come together and take her and this company to court and sue, garnish her wages, if she doesn't have the money, and sue her in a class action. She has been asked by many of us for a refund, now we can actually ask for PUNITIVE damages as well. We actually sent in $7500 and we didn't get any services at all, but her lies. So, please comment with me and I can organize it all, I know how to write the demand letter on behalf of us all, we can all add up how much money this woman has stolen from us and we have about 3 more years and we can sue her more readily. After 30 days if she doesn't respond to our Demand letter, we automatically will win. She is good in court defending herself, but so am I too and I can help us all do this. All we need to do is get together and I can sincerely do the rest, if you are serious about getting your money back. Lets get together and do it. Even if she does respond, she will have to come up with a resolution that we all agree to. Most likely she will fight it and dig herself a deeper hole. So, please do some footwork with me and lets find more victims. We will win if we can file at least 3 complaint forms for FTC, they will do the rest for us. I believe there was already some filed against her, they maybe just needed one more compliant. So, go file it at FTC.gov (Make sure to click "File Complaint"), I believe it is. We just need her office location and write her the demand letter. It is really simple and I have an article on how to do it. You can look me up by typing "Primeau funding Joker Broker". I wrote another article on how to Sue or Write a Claim against big company's. So, I Have been studying this as a Harvard researcher for many years now. We are almost ready to take her out. If you want to jump on and file along with a small claims court - class action law suite, please contact me. We are very serious and we can win our money back. She knows what she is doing and it is a common scam that the FTC and BBB are very aware of. All they need is more people to stand up and we can get our money back.No matter what. We actually can take her to court and sue for even more money than we sent in. Up to a certain amount depending on what Small Claims court fees and rewards are for ARIZONA, as that is where her business license is. So, like also this pertains to where your location is. Like Tennessee we can sue for up to 15,000 dollars or so. This would cover both you and my company's loses. We possibly can add on even more people, as there are many others if you look through the grape vine of sites. She should have known that people would complain against her, because she doing a classic loophole scam, but after too many complaints, she is in the wrong for Misleading conduct and Trickery. Kindest Regards,
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Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund


I have sent clients to Primeau Funding over the past few years and we have been very pleased with their professionalism and their ability to get deals funded!

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BS. You can't back that statement up with even a name.

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Elder Xhx
map-marker Columbia, Missouri

FULL Scoop on The Joker Broker Who Stole My Money

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FULL Scoop on The Joker Broker Who Stole My MoneyLink To This Article here:http://thekazweh-com.myshopify.com/blogs/news/11824****-full-scoop-on-the-joker-broker-who-stole-my-money

This amazing scam is found hereSite http://www.legacycommercialcapital.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Legacy-Commercial-Capital-141434****533089/

Will Promise this following statement: Hi Eric,


And you will have a conference on call meeting with Terrence, who introduces you to "The Debbie McNutt".

I Signed a Contract to get a LOAN for 250K with fixed interest for 25 years. The contract mentioned I may not get it, however I would get a refund if we closed on the loan. The problem is this broker does nothing to even try to get you a loan and you pay before any hard copy, appraisal, or other adjusted fees that my money would be used in order to comply with the terms of my Sources and Uses, Executive Summary, and Loan Profile. So, in other words this con artist, misleads you by means of trickery into believing you are eligible for hard money, from private lenders; with use of another companies false advertising (LCC - Legacy Commercial Capital) whom refer you to PRIMEAU FUNDING and a Debbie Mcnutt. Debbie Mcnutt is the only person you will talk to in the entire firm, she claims her office is in Scottsdale and she helps people get all kinds of money, even up into the 20 million dollar marker. She has no referrals or reviews of such claims, then she states she is working in the "Private Sector" and this is why she cannot display such evidence. She makes you jump through fiery hoops week by week, asking for another form of paperwork and documentation. After you have done so much financial footwork and filling out paper after endless paper, she never tells you to give up, but that she is trying to get your loan profile and everything perfected before presenting to the Lender. She never has once represented me or my business to a single lender today, when the initial Conference call with her and her company, she told me that there were the Following:NO HIDDEN FEES,PRIVATE LENDERS,250K STARTING LOANS,NO CREDIT CHECKS,HARD MONEY,And FAST TURN OVER RATES.

You Can listen to an audio clip of her flim flam, acting like I can actually take a million dollar loan out, this is how she blows smoke up in the air here: https://vimeo.com/15283****/60767ee584

All of which are lies and became apparently the opposite over due time. I would never have signed the LOI (letter of Interest) if I wasn't completely under the misleading, misrepresentation, and wasteful flim flam flattery of this company. She rushed me into a hasty choice, that was the signing of the LOI, and if I didn't sign it under a weeks time, that I would not be able to get the loan any longer and all the hard work and time I put into building my portfolio would be completely wasted.

I had business trip after business trip with my co-worker, staying in hotel after hotel, wasting money and time; waiting for this loan to go through. Lots of lost money in making these terrible decisions, to expand my business, I ended up losing the 7500 dollars which I sent in to her with a Cashier's Check, with overnight delivery; and over 3000 dollars in hotel stays. I have been working or dealing with this nightmare event since Mid-December 2015 until today. I asked for my receipt over 5 times, still not a single reply back on that. I reported her to the FTC and now your firm. I wish to also report to Ripoff.com and scam alert.com as well as the BBB. I will make a blog online sharing my experience, strength and hopes on this issue and terrible FRAUDULENT BUSINESS TRANSACTION that has occurred on my business and my life as a whole.

She claims she has put 30 hours into work on my behalf, but has no evidence showing any work done, there has been no benefit in her services, and I never agreed to pay over 750 dollars an hour to be hassled back and forth over my personal finance information and business ventures.

She is not only a fraud, but a criminal and there are other sites, now that I have been researching, warning of her same scam, being done to other individuals through websites such as Grapevine and other online "Buyer Beware " websites online.

I hope there is some way, that I can receive my Money back with a full refund, Possibly PUNITIVE damages for trying to set me up with a loan in which I had multiple business contracts with other businesses that were pending on that business expansion loan to come through. I had an apartment storefront in Fulton MO, waiting to be purchased and a resort in Lake of the Ozarks that was taken off the market, because I was going to work on leasing it with the Loan, that I was being hope filled with overexerted lies and false promises about. I have recordings and countless emails on how she portrayed her faulty unethical business practices and if she has no justice done against her, she will remain in business (Over 17 years now) conning another sucker each day; not fulfilling a single business loan or service ever.

This event has hurt not only my business, but now my family and all I have asked her is for my money back, which I rightfully deserve.

Please let me know if I have a case. I will be reporting to all business report sites and to anybody that is willing to listen about how dangerous Fraudulent Brokers can be. I know now, never to sign a contract or pay money down before getting a loan, but she did explain that I was not only eligible for the loan, but that I would have no problem getting a 250k Loan; she mentioned that all traditional conventional loans worked like this. At first it was a Private Lender Hard money loan, then it changed later in her convenience when she knew I had lower credit score and she could use that against me.

I have called this company to try to talk to other people in the firm and there is no one higher that Debbie McNutt and I have tried to settle with her and she persists that I signed a non refundable contract and so I am not getting my money back or any money for damages caused. I would like to sue for punitive damages and fraudulent business transactions. I want the amount of money she had stated that I was eligible for that she claims I could get. At one time she mentioned that I could possibly get the million dollar loan. I paid for multiple services to comply with her services such as: filing my taxes, paying for an accountant, fees for appraisals, hard copying, recording, paperwork, hotel fees, and this money could have been used for investing rather as a business expense loss.


(After I confronted her on being a scam, she came back and said, 'don't worry, we can mediate your credit and we can then get you for some smaller loan around 10k; after I already had paid her 7500 dollars, this seemed beyond pointless)

Are you a broker or jack of all trades? I understand how to mediate my credit. I will not be doing any vengeful acts, but you have until April 1st.

Trust me there is such things as fraudulent business transaction and breech of contract after notable changes were in awareness and brought to attention.

Now I am asking for a reasonable compromise, and that cashier's check was immediately cashed as soon as you got it, accordingly to my bank. So, I know you don t have that money, but there are holes in this contract as you will soon find out.

And if I am not the only suckered who fell for your scam, than you should have money in your bank account from primeau funding. Since I mean your business makes over 600k a year.

This shouldn't matter to you, it was my money and nothing has happened in my favor, but jumping through many firey hoops; and playing house with a business loan and pretending we are getting closer and closer to obtaining a loan, which I was told with my information and business finances,That it would be easy. I have everything recorded.

I would really advise you make an exception and write me a check back for 6500 dollars and send me back this with a cashier's check to my address on file. By April 1st, you can overnight it.

If you refuse the very best, the best is often all you will get.

I was under the impression that getting a loan with my stature in business, that i would be eligible for 250k. And this would be simple after the evaluation process. For the loan type we were originally applying for, II was told my credit score wouldn't matter. Now, after all this i am not really needing a loan. I just want a refund, we didn't pursue the 250k, from the contract agreement for the lender. things have changed. I don't have time anymore to continue your services, though I appreciate your gesture. I don't have any more time to spare.

Please do via mail back to my address.

I am no longer interested in obtaining a loan.

We didn't get a loan. So I was in no way ever eligible as a candidate for a loan. I contacted On deck and no record of my name or business has ever been initiated. Regardless you are correct my last three bank statements are not enough to even take 10k out. So this is where I stand, I can't even take 10k out and I already paid you 7500$ .

How does this not make sense to you that I am taking a huge loss, by your services, I could keep doing this for another 6 months and still have no luck at all.

This shouldn't be difficult to understand.

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Harvard Researcher~Eric Geoffrey Plott


I had two representative named Iona and Marshall German who are recruiters from LCC legacy commercial capital and they also consult. These individual told me I could get private funding and hard money with low credit scores and I was eligible for 250k as Coach Terrence, the owner of LCC also ensured i would be on board for them finding a perfect lender. They then scheduled an appointment with me and DEBBIE MCNUTT FROM PRIMEAU FUNDING.COM. By which I was already able to fill out a Executive summary, Loan Profile, Sources and Uses to see if I could actually make prequalification with MCNUTT lenders. Each conversation about my business project and how I wanted to use the money, all seemed very hopeful, as she later switches up into the conversation and says she is actually a traditional conventional loan broker. She only can work with a fixed interest rate for a set amount of years for 250k, however my credit score was never an issue. And she threw LCC under the bus per se, by claiming she isnt responsible for how they conduct their business and advertising to get you to her services. I have all emails, ads, and phone conversation recorded, as I am a 800 business myself and she called me and my phone automatically records with her consent. I believe each one of these individuals are tied together as elaborate schemers and con artists from supposed different states. Iona and marshall are a couple who claim this is a business opportunity and said do i want hard money fast, that has little to no interest rates, and no credit checks, and hidden fees or losses. I have this message I can provide all filed evidence against these people and many hours of estranged phone call conversation. I have asked to talk to the owner of Prime funding and it seems the only person who works there, is Debbie Mcnutt and when i explained to the owner of LCC, Coach Terrence that Debbie had insulted them on their business practice, he gave me a cold shoulder and blew me off many times;very unprofessionally, and stated that,'no, Debbie didn't throw us under the bus' and disrespectfully hung up the phone...Now, when she claimed that she had a possible lender on hand, she gave me 1 week to sign a contract that was a LOI (letter of interest) and I had to pay 7500 dollars for underwriting, possible appraisals, or any hard costs that may occur before or during closing and that this amount was non refundable until closing and we obtained the 250k. WE WOULD GET THIS AMOUNT BACK (7500$) AND I HAVE AUDIO RECORDING OF THIS EVIDENCE AND THE SIGNED CONTRACT WHICH I FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH, UNDER A GUISE OF TRICKERY, MISLEADING FRAUDULENT MADE BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS, WHICH CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF PUNITIVE DAMAGES. Debbie Mcnutt rushed me into a decision, hastefully, knowing I am a first-time loan borrower to go along with all her guidance as a "trusted financial broker" and even stated she would take time to define the terminologies in this business to build my trust as a naive borrower and client under her services and direction , which now nearly 4 month later, we find to be an entire SCAM OPERATION. I AM NOT THE ONLY VICTIM EITHER, LOOK UP ONLINE DEBBIE MCNUTT PRIMEAU FUNDING GRAPEVINE TO LEARN MORE.LINKS HERE:1) http://mortgagegrapevine.com/thread/?thread=592789

2) http://mortgagegrapevine.com/thread/?thread=523282

3) http://mortgagegrapevine.com/thread/?thread=608698

I have requested a receipt over 3 times for that check and never have gotten one, but I have multiple copies of the check written to her and her business name. I have requested a full refund and she now appeases me, by stating I am not reading her messages clearly and I am at fault.


boundless - I've written numerous times about up-front fees - especially from brokers. Ask for an address or some type of reference. if they balk, then walk. Escrow attorney they've used more than once to vouch? Based on their website it looks obvious they're a broker entity getting paid for not arranging finance. Come on. by Honest Broker November 23, 2010 8:50 AM

@honest broker. Yep. I told this rude lady to take a walk. Everyone is stupid but her, according to her condescending attitude. I just wanted to see what others had to say. She's collecting $5,000-$7,500 for an LOI after she gets a Executive Summary. Yeah right. Like an executive summary qualifies one for a loan. People who can't close comm loans scam for fees. yep she has no sources. Can't even give me ball aprk rates. by boundlessloans November 23, 2010 7:27 PM

Your reviews are right on folks. We personally spoke with Debbie McNutt and recieved the same treatment as 'Honest Broker' above. She will not provide any written protocol for us to review; will not provide refrences and then has the temerity to explain, "we need to be compensated for the time and hard cost we spend on each transaction" but refuses to provide ANY documented proof of her "time" and "hard" costs! Sound like a scam to you? We have WRITTEN, documented proof of this conversation. Primeau is a brokerage firm at best, and does not personally finance ANY deals from what we can find. In addition, we offered to place the capital in a third party escrow account to be drawn upon 'appropriate documentation showing use of funds', to which her reply was "I think it would be best if you sought funding for your project elsewhere". In regards to this company, unless you have $10,000.00 burning *** in your wallet, it's probably best for EVERYONE to seek funding elsewhere. by Oil and Gas Company September 6, 2013 5:42 PM

We used Primeau Funding once and dealt with Debbie McNutt wich I assume is the same person who responded in the thread as debbie11. We sent them the fee requested but the loan never went through. We lost our money and excuses were given by debbie that didnt make sense. Since then we have only been working with Visconti Industries. They provided us with documentation to do due diligence on them and they are registered. What I would suggest is doing due diligence on the supposed "funding" corp before paying any fees. We learned our lesson a while back with Primeau and now for over a year we check whoever we work with before believing a word they say. by MoeMonney February 1, 2012 10:33 AM

Loan scenario: NH, $13,000,000, 700, 65% LTV, Construction, full, NOO

State: NH

Amount: 13,000,000

Property type: COM

Documentation: full

FICO: 700

LTV: 65%

Occupancy: NOO

Loan purpose: Construction

Trying to find info on Primeau Funding they will not provide any references and that is a huge red flag for me and my client, has anyone have a verifiable loan closed with them? They are asking for $7500.00 upfront with no commitment letter only a LOI..... by Toughloansolutions April 24, 2013 8:19 AM

by manicmortgage June 4, 2008 12:00 AM

Here's the website for the Az Dept of Financial Institutions:

Click Here

Primo isn't listed as either a banker or broker.

by magician June 4, 2008 12:00 AM

Primeau Funding deals mainly in the private sector, therefore not regulated by state banking. by debbie11 August 5, 2008 12:00 AM

Her Information claims the following from her LinkedIN account:

Debbie McNutt: Primeau FundingSummaryWith over 17-years’ experience in the private sector, I have worked with numerous clients along with secured capital for their projects to include land development, energy and wind.




Legacy Commercial CapitalFounder/CEO at Legacy Commercial Capital

Miami/Fort Lauderdale AreaVenture Capital & Private EquityCurrent Legacy Commercial CapitalWebsites Company Website

Founder/CEOLegacy Commercial CapitalJanuary 2015 – Present (1 year 4 months)Miami/Fort Lauderdale AreaTerence "Coach" Smith is the Founder and CEO of Legacy Commercial Capital which was launched in January 2015 He sat as CEO of Kingdom Builders Financial Group from 2005-****. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate lending industry as well as helping other business owners and real estate professionals with personal coaching, leadership training, and personal development. He is a family man, business man, and motivational speaker. Coach Smith not only has a passion for building business, but also for building people. The vision that God gave Coach Smith for business has changed people’s lives all across the nation and is doing the same for his new found company Legacy Commercial Capital. Not only is Coach Smith committed to the well-being of the company, but he is committed to the well-being of the people, making Legacy Commercial Capital not just a company, but a company that will leave a legacy.

SummaryWe only work with the most reputable private investors and investment groups in the country who offer very creative short-term and long-term financing secured by commercial real estate and non-recourse stock loans. With our experience and knowledge, we have the capacity to orchestrate and facilitate creative solutions for even the most difficult transaction. Minimum $250K up to $500M. We take pride in being recognized as one of the fastest in the industry.



Hello Debbie, Just touching base and I wanted to mention something that could help you and Primeau Funding, if interested.

I noticed you have been in business successful for many years now and reviews are very important to building customer report.

I have a company who is interested in hiring me in Review management department online. They are called Trust Pilot.

You can actually see my 12 reviews here on this link:https://www.trustpilot.com/review/themoringaqueen.com

We are growing still and actually have over 600 live testimonials compiled on our website.

What is neat about Trust Pilot though, is real customers are regulated through their actual on sales activity receipt. Meaning there must be evidence to a sale for individuals to post about you or your business.

I have dealt directly with people and companies who are real deal scam artist, frauds, and liars. Unfortunately , I have had to report these businesses to Better Business Bureau and other hoax exposing sites. This is of course to protect other potential customers from being ripped off or conned into purchasing products or services that don't exist.

With all this said, if you feel you and your amazing development could benefit from a tool such as this , to not only have secure customers, but also protect your outstanding ethical business reputation.

I noticed when searching your name and business there were some naysayers who ran into problems, where they paid for Primeau funding and claim your services were never provided from the contract. Lost money.

See, with TrustPilot.com you would have prevented from frauds making statements that deflamate your business or character. I think this tool could greatly benefit you. Some people go out on a limb to bash other people when competition is involved.

I know you didn't purchase our TheMoringaQueen.com, produce but I wanted ask you if you could please evaluate the Care and Essential miracle package that I sent you with our top products. If you could please give us a 10 star review it would be greatly appreciated. If you feel I don't deserve that please let me know how I could perfect your experience.

The review link is here:https://www.trustpilot.com/evaluate/themoringaqueen.com

I promise you that for your hard work and effort, Debbie,I will make sure that my huge developed network discovers and knows all about Debbie McNutt and her incredible Primeau Funding. I will write you the best review and place it everywhere on the web for people to see and admire, because you are the real deal and you helped me and my business expand. With no excuses or false promises, that Debbie McNutt really is professionally trained and will follow through with every amazing offer that Primeau Funding provides.

This company and Debbie will give you consultation and walk you through exactly what documentation and executive summaries that you will need in order to be eligible for prequalified cation stages of your private or traditional conventional loans. She will get you long term fixed interest rates that are affordable to pay back for whatever project you are needing it for. She will find the right lender just for you and if she ask for any type of money for underwriting or services, just be rest assured that she really will follow up with her end of the deal to represent you and your company's best interest and present your loan profile, sources and uses, and executive summary the best she knows how. Her excellence and tenacity to give you spot on information from her 17 plus years of knowledge and experience in business is tremendous and we want the world to know of her efforts and abilities to carry out helping other businesses grow. If there be a better woman in this industry it would surely have to be her twin, and I want everyone in the online world to know and trust Mrs. Debbie McNutt from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Know that anyone deflamating this business are certainly tied into competition directly with another brokerage. It has been just about three months now and I am feeling hopeful that I am a perfect candidate for this 250k loan that I am applying for, because I do meet up with all the credentials that lenders and brokers are looking for. So, I should be letting everyone in my network know the progress of this exciting venture. I hold Mrs. McNutt to a very high level of degree in excellence, everything is looking swell today.

Millions will know that she is the best there is, was, and ever will be!

Kindest regards,Eric Geoffrey Von Leonard PlottOwner PlottPalmTrees.com

Harvard researcherPlant based nutritionist Cornell University E.G.Plott.

Shalom Debbie Please consider. Court is looking good and business loan is looking favorable or promising too. What lenders are possibly going to be working with us, will I get that sort of information enclosed ? If one of the lenders declines can you still represent me to another? From our conversations it does look like we should be getting it. I have told many people how smart and hardworking you are. Thinking about putting a huge online video production about your operation and getting it to go viral to help you bring in more business. Out of love and true care and concern.

"Do the right thing and the rest will follow "

Sent from TheKazweh.comMAR 6TH, 5:31PM

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  • Scam
  • Trickery
  • Contract fraud
Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Full refund


Legacy Commercial Capital at http://www.legacycommercialcapital.com is a fraudulent private funding site.

+ The site gives an address in Florida but is not registered / authorised in Florida as a search here shows: http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName

+ That address is a PO box and their telephone number (305) 628-**** belongs to Brenda Schofield of 3140 NW 158th St Opa Locka, FL 33054

+ The domain is being used in an email financial scam reported here: https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=133234

+ The registrant is using privacy protection

Ilani Rqw

My name is Debbie McNutt, Managing Director of Primeau Funding.

Eric Plott came to PF for funding in December of 2015.

Eric was dishonest from day one, as he lied about his credit score and declined to tell us that he had pending criminal charges. Eric signed a contract with PF outlining the Terms & Conditions of the loan to include a clause stating that our retainer would be refunded at closing. Eric violated our contract and our lender declined to work with him.

The review written by Eric Plott is vengeful, manipulative and includes copyright infringement.

For creditability reasons, we have provided two links to Eric’s criminal history and drug abuse.

You may copy and paste either of the links below into your browser to view http://primeaufunding.com/eric-plott.html


Primeau Funding has been in business for 18-years and we value our reputation. If you are looking for a bridge loan, equity participation or construction funding, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Mr. Eric Plott was referred to Legacy Commercial Capital by two individuals that he had done business with in the past who we will not name in this reply, so we felt moving forward that he was on the up and up about his project.

After further review we were told by our funds group that Mr. Plott was not being 100% truthful about certain things in his file such as credit report and other very important pieces of information that he just happened to leave out that would definitely hinder him from not being approved with our funds group, but not just our group but with any funds group. He was not forthcoming even in reference to a hit and run charge that showed up on his criminal background check that was still pending. He was simply turned down for funding because of the false information that he provided us and is now on a rampage out to get anyone that he feels is responsible for him being BUSTED IN HIS LIES.

That is to include the nice couple that referred him to us because he also sent them a text threat that basically stated that they messed with the wrong person! In my world that sounds like a threat when you are reading it! They were simply trying to help Mr. Plott.

And to address UPFRONT FEES... Legacy Commercial Capital does not as it is not our policy to collect any so called Upfront Fees! We never took one dollar from Mr. Plott and whatever cost to do business that he incurred with the funds group for the underwriting of his fraudulent file is a fair and just cost of doing business as he should have been honest from the beginning!

We always let our clients know that underwriting will take place and that there is a cost for underwriting as it is a service rendered and part of the industry standard, so whatever does not match up with their initial application will soon come to the light, so speak now or forever hold your peace. We at Legacy Commercial Capital pride ourselves on being there for our clients and helping them through the process of getting their deals to the finish line with a definitive level of integrity, however when someone is not honest about their background, their project and/or their credit history in some cases then there is not much we can do to make or force someone to fund their project. Mr. Plott basically lied to us and to Primeau Funding, who we by the way have a very high level of respect for.

Primeau Funding came highly recommended to us a few years ago from several professionals within the private funding community. Mr. Plott evidently did not expect anyone to ever uncover the truth about his project. We do not wish any ill will towards Mr.

Plott, however we could not just sit back and not respond to the outright lies we have read today on this forum. We also suggest to the owners of this website please check the validity of any or all statements being made against companies like ours that are on the front line of assisting hardworking business owners in this country to get their deals the attention that they truly deserve! What Mr.

Plott has written on your site and maybe other sites about Legacy Commercial Capital and Primeau Funding is without a doubt a defamation of character case moving forward.


Terence "Coach" Smith


Legacy Commercial Capital

Email: info@***.com


Eric Plott was referred to PF for funding by another consultant. During my initial call with Eric in December, 2015 and then again in January, 2016, I asked him a series of questions to include what he thought his credit score might be, how long he had been in business, cash-flow, capital injection and down payment for the building to be acquired.

Eric stated that his credit score was between 748- 768 along with claimed that he had been in business for 8-years and was cash-flowing. I advised Eric that he could apply for a small business loan to obtain some working capital along with acquire the building. We then issued a contract outlining the terms and conditions of the loan all subject to processing and final underwriting of file. Eric signed our contract of which clearly stated that the fee was non-refundable however would be credited back to him at closing, less any cost incurred by PF.

Eric signed the contract and within less than two-weeks declined to provide several documents that we requested along with e-mailed PF and said that he thought he was applying for a Hard Money loan. I then called Eric and explained to him that his circumstances did not support a Hard Money loan. Eric seemed to be fine and began submitting the documentation requested which took him approximately two-months. In February Eric called me one evening to tell me about an accident that took place between he and a local attorney.

Eric was quite concerned that he might be in serious trouble along with going to jail for a year. I never really understood what he had done that would potentially put him in jail however I listened to him anyway along with tried to comfort him.

The property that Eric wanted to acquire was SBA ineligible with the living quarters in the loft of the property and Eric's financials did not support the loan amount requested.

I advised Eric that there was an update to the case docket showing a case review for April 12th, 2016, therefore it was still active per the court docket entries.

I then advised Eric that under the present circumstances that we could do one of two things. Apply for an unsecured line of credit using his good credit score or wait to see the outcome of the case review on April 12th and re-apply for a small business loan as initially discussed per our telephone conversation. Eric then advised me that his credit score was only about 600. Eric became nasty and said that he didn’t want to try anything else and he just wanted his money back or we could pay off his student loan of $8,000 that he had defaulted on that he failed to tell us about.

Eric perpetrates fraud.

Primeau Funding has been in business for 17-years and we value our clients, consultants and brokers who send us business.

Unfortunately there are a few who do not tell the truth and then become vengeful such as Eric Plott who was not forthcoming from day one.

Creditability can be viewed by clicking on the links:

http://primeaufunding.com/eric-plott.html http://www.flastergreenberg.com/assets/htmldocuments/RICO%20Complaint.pdf

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$6,000 for absolutely nothing: how is this legal?

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
I do not want to provide my name, but suffice it to say that we were charged $6,000 for this broker to locate a funding source for us, and they came up with 0 actionable leads. Yet, we were still charged $6,000. I am surprised this is allowed. To this day, my husband and I feel like we were quasi-scammed by this company. We both have excellent credit, graduate degrees and impeccable backgrounds. I guess we were simply too naive and trusting. Live & learn, I guess. Anyway, fast forward several years, and we now have an SBA loan at a much lower rate than anything a broker would have tried to cobble together. Caveat emptor. You could quite literally be charged $6,000+ for a "lending package" that never materializes. (*I will provide my identity to the owner of this website if requested, but I generally do not provide my personal information online).
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  • That creative financing and funding companies exist
  • That they could charge for something they did not deliver
Reason of review:
taken advantage of

Preferred solution: Full refund


I did business personally with Primeau Funding and I can honestly say that they were upfront, honest, and professional throughout the lending process. I would definitely recommend them to other colleagues in the same Industry.

Just so we know this isn’t some random person my name is Michael Saint. I own 7 businesses and I can be reached via email at Michael.saint@***.org

Elder Xhx

•THEY ARE CREATIVE SCAMMERS IS ALL• If you did this, you will never see your money again, I sent 7500 dollars and I didn't get any loan or anything; they are a full scam company. If you want to team up with me, we can both send a demand letter and work out a small claim court suite; let me know, because what they have done is called "Illegal - Fraudulent Business Transaction" .

They used trickery and under no case was she going to actually get you a loan, with a pre payment charge this is illegal. She knows it and she is robbing people all around the world.

*I have an article on how to write a demand letter, you then just send it to her and after 30 days or whatever time frame, she doesn't come up with a solution; you can take to your small claims court, we are eligible to sue for up to $15,000 where I am from, I have all this information if you are interested please contact me. I am not a Lawyer, but a business that did lose my money from this company and she refused to issue a refund; she asked for a money order and I learned a huge lesson.

Never prepay and believe that someone promising you that a loan will come through, and then they would refund you the pre payment fees, this is a scam loophole, but still it is a scam and you know she didn't do any work for you, she is only filling out paper work for a loan company which any one can do, she isn't doing anything special at all, but robbing you. I hope you didn't fall for this.


Same here. She took $7500 “Due diligence” from us and never did anything.

I have heard numerous people say the same thing. She takes money and then never produces.

She is a BROKER not a lending source or funds director. Big talker and no substance...

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1402214

Eric Plott perpetuates fraud as he continues to write "Child-like" reviews as himself, anonymous and Moringa Kingdom that are "Balderdash".

Eric became vengeful when a back-ground check was completed on him per his request for a business loan.

I advised Eric that he had pending criminal charges and that he would need to wait approximately 3-weeks to see if the pending charges for a "Hit and Run" would be dropped. Eric became vengeful by threatening Primeau Funding that things would get ugly if we did not return his retainer or pay off his student loan. Our, (PF) contract clearly outlined that the retainer was non-refundable however would be credited back to the client at closing, less any cost incurred on our (PF) end. Eric signed the contract.

Eric Plott's criminal background and creditability can be viewed here


PC has allowed Eric Plott to violate their Terms & Conditions and a lawsuit was filed against PC by another party http://www.flastergreenberg.com/assets/htmldocuments/RICO%20Complaint.pdf

I, Debbie McNutt have worked in the financial community since 1998 and in the private sector since February of 1999. Most of our business is referral based from existing clients and consultants/brokers of whom we’ve worked with in the past. PF has engaged in writing Executive Summaries for clients and I, Debbie McNutt have personally met with clients upon request. I have been involved with site visits, photographing of properties and I do a training seminar once a month for consultants/brokers.

I have been asked to speak at seminars in California.

Primeau Funding has no issues with any regulatory agencies and an A+ rating with the BBB. When seeking funding for a project, it is important to be honest along with follow through with any requests that are made by the investor along with provide the requested documentation to have the best possible chance of funding.

Ilani Rqw

My name is Debbie McNutt and I am the Managing Director of Primeau Funding and we have no record of charging a client $6,000. The author does not identify themselves nor has this author ever contacted Primeau Funding, therefore this review is "fraudulent"

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Primeau Funding the Experienced and Professional Funding Source!!

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
I have known and worked with Debbie McNutt and Primaeu Funding for many years. She is very thorough and detailed with her preparation of funding packages. Primaeu Funding has top rated and excellent funding providers. Debbie has received many compliments from these same funding providers regarding the professional, detailed and accurate presentation she provides for her clients! Primeau Funding has successfully sourced for and closed on funding for many projects during their many years in business. I definitely recommend that you take your funding request to Primaeu Funding!! I know from my experience you will receive a detailed, accurate and thorough response to your request!! Submitted by D Buck
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  • Professionalism
Reason of review:
Good customer service

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