Preston Rezaee Family Law Review from Mountain View, California

Approximately 3 years ago I was represented in my divorce proceedings by Preston Rezaee, who without compunction made side bar negotiations and deals with my ex wife's counsel without my consent I met with Preston once, and he stated my divorce would be a piece of cake,and that i may be liable to pay minimal spousal support. ......Next we had an 8am court appearance, Preston failed to show up and is nowhere to be found.........The next thing i know my case is called to the bench and the proceedings were started and there i sat without representation, Even though i had paid preston 2,500.00 to represent me in said proceedings. ...........Being as I was naive concerning lawyer's and the legal process and system, I did not postpone said proceedings due to my lack of representation in said proceedings ,,,, At this point the judge ordered mediation, ,,,which is a closed proceeding......Next thing i know I'm sitting i front of a mediator with my wife at the time, her lawyer,and 2or3 law student's from UNLV. ......throughout mediation I was badgered ,threatened, and intimidated by the ex wife's attorney, and the mediator refused to have him removed from the closed proceedings...At this point became very distraught and intimidated due to my lack of representation and my ex wife's attorney threatening and badgering maner , at that point I refused to comply with the mediation process. .......,,yet her attorney who wasn't even supposed to be present continued said proceedings by conferring with the mediator regarding my divorce and answering all the questions directed at my ex wife by the mediator. .....Next thing I know the mediator is rushing us to come to an agreement, at this time i continued to refuse any and all participation in said proceedings,and did not agree to anything . ......,Next thing i know preston walks into said proceedings and started conferring with my ex wife's lawyer, i said to preston where have you been, and what are you doing conferring with her lawyer, before talking to me. ....preston then,without compunction blurts out we've reached an agreement, ,,,,and the mediator immediately ended said proceedings ,at about 11:45am i said no i dont... ... Next thing I know we're in the court room in front of the judge, and my attorney (preston),tells the judge we agree to everything. .....At this point I blurt out your Honor i did not agree to any of this and my attorney refuses to confer with me, and or represent me per our contract /agreement,and furthermore he is 4 hours late to these proceedings and is agreeing to stipulations that I do not agree to. ........preston then tells the judge that his client is being belligerent, ,,,the judge pounds his gavel and says the final paperwork will arrive in about 2 weeks.....I then told preston what am i paying you 2,500.00 for.....,,,You show up 4 hrs late bend me over in front of the judge and agree to opposing counsels requests against my will.........I then told preston to refund all of my money, and he refused. ...As it turned out, I wound up paying my ex wife's attorneys fees to.....The bottom line is that its my personal opinion that Attorney Preston Rezaee failed to properly represent me in the above said proceedings ,,,and I wish I would of known that i could of filed a complaint with the bar association at the time. ...furthermore I'm checking to see if there's a statute of limitations on filing a complaint. .I will also be contacting said attorney again to request a complete copy of any and all files pertaining to my divorce,due to the fact that he failed to do so per my request 3 years ago.........And this time my request will be in writing, via certified mail signature requested as i just learned attorney's are to retain all files for 7 years. ...
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Mountain View, California
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Poor customer service
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Preston Rezaee is a divorce attorney in Las Vegas

Preston Rezaee is a divorce attorney in Las Vegas
Preston Rezaee is a divorce attorney in Las Vegas who works at a place called "The Firm" on Charleston Blvd. I went to Mr. Rezaee when I was served with divorce papers. I met with Jacqueline Martinez his secretary, but everyone made it seem like she was the actual attorney. The Firm advertises "flat fees" on all their services but then they tack on extra charges. Even on his Facebook he talks about how he has a flat fee bankruptcy but leaves out the part about how there is an extra $300 in filing fees and more if you are married and even more if you have a business. So his "flat fee" is a bunch of ***.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Preston Rezaee Lawyer Stole my Savings and Ruined my Divorce

Preston Rezaee is a lawyer in Las Vegas who owns a place called THE FIRM at 200 E Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas. He took all of my savings because my ex filed a motion to try and get custody of my daughter and make me pay support. I was a stay at home mom forever and make $11/hour. Preston Rezaee extorted $1500 from me in order to respond to a motion that his secretary said it was VERY IMPORTANT to respond to. I paid and waited for them to call me in to draft the response. I called and called and every time I was told they would call me. The 10 days to file came and went. They told me the day before the hearing that they filed a response "denying everything" -- I have no idea what they would have filed since they didn't even ask me about the allegations my ex was making against me! The day of the hearing Preston Rezaee showed up an hour late and proceeded to make a mockery of the court, my case and everything about my divorce. I felt publicly humiliated and he didn't defend me against the other lawyers slanderous remarks at all. Since Preston Rezaee FAILED to file the proper financial disclosure paperwork he ASKED the court against my wishes and without my consent to defer any financial ruling. I had told his secretary repeatedly that i was in desperate need of spousal support since I was thisclose to becoming HOMELESS. After my huge embarrassing court appearance I emailed Preston Rezaee's secretary and asked her to send me a copy of the response to the motion that I paid A THOUSAND DOLLARS for Preston Rezaee to file. I also asked for an invoice. After three weeks I had still gotten no response. I consulted another attorney who told me that Preston Rezaee had not filed ANY response to the motion and that he had irreparably prejudiced my case with his irresponsible behavior. The other lawyer recommended that I file a bar complaint. I don't think that is a standard thing for an attorney to do to another attorney! I sent another letter via mail to The Firm and Preston Rezaee asking him to give me my money back and i wouldn't go to the bar about his misconduct. No response. When I hired a new attorney to clean up his huge mess and try to get my daughter back at least, I asked him to withdraw from my case via email. Although no one responded to the email I was notified by the court 2 days later that he filed a motion to withdraw from my case because I WASN'T PAYING MY BILL. Of course I wasn't paying, he wasn't doing anything and couldn't even respond to an email! Not to mention the fact that he had collected $1500 and lied to me about filing paperwork and prejudiced my case. He may have lost me my CHILD. Preston Rezaee is a terrible divorce lawyer. He is irresponsible and unprepared and he doesn't deserve to have a license to practice law. I am filing an ethics complaint with the Nevada State bar about Preston Rezaee and disputing the charges with my bank and credit card companies. Due to his gross negligence I believe I will get my money back. But it would have been easier if he had been decent and just given me the money back instead of making my life harder. It's not like divorce isn't hard enough without sharks like Preston Rezaee around trying to take advantage of people who can't defend themselves. Preston Rezaee needs to learn a very important lesson though: you shouldn't mess around with custody issues. If you can't get 50/50 custody for your client then you are just a terrible attorney and a failure to anyone who invests their trust in you.
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You sound like an unfit parent. Don't blame others for your own mistakes.


Rezaee is a caring and intelligent individual, and I was fortunate to have him on my side. Get your dependent *** outta here!


I am agree with article and all comments is fake by Preston Rezaee employers try to make people believe him. Its all happen with my case rip me off for $18000 and never went to the court. Asking for more money!


Preston worked closely with me last year and helped satisfy the case up against me from my husband. Everything worked out to my benefit and I'm lucky I am able to keep the custody of my children and not be completely at a loss because of it.

I came across this review while looking up his website for his number and I can't believe this. Preston is the most open hearted and talented lawyer I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

I agree with the other posters that there should be more of enforced moderation process before someone can go on and write something so dishonest.


I always get upset when I see bad reviews on people who have given me nothing but great service and care. Preston is one of the most compassionate attorneys I have ever met.

He genuinely cared about my case... about the well being of my children.

He made sure that he made a solid case for me to get full custody of my kids. I thank god everyday that I chose him.


I disagree with this review. Preston is a very smart lawyer with great staff. I think Pissed Consumer should make more of an effort to look into the person reviewing before posting them online.


I completely disagree with your review. The Firm and Preston handled my divorce just fine.

They were professional and helped me quickly solve a situation that was very unpleasant.

I recommend them to my friends and family when a legal issue arises.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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