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That is all from fees they have decided that I owed them for not using them as our credit card processing company. I did thoroughly read through the original contract. *Beware of a company that claims and includes this in their contract, "Merchant agrees to not slander, liable, or bring harm to Prestige in any way through any source of media" This seems out of place, inappropriate, for a financial agreement between two parties. What it says to...
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I am going thru right now what other reviewers are have went thru from the reviews I have read.I was told I would get free equipment which is not true I was entered into a lease agreement for the equipment. I was told the processing would be integrated into my quickbooks invoicing which is not able to be after speaking to several representatives. I am actively pursueing a way out of the processing, and lease agreement. The salesperson whom I...
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I didn't like
  • Whole package
  • Unethical charges
  • Lying
After they damaged the Prestige Payment Systems name. They changed their names and started back up where they left off. Same shady business practices and lies. The owners Jon Beckman and Brad Law laugh all the way to the bank every time they get over on a new business. They lied to me about how I would be charged and lied about the contract. They tell you you won't pay for debit cards, reward cards but they charged me more than my current...
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Anonymous is this 2016 post? And did you get out of contract?