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#2519648 Review #2519648 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
New Reviewer

I will write to a higher Board

M review was not printed---A female Dr there at the ER did not know what she was doing--gave me wrong meds

User's recommendation: Never go the ER unless your are on your death bed---go to Rust Medical Center or UNM.

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#2171929 Review #2171929 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Where is the compassion?

Everyone in the ER is so unhappy! I know that their jod is hard but they litterally snarl. I came in afraid for a loved ones well being and there is no compassion or empathy! Dont even think of asking questions! Not fair to be treated so poorly! Not the first time but will be the last!
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I will never ever be transferred over to Kaseman ER--in Albuquerque-never ever. They did do A MRI on my head and neck----Dr Green later told me I had a maigaine --AS IF---I never ever had those in my life ! no meds for pain--but gave me meds for nausa--I never had that at all---Unless I am on my death bed , I will never consent to going there ever again---nor will I advise others either


Dr Greene (a female ) got confused between a head and stomach issue----good grief ! A crackerjack box MD---I laid on a gurney for 8 hours because quote " other people were ahead of me for a scan---8 hours and still on a gurney bed with no way to even move my feet or legs around to get comfortable---I struggle with legs being ridged for 2 days after~~do I have to go to UNM? I think Rust Medical Center would be a better option next time instead of Anna Kaseman ~~never again---

@Burleigh Xoz

Perfect review ~

@Burleigh Xoz

Go to Rust Medical Center or UNM---Rust is located near Rio Rancho nNM



@Burleigh Xoz


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#1325615 Review #1325615 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Psych ER experience

I also had a horrible experience at Pres Kaseman Psych ER. I was taken in involuntarily and given no care but one weak anti-anxiety pill that I had to ask for because I was so upset about being there, and was never seen by a doctor although I was in the "facility" from about 10:30 in the morning til 5:00PM. At that time I was seen by some sort of aide who was obviously anxious to go home and who discharged me immediately. The psychiatrist I had been seeing for over a year would not see me on this day because I had written a letter to him which was critical of his care. He claimed I had "fired him" although I made no such statement. Again, I received no care or counseling, but was only moved from one cubicle to another throughout the day. The bill for this "care" came to over $2,000.00. Needless to say I have not and will not pay the portion not covered by insurance although I have been repeatedly harassed by the billing department. They took many months even to get the bill to me. A totally incompetent organization any way you look at it. I hope never to have to use any Presbyterian facility again.
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#870155 Review #870155 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Diego, California
Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Incompetent abusive psychiatrist- Peggy Rodriguez

This complaint is in regards to Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico and it's employee Peggy Rodriguez. This hospital has only 1 psychiatrist for it's entire inpatient ward(up to 30 people). This woman spoke to me no more than 5 minutes the first morning I was there before "diagnosing" me with Schizophrenia. At no point in my 2 week stay at this hospital did I tell Peggy Rodriguez that I heard voices or had hallucinations. She decided for me without any input from her patient that I had schizophrenia because on the first day I was there I was thinking out loud in my room for a couple seconds because I was in a profound state of distress and had no one to speak to. The way this woman "treated" me is by giving me a 50 year old drug that 28 studies have shown to cause permanent brain damage ... anned.html When this woman finally told me after a week that she believed I was schizophrenic I told her that this was untrue and that I did not and never did believe that there were "people in the room." She did not ask any followup questions about this and left the room after 5 minutes. The next day at my "trial" to be released she continued the lie that I was schizophrenic. This time she came up with a new theory, that I "believed three were people in the tv." I have no idea where she came up with this but it certainly wasn't based on anything I said to her in our 5 minute morning chats. It's true that I was watching tv, since there was nothing else to do all day. I wasn't talking out loud to the tv and wasn't doing anything but quietly watching tv shows and old movies. Is this how psychiatrists are supposed to "treat" their patients? Just make up stories to support their diagnosis" so they don't look incompetent and have to admit they've made a mistake? She also brought up an argument I had at a homeless shelter with a woman who was harassing me which led to me deciding to leave for the sake of my safety. She was not there for that argument and it certainly isn't evidence of psychosis or schizophrenia and she didn't speak to me about this incident for more than a couple seconds the first day I was there. After being given this drug I was unable to speak coherently or read. I experienced extreme states of anxiety and panic attacks and aphasia(pacing) and had pain my legs and was unable to stand in one place for more than a couple seconds. Not once did Peggy Rodriguez ask me about any symptoms I was experiencing from this drug. Not once did she tell me about the symptoms I would experience from the drug when I left the hospital. Since stopping this drug I experienced uncontrollable aphasia that the director of this hospital told me was a "symptom of psychosis" and that there was no negative effects of halidol or a withdrawal period. After telling this woman every day for 2 weeks that I did not have hallucinations or delusions she told me on the day before I was to leave the hospital that she was giving me a long lasting shot of halidol. I told her I did not want this and that I was asking my mother(my treatment guardian) to not allow this. This enraged her enough that she wrote in my medical records that my mother was mentally ill. She told me that she believed my mother might "be the one with schizophrenia." When my mother found out about this she complained and it was removed. She also decided to change the fight that led to my mother calling the police where I slapped her on the back 2 times and then quickly left the house into the lie that I had "tried to murder her." Is this another fabrication from Peggy to excuse giving me halidol? Are psychiatrists allowed to invent their own version of reality? My mother complained to the hospital about this lie multiple times. She told them to look at the police record which said I was completely calm and didn't try to "murder" anyone. The way the hospital dealt with this was to have a meeting with Peggy Rodriguez that my mother or me was not allowed to attend. They then decided that this lie would be allowed to stay in my medical records but they would include my mother's complaints. I have been off this drug for months. I have extreme depression that I did not have before entering the hospital. I have tardive dyksenisa, headaches, vision problems, leg pains, and severe anhedonia and a loss of my emotions. I also have pains in my heart that I believe might be a heart irregularity caused by halidol. There are people who have died from heart failure on halidol. I was a healthy 25 year old woman with my whole life ahead of me before this drug. I had gone to college and was looking for employment. I was forced to live with my mother who is severely physically and mentally abusive. I was treated with unbelievable inhumanity by a woman who is supposed to "heal" people in a way that causes the least harm. Why was I given an anti psychotic on the first day I was there instead of actually having a conversation with someone so I could explain my actual state of mind? Why was I given a 50 year old drug with nightmarish side effects that most intelligent psychiatrists who care about their patients well being think should be banned? Why wasn't I at least given the newest generation of safer drugs like Serequol? Because those drugs are too expensive? Because my life/mental well being is worthless? I believe this woman Peggy Rodriguez is a profoundly dangerous woman who is incompetent and willing to hide her incompetency with lies. On a grander scale the way this hospital is run(1 psychiatrist, never speaking to the patients for more than a couple minutes, giving patients dangerous half a century old drugs because they're dirt cheap) is also part of the problem.
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"I experienced extreme states of anxiety and panic attacks and aphasia(pacing) and had pain my legs..."

aphasia doesn't mean pacing.


Patients can submit a complaint to The Joint Commission by e-mail at complaint@***.org. Your e-mail should include the name and address of the hospital, and a thorough explanation of your complaint.

The public can also submit a complaint to The Joint Commission via The Joint Commission’s website:

Scroll down to “Filing a Complaint.”

The Joint Commission also has a complaint telephone number at (800) 994-**** where you can speak to a Joint Commission representative.

And find out if your insurance was billed for an hour after those 5 minute interviews by the "doctor" in this place.

Patients may register a complaint online if they are dissatisfied with a service, physician/provider, health care facility, insurance agent, and/or health care plan.

People can also file insurance plan-specific complaints by phone at 1-800-MEDICARE. And Peggy Rodriguez, stop abusing your patients.


They are so dirty. These "doctors" talk to you for 5 minutes then go and submit a bills for like an hour.

Being injected against your will by psychiatry is not much different than being "injected" by a rapist. They both use violent force if you resist and violate your body by sticking something in it you don't want.

There is nothing worse than being mistreated by those you seek help from.

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#734029 Review #734029 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

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