Roxanna M Sgm

Didn't pay me, and deleted my account

I did some tasks for premise, and somehow one of them was rejected while the others were approved. Before I had a chance to withdraw the paid tasks, my account was deleted. I never was paid for the approved tasks. I had contacted customer service through email to resolve the rejected tasks. I was working with Daniel and during the email conversation I received an email from another employee at Premise, Leah stating that I had multiple accounts with premise so they deleted the extra account and kept one. However, I had only actually used 1 account. I may have created a. Account and forgot I already created one and then when I was ready to do the task I created a new one. They deleted the account that I had completed tasks in and left the one that I hadn't actually used. I asked for them to at least pay me for the approved tasks, and they refused to. Not only did I not get paid for the rejected task that I had contacted them in the first place for, now I didn't get paid for the approved ones either. I asked her to keep the account t that bad the co.pleted tasks in but she said she had already deleted the account and she had no way to transfer any data to the new one. Why would she delete the account that bad a balance that I hadn't even gotten paid for if she knew she couldn't transfer anything to the new account?
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  • Work at your own pace when you have time
  • It doesnt take too long for each task
  • Dont always pay

Preferred solution: The money they owe me