Scam Artists - don't follow through.

Yes, they called me identifying themselves as card services, which you assume is your OWN card. Since then, I ASK them what bank they're with and they hang up on me. However, one of them was really good and got to go through her whole spiel. They said they'd get me out of debt in 3 years for $2500. I said no, they lowered it to around $1500. I still said no, then they went down to I believe it was $895 and then I caved. However, all they did was call other credit cards, with me on the phone with them, and transferred my balances to 0% balance cards, something I could have and HAVE DONE myself before. I even did a better job because they got me down to 4 cards. I made calls myself a few days later and got it down to 3 cards. Then they said they follow me and when my 0% are up, they would call me and apparently repeat the process. In the meantime, I was inundated with credit cards offers from all over, something that never happened until they got involved. I still have not heard from them and am planning to give them a call and tell them that they did not follow through on their promises and I want my money back. I think there should be a class action suit against them. I think I'll try to find one.
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“Front company” - Premiere Debt Solutions, LLC, also using “Soiree party event planners” 855-476-****.

“Premiere Debt Solutions” has many previous complaints running the Robo-Rachel scam, and the numbers seem to be traded around among various telemarketing criminals since 2009. They also seem to be involved with a time share scam, and use ghost shell company names “Financial Savings Inc“, and “Card Services LLC” which are not real Sec of State registered businesses. The latest BBB complaint is from April 22, 3013**** “A little research has located some info and even names of individuals believed to be a company in Florida with many BBB complaints from Florida also known by "card services" when they pester you. Why have they not been shut down by the Florida attorney general? . Go to Wiki Corp for the company and players. Perhaps someone can locate their home phone and put THEM on the card services list 15 times a day. It seems to be owned by Shabana Nadine Khublal Bhoodhoo . They have Oregon cease and desists which she signed. Card Services told me today they have 40 offices around the country. The telephone number researched also went back to a work from home ad where they were training associates in debt reduction. Ms Khublal Bhoodoo also appears to purport herself to be the CEO of "Soiree" (phone number available online) a party event planner also at 6394 silver star rd in Orlando. Perhaps she or her husband Nadeesh can be reached there to have your name taken off the list as I have tried so many times. In addition she notes on her FB page that she goes or went to law school at Barry university in Florida. If she is charging credit cards inappropriately as the BBB notes suggest, it is a wonder she has not been turned into the Florida bar, if she is indeed an attorney which I doubt. “
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