map-marker Euless, Texas

Cut my call twice

non-professionals cut my call twice when I was explaining my situation and I always pay on time
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I bought a bed. $499 loan. They told me my $50 every two weeks would apply toward my balance. I paid $400 by December. I went to check my payoff and I still owe $678?!? HOW??
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Amanda S Xxd


Paying almost 3 grand for a 1200 purchase is beyond insane. I paid 1290 out , and they’re still saying I owe 878? No statements from you guys explaining where my money is going! I want my account closed! I am closing my bank account. Report to my credit I will dispute it. I have my bank statements showing I paid the amount I owe. No contract was ever made to me. I was only given the receipt from the furniture store. RIP OFFS
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  • Does not send statements or payments
  • Scammers
  • High interest
Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Price reduction

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NEVER use this place. NEVER do.

I'm paying 1300 for a 500 dollar loan. They lied, straight through their teeth. LIED directly to my face, telling me that my 100 a month payment would go toward my did not. It was NEVER applied to my balance and at the end, when I tried to pay it off, they are now charging me 50 every two weeks with nearly 95 percent interest.



Leslie Vzv
map-marker Orlando, Florida


This company is Horrible! I can’t believe they are able to get away with how they are running their business. The cash price for the washer I purchased was $532.48. I allowed them to take $97.00 monthly payments out of my account for four months. Two months before my last payment; I was told since I did not renew their agreement I have to pay an additional $777.00 to them. I was highly upset and wanted some answers. I asked to speak with a Supervisor or Manager and was told that ‘Sarah’ was not available; I have yet to hear from a Supervisor, Manager, or ‘Sarah’. When I spoke to a Representative before taking out this loan I was not aware of a renewal, their ‘so called’ policy. If you are thinking about going with this company ‘DON’T!’ I can’t wait until this company gets a class action lawsuit.
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Reason of review:
Mislead with contract

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Is there a way we can contact you about starting a class action against this company? I also was ripped off by this company. Pleas send me contact info

@Faraz Gfx

please feel free to contact me as I will be doing one myself. 347438**** my name is john.

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Ryland R
map-marker Aurora, Colorado

Rip off!