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Precious kittens selling sick cats

Unless you want to have years of promises made, and promises broken, stay away from this breeder! I have lost thousands of dollars with her sick and diseased cats. I purchased a kitten in the beginning of 2010. He died several weeks later. She sent other kitten to me, and it died of FIP too. Cats are living things, and things can always happen, but she will not stand behind her cats. She will string you along with promises, break those promises, and leave you with veterinary bills and dead cats. If you care about your family, stay away from Precious kittens. You will end up broken hearted and empty handed!!! She tries to market her kittens with fancy terminology like pashmina, cashmere, rughugger, chi chi, ragapers and cubby Persians. I fell for the cubby Persian description only to find out they had been shaved because of numerous ringworm lesions. When confronted about this, she tried to blame it on a kitten she purchased from another cat breeder in NY. She went on and on about how that cat infected her whole cattery with FIP and ringworm. She does not take responsibility for anything. Breeders and Buyers alike do NOT deal with Precious kittens cattery in Vero Beach, FL there is nothing amazing about their cats other than a nice website filled with testimonials they wrote themselves. Precious Kittens Cattery Post Office Box 690524 Vero Beach, FL 32969-**** 1-77*-460-**** Call or Text: (772) 460-**** Email: preciouskittens@***.com
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i was thinking about buying a kitten from this cattery but now im not so sure...


This is "NyaNyaCat" and, after stumbling across this again, I would like to add that I have received one more healthy, playful kitten from PK, a blue point Himalayan. He is the sweetest cat ever.

He acts similar to a dog , not afraid of water,or loud noises, and is quite loving. Also my last post contained a typo - Annie is six years, not seven.


I have a beautiful silver shaded/tabby dollface persian called Annie (She was originally named Tatiana.). We got her from Precious Kittens.

She is perfectly healthy and never gotten sick, and she's almost seven now. She's still as loving and playful as she was when she was a kitten. We might even be getting another one soon from PK as a companion to her. My grandparents also have two PK cats, who are very docile with no health issues what so ever.

I am sorry you ended up getting a sick kitten.

My experience from PK has been wonderful. The worst problem I've had from my cat is that she is a bit moody and aggressive at times, but it isn't a problem - all cats have personality flaws.

Annie is a lovely and intelligent cat that has never had a litterbox accident and is still very loving, even with her occasional random aggression. I don't think you should blame PK for your dead cats.


I too bought a kitten off of Precious Kittens and it died. This was many years ago.

I realize that many breeder's can not accurately state that their kittens will not die from a genetic defect when sometime's they do not know.

I received a health record from her but it appeared she gave the shots. I will never buy from her again mainly because she is way over priced and after my kitten died I educated myself regarding persians and realized she is selling basic persians nothing more, sure they are beautiful but I will not be a repeat customer.


I purchased a beautiful cat from this breeder two years ago, she was adorable and super healthy when I picked her up from the airport in NJ.

My cute blue lynx point cat has grown to be a healthy wonderful cat, still till this day I have her, there has never been an issue with her in regards of her health. the only downfall I ever had with her is that she urinates on the floor when I am not home. I am sorry you got the bad end of the stick Intheknowpk but in my humble opinion maybe she is telling the truth.


This is Precious Mackey with Precious Kittens Cattery. It was disturbing to read your letter on this website in addition to the many other websites where you have copy and pasted the same letter of complaint. As a reputable business and cattery owner of over 15 years, I am eager to resolve this issue as soon as possible; however, in order to do so, I have a few vital questions and comments about your complaint.

1. What is your name? You posted this letter two years after the alleged transaction under an anonyms identity. The first step to resolving this issue is to identify yourself. Your story does not match any kitten sale that I’ve incurred, so I can’t even guess your identity.

2. Why didn’t you contact me first? You have taken the time to post this letter on the internet, but you did not actually contact me before doing so. If I’m not aware of the problem, I cannot fix the problem.

3. Exactly how did you purchase a cubby Persian from me in early 2010 when cubby Persians did not exist on my website until late 2011?

Living in Florida where there is a strict pet lemon law, I am required to have each kitten completely vet checked before sale. This check up includes blood work, stool testing, vaccinations, and overall condition of the kitten. My vet will not risk her licensing by signing a health certificate on a kitten with “ringworm lesions”. In fact, you’ve indicated that the cubby Persian you purchased from me in early 2010, despite the fact that cubby Persians did not exist until late 2011, was shaved to hide ringworm lesions; however, this does not make any sense. Shaving the coat of a cat with ringworm lesions would only expose the lesions to their fullest extent.

FIP (Feline Infections Peritonitis) is a fatal disease. Every cat with FIP will die and usually at around 9 months of age. If my breeders carried this disease, they would be dead or dying unable to reach sexual maturity in order to produce offspring yet I continue to produce kittens. Not to mention, what cattery owner would tell a consumer that their cattery is infected with FIP and ringworm?

I have come forth responding to your letter with nothing to hide. I have revealed my name and contact information. I kindly ask that you do the same. Every kitten I place is sold with a signed contract and health certificate. Please have all that information handy when contacting me. My phone number is (772) 460-****. Also, feel free to contact my vet as a reference on the alleged health issues. The office is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Kindness Animal Hospital (772) 878-****. There are three (3) doctors on staff all who have examined my kittens for almost 10 years – Dr. Eager, Dr. Provitola, and Dr. Daum.

As a side note to readers, I want to mention that shortly after this complaint letter posted, I was contacted by several SEO Reputation Management Companies asking that I utilize their services to “remove the negative postings” – all for a large fee of course. In fact, it was an SEO Reputation Management Company that made me aware of this complaint letter. With all the peculiarities of this situation, one has to wonder if SEO Reputation Management Companies are using these unregulated complaint boards as a forum to generate business. Many of these Reputation Management Companies are run by a few people right from their home. This is how they make a living – it’s a *** artists dream situation. Create a problem for the business owner, and then offer services to solve the problem. With google at their fingertips, they are able to access terminology to help create a complaint that appears legitimate.

Unfortunately, anyone can post anything about anybody on an unregulated consumer complaint website with no validation or repercussions. In fact, a poster can write a slanderous letter under one user name, then create another user name responding to their own complaint as means to bolster its validity. The complaint, being created with tag names specifically designed to appeal to search engines, places the business owner’s reputation in a vulnerable position thus in some cases willing to pay the large fee in order to have the negative postings removed. I chose not to take that route as I will not be a victim of extortion. Instead I have faith in the consumer’s ability to distinguish valid complaints from those made with malice intent. In addition, consumers would do better to contact legitimate consumer services such as the Better Business Bureau where there are regulations and requirements to be met in order to place a complaint.

If you are a consumer and would like to contact me about this situation or any other situation posted about my cattery, please feel free to contact me at (772) 460-****. I am more than willing to supply further references in addition to the vet reference I’ve supplied above. Once again, I want to reiterate that in this forum, anyone, can post anything, about anybody under an endless supply of user names. This site does not have any protocols or requirements to post a complaint. I ask that you please consider this upon further reading.

To the person or entity that placed this complaint, I anxiously await your phone call. I am eager to discuss this matter with you and reach a resolution. I will not respond to further communication via this board or any other message board. If your intentions are genuine, a phone call is the appropriate method. Should you choose to contact me via this message board, it will only solidify that your complaint is a fraud and your intentions are to smear my reputation for your own gain.

Precious Mackey

Precious Kittens Cattery

(772) 460-****


Adopt a kitten from a shelter and save a life instead of promoting an industry that adds to the overpopulation of unwanted animals in this country; and avoid being 'one of those people' who spend thousands of dollars on a cat......

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