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I posted it on yelp anyways with an alias. IT HAPPENED JUST LIKE HITLER KILLED THE JEWS AND SOME PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO ADMIT THAT EITHER!! {{REDACTED}}!! READ THIS: never go here for freedom from abuse. abusing others is a fad among users of this "center" - for organized crime really. notice the 5 star comments are all from "workers". all i wanted to do when i left family abuse is hold my baby and keep her safe with me at home. i put my child somewhere safe and i do not yet know her. i was never told that tanf existed, i learned that after i left here. i couldn't keep her because i was around to many criminals; repeat cons, plenty of *** {{REDACTED}}, etc. domestic violence is predjudiced; they would not help me because i left my intermediate family, and not a sexually abusive relationship. i got pregnant from dating someone i chose to no longer see before i even got to the "shelter". . . crime central - being unsafe is guaranteed, not the other way around. preaching "safety"- or claiming it is safe - is for the purpose of donations. it is so raunchy there, it is more like a {{REDACTED}}. and all the criminals who stay there were treated better than me; someone who wanted to do well. i left there screaming {inside sometimes aloud as well} thinking that i would kill someone in defense of my soul, sanity, body, and my whole being as the individual that i knew i was but was never treated like. torcher????they say it's not legal, but here i assure you, it is. after i left and headed for the literal hills, to make a life for myself, . . . the story goes on. the torcher does not end when criminals "think they know you". . . i won't even walk by this location in town. i will be creating a life for myself somewhere far away from here. maybe then i will be able to know my own daughter. and bigotry in maine won't end, but i will end it by leaving. my soul will be still in my body. . .
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