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I thought in time this place would improve, but unfortunately I am wrong. The management at Prairie greens has made it so much worse. They are lazy. 15 years hear and this park is looking like a mobile home park, they people don't take care of there yards , houses, etc. People are tired of the way its ran around here. The management is the worse in the history of the park.
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User's recommendation: Don't buy a home here

Rey Vjo
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Increased land rent and provided no reasoning, no additional services

Prairie Greens in Frederick, CO is a total rip off. The management is on vacation more than they are in the office which is just a testament to the fact that they don't care about their residents. When they do "work", they make decisions that make absolutely no sense like opening the pool late and closing it too early. The pool is often too cold or too dirty to use and the gazebo is an absolute mess of bird ***. They do nothing to help residents sell their homes, not even picking up the phone to do research to find a lender because the homes are impossible to find loans for. The worst part is that they increase the land rent at least yearly and they do not provide any reasoning and no additional services. I believe they are doing it to give themselves raises. There are even people who have had their land rent raised exorbitantly while others have NEVER had theirs raised in the history of them living in the community. It's unequal and illegal. Whatever you do, do NOT move to Prairie Greens.
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Everything that was stated is so true. Management changed 3 times within a year.

You recieve billing for no apparent reason staying you owe them money. When confronted it's like oh I don't know need to check on it. No one's what's going on in the office. When there open.

The board of directors another big joke. Monies given for so call Communities Event. When they mean for the board and their cliques. Whom only attend.

Because no can be around the contr freaks.

It's bad news. Look out because there are so much deception here.


As a resident of Prairie Greens, I know that my lease can go up every year according to the document I signed but no more than 5% yearly. This is not an HOA they do not have to show us what they spending it on.

I love my community and it is well taken care of. The maintenance staff are always busy keeping it well maintained.

The pool has had the same hours for years and are posted 10 to 10 from memorial weekend to Labor Day, how is that different from most pools.

I also know since I live across the street that it is cleaned 5 days a week every morning they are out there cleaning it and if you would have asked the office they would have told you that the discoloration of the pool was caused by the new plaster done last year that didn't cure properly it's not dirty.

I could go on about all your complaints that are not valid since I am very involved in the community but I am sure it wouldn't change your mind.

We all worked for corporate companies management does not own this And I am sure they are limited in what they can do andim sure they don't give their own raises. Employees here really care and have helpedm many of us seniors as a matter of fact I bought my home from a women selling Prairie Greensw as helping hers sell it .

I encourage people to come look for themselves don't judge based on unknowledable statements from someone who obviously negative.


How much do you typically pay to rent the land?


$509 a MONTH?????????????????????????????????????? WTF.

Who would pay that!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why almost every home on Audobon St. is for sale.


lot lease started at 520.00 and I'm a year 589.00. They plan to raise it to 800.00 to 1000.00 unbelievable.

Plus you maintain their property and charged. Including watering they charge whatever they want.Lookk out for extra charges. The whole town of Frederick is bad news. Sold my home out of here.

Not worth it.

You pay 5 times what you brought it for. Do your math.

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