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Powerhoutz Promotions - PPI - Powerhouse Promotions ripoff Glenview Illinois*UPDATE Ex-Employee responds ..I have more inside information on PPI (Powerhoutz Promotions, INC.)Rebuttal BoxRespond to this report!Are you an owner, employee or ex-employee with either negative or positive information about the company or can you provide "insider information" on this company? Victim of this person/company?Are you also a victim of the same company or person? Want Justice? File a Ripoff Report and don´t let them get away with it! Powerhoutz PromotionsPhone: 847-904-****Fax: 1940 Lehigh Ave.Glenview, Illinois, U.S.A. Submitted: 8/18/2006 2:38:26 AMModified: 10/10/2007 2:09:36 PM ToddWestmont, Illinois These scammers also have an office in West Chicago. Beware, you can go to jail for what they do, unlawful trespass/ breaking & entering also carries serious fines. These guys actually bust into businesses (literally try to sneak in undetected) without a solicitation license to sell sh^t out of boxes to people in retail centers, industrial parks, office buildings, and back alleys. Most of the stuff they sell comes from Overstock which deals directly with Fortune 500 companies. So the claim that PPI deals with these companies is an outright deception. These guys are like crime, they don't pay and since you are an independant contractor you have no recourse. Their favorite target is recent college grads who don't know better. They spell their name 'Powerhoutz' instead of Powerhouse to avoid legal repurcussions. On my second interview with this company we raided an industrial park in our 'territory' in Franklin Park, IL, broke into several businesses and got the cops called on us twice. Our 'manager' would just fast talk people and shove the boxes of random sh^t in their face. Most couldn't even really speak English. Since you take the managers car there is no way to really leave the 'interview'. You just play along until you can get back to the safety of the office. ToddWestmont, IllinoisU.S.A. In order to assure the best results in your search: Keep the name short & simple, and try different variations of the name. Do not include ".com", "S", "Inc.", "Corp", or "LLC" at the end of the Company name. Use only the first/main part of a name to get best results. Only search one name at a time if Company has many AKA’s. Rebuttal BoxRespond to this report!Are you an owner, employee or ex-employee with either negative or positive information about the company or can you provide "insider information" on this company? Victim of this person/company?Are you also a victim of the same company or person? Want Justice? File a Ripoff Report and don´t let them get away with it!Repair Your Reputation Updates & Rebuttals:Updates & RebuttalsI have more inside information on PPI (Powerhoutz Promotions, INC.) Phoebe32679 [10/10/2007 1:51:29 PM] Submitted: 10/10/2007 1:51:29 PMModified: 10/10/2007 2:09:35 PM Phoebe32679Apple Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A. I have more inside information on PPI (Powerhoutz Promotions, INC.)I didnt work directly for them, but more worked with them and other companies like them though out the US and in Canada. I worked at a call center, where the resumes are sent when people apply to these certain jobs. My job was to call the applicant and give them our pitch. Set them up on an Interview and never really tell them what the job was for. The call center I worked for was located in California. There is call centers all over the US and Canada who do this. The 'pitch' we use is.......... 'HI, my name is -----. I am calling with (PPI, Premeir, whatever the companies name is we are calling for) in regrads to the Resume you submitted online. Our manager had a chance to go over you resume and wanted to bring you in for an interview.' Now, at this point you have already been lied to. The manager has never gone over you resume, in fact he or she has never even seen it, it goes directly to the call centers. Also we are not 'with' the company we say we are. When you check your caller ID, it will say we are that company, but we use an 800 number's set up for each company we set up interviews for. So if you are being called by an 800 number to set up an interview most likely it is from a call center. The next thing that will happen is the person we are calling will ask something along the line of ' I have sent in alot of resumes, could you please tell me what postion this was for?' This is where we will lie again. We will tell you anything from Customer service to management postion. We will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to go to the interview. you see everytime we get someone to go to an interview, as long as they show up, we get paid more money. One of the biggest thing we use, is when we are asked if this is a door to door selling job, our answer is NO. We tell you we have clients we work with. That is a huge lie, It is a door to door selling. We also tell you it is a monday thru friday job, and it is day shift, here is another lie. It is 6 days a week and about 10 to 14 hours per day. One of the biggest hints that it is us calling for an interview is the morning of your interview we will call and confirm that you will be there, and if you do not show up we will call you again and see if you want to come another time. You will also receive emails from us. But if you look at the emails our address is our name @ some other name for instance something like Anguiano Consulting. Anguiano Consulting is the company I worked for here in California. The call is a scam, the interview is a scam, and the job is a scam.
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Well maybe this job in California is a different company then the one located in Chicago. I was called in for an interview, then had a second one the next day.

I spent 8 hours inside a JCPenney situated right next to the door. I had another girl who was at a sears saying the same thing and she and here "leader" we're promptly kicked out. They told me they represented Disney and we would be doing something with their products. That day I spent standing in.

A department store breathing in all the salon fumes. We didn't sell ***! Or rather we did... It was a bunch of *** coloring books, and cheap plastic bracelets.

I see better quality things in second hand stores. The actual home base of lies looked like the office was thrown together in two seconds. You are totally trapped on your "working interview" because you have to ride with a current employee. When we got back, you were supposed to go inside and debrief your day, I got out of the rickety death trap of a car this supposed "head of marketing" had and got right into my car.

When asked why I didn't want to continue the interview, I said " when the cops show up to shut down this joke of an operation you have I don't need to be held responsible for your scams and if you think this is a real job you are even dumber then I am for getting in a car and going an hour from here in a car with someone I don't know." if you are ever asked to do an offsite interview and the only way to get there is not with your own car, turn around and run. And yes... About the calls.

It was most def a calling center. A 1800 number and I was told that they were

Looking to fill several marketing positions.


This is total BS!! I worked for PPI in Los Angeles, Ca.

And what these people are saying is so not true! There is NO call center! I saw the receptionist make the phone calls every day from the office! And its called Powerhoutz because the manager's last name is Houtz!

We sold kids books and other products at a low price because we bought in bulk thats why we got them at a much cheaper price where we could afford to sell that that much cheaper... I think that the reason you people are bashing is because either you didn't get the job or you cant handle fast pace sales environment, just like most of the people that didn't get hired or couldn't keep up!

So don't bash a company cause you suck! I stopped working there cause of my music career, but I still keep in touch with most of the people from the office!


you are *** :)


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