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Purchased a top of the line (not a cheaper China product) CAT pressure washer pump with a full 12month parts / 12 months labor warranty for consumer or commercial use. I only had it 7 months with less an 100hrs on the pump rated for 1,500hrs. The seals started leaking and water got in the oil crankcase. Northern Tool (NT) service center was very helpful on the phone and said mail it in to be fixed. I then received a sales quote for $175 (pump...
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I liked
  • Wide variety of products
I didn't like
  • Very deceptive and misleading warranty
  • Poor customer service
I owned a Honda powered power washer for 10 years till it just wore out. I own a Power horse powered power washer for under two years and they say it needs a new uncovered by warranty carburetor due my fault of not maintaining it well enough to have the warranty apply. The Power horse motor has received the same care as the Honda engine. Blaming the customer to substantiate a claim the warranty doesn't apply may be smart for this quarters...
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