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Poor & Misleading Company

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In the beginning of my buying process Powerbilt Steel staff were helpful with a design of a large garage. They sold me a unit including the price to construct it after I had put a concrete pad down.

Two days after signing the contract they came back and said that the subcontractors would not travel to Up State NY and offered to sell me a Quonan Garage that is easy to construct and install with some help. The staff assured me that the building was ready to build and did not require any cutting or specialist tools, taking 2 to 3 days to complete. It took about 4 months to take delivery but that was not an issue at the time. I found a building company who agreed to construct and assemble the building, but they could not do it for a year because of workload and weather conditions.

The team started construction in September with 4 guys and my help.

We had the instructions ready to begin. It immediately became evident that the instructions were generic and not detailed, not comprehensive and easy to follow as Powerbilt Steel stated.

Once we had the base plates installed and bolted down, after about 5 hours work, we started building sections to erect. Each section took around 50 minutes with 5 guys and the help of scaffold, ropes, and a lot of muscle. We made steady progress, but it was obvious that this was not going to take 3 days.

On the fourth day we started on the end walls and found that Powerbilt had lied about everything being cut!

Every sheet of steel had to be hand cut, the door entrances hand cut and no templates to work with.

The assembly plans were of no use, and we had to make templates for every section. The professional team got done after five and a half days, not including the installation of the garage door.

Total man hours amounted to 198 hours, a long way off from the the 2 to 3 days claimed.

If Powerbilt had honored the original contract, I would have paid approximately $3,200 for the building. It cost me $9,850 and that was the builder being generous to our dilemma.

I have written to Powerbilt Steel 3 times to find a way of compensating for the losses but of course, no replies.

Do not buy from this company unless you want to be totally misled, lied to and deceived.

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  • Misleading
  • Lied
  • Bate & switch

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Keep well away.

map-marker Mission, Texas

Just run around

I place a order for a carport and put a down payment said 4to6 weeks notting yet. Got send pictures which is a joke I myself not need a picture to start making a building.which I would have looked at reviews and the Better Business before I order.. all they do is give you a low price and got your down payment and never hear from them.

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User's recommendation: Run as fast as you can

map-marker Kodak, Tennessee

Why lies and waste time

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I spoke to Lori Malone asst sales mgr

we spoke many times about a 30x70 building.

I was crystal clear that I was building a music studio and a residential apartment.

WHY after weeks of planning and working with Lori, today I found out by her own company that they sell only storage buildings NOT recommended for my purpose.. Why did the asst sales manager who stroked me for weeks

then basically say oh well

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User's recommendation: stay away from this company


Horrible experience

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Summary of compliant: l No idea who we were working with? Eagle, Powerbilt, Carolina carports???

l No communication for many weeks l Impossible to get through their phone system, spent countless hours on hold trying to obtain order status l Spent weeks trying to get response for status and delivery dates. l Poor and unprofessional communication with all Employees we worked with after the sales process l Incompetent- Lost construction site pictures that they required I send during sales signing l Horrible communication skills and poor hand-off from sales to delivery l We were promised a Sept install however, ended up being delivered mid-October l We were sold "Z Brackets" that were not needed (per the installation crew) l Delivery Scheduler finally made contact with me and demanded we send a second deposit by Noon that day (2 hours' notice) by written personal check via certified mail before she could schedule delivery. We were never informed a second deposit would be needed. We were never informed that electronic payment options were only available for substantial additional fee.

Never a sense of urgency from anyone except the scheduler. I had to cancel my workday meetings so I could scramble to get to the post office and send this second deposit I was not aware would be needed by Noon. Once I sent it I was never able to get the Scheduler to return my calls or texts ever, as I was still needing a delivery date. I did however specifically inform her that I was going to be out of town during the upcoming week thus requested she call me back with the delivery date.

No return calls despite the fact that I left her countless voicemails and sent her many texts without response back from her. l Delivery Scheduler requested we re-take and resend photos of the construction site as she never received them from the sales order. I had already submitted them 8 weeks prior at contract signing, thus had scrambled to retake and resend them by the same Noon deadline she provided me for the additional deposit request. Incompetency is an understatement.

l Delivery Coordinator was impossible to reach. I left him several voicemails asking for a delivery status update to make sure he was aware I needed to plan for delivery as I was going to be out of town the upcoming week. l Finally made contact with a HUMAN who indicated my delivery was scheduled for the NEXT day. I immediately let them know that I had plans to leave town at 10am thus the installers would need to arrive before 10AM so we could provide instructions around window/door placement before we left town.

l Installation day shows up and we wait for HOURS for the installers as we were very clear we needed to leave town by 10AM. I start trying to reach any live human and leaving texts and voicemails as I was anxious to leave town. Finally at 6PM we make the decision to leave town as we are now 8 hours LATE to leave for an out of town event I had planned for over a year to celebrate a special birthday, and we have still not been able to get a hold of anyone that can tell us the status and installers have still not showed up. l Delivery Coordinator left me a voice mail indicating "my delivery and installation was completed".

-Completely inaccurate as I was still waiting to find out delivery and installation dates l 6:30 PM day of installation the installers FINALLY call us and indicate that they are at our property. We are now 30 minutes out of town and they demand we turn around and drive back to meet them despite the fact we have been waiting all day and unable to reach anyone all day. Installers also voice concerns about Z brackets in our order that are not necessary and concerns around needing electricity at the job site which we specifically indicated we did not have utilities available during the sales process as well as the initial order process. Again poor communication from sales to throughput.

At this point I am thoroughly frustrated with the entire experience and tell them that they can just leave and we are canceling the order as I have lost all faith in this company. l We email (only dang way to communicate) the original Sales team and I indicate I am canceling order as well as second check for additional deposit as they have failed horribly at delivery not to mention ruined a surprise out of town birthday party that I planned a year prior. l Sales team request a conference call and begs us to reconsider and allow them back on property and "they will make it right". Against our best judgement we agree to allow them to come back on Monday and do not cancel the order.

l Installers show up as planned on Monday as a second attempt to install barn. They were professional and did a great job however, installers invoice did not include the 2nd deposit we put down or a credit for the Z brackets, thus we did not have an accurate final payment. After multiple attempts by myself and the installers to make contact with the company to find out the accurate final payment so I could write them a check I finally heard back from Ed (Sales Associate), who stated the price is actually HIGHER even with the credit for the Z brackets due a mistake THEY made calculating tax. Again completely incompetent!!

He also insinuated I failed to send the 2nd deposit because the tracking number was unidentifiable which was a complete lie since I send them a screenshot of the USPS certified mail itself. When I voiced how ridiculous this was, as their attempt to "make it right" was a far cry from reality he refused to talk to me any longer and told me he would only communicate to my Boyfriend because I dropped an F bomb on our call. Yep, I did, I cussed. Your darn right I did this was a HORRIBLE experience and I had every right to be angry.

I should never have believed they would "make it right" because they continued to fail on every level. Maybe Ed should know I signed the contact and NOT my Boyfriend. Either way it didn't matter because we never heard from him again either.

I will note the installation crew was great!!! They were the ONLY darn thing that was good about this company.

They may have lacked in their ability to speak English BUT they had good communication skills which is something this company could learn from.

I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Once they get your money they stop communicating and are completely incompetent, unprofessional and rude.

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mick c Msv

Avoid at all costs and go with a local builder near you!

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same as many of the rest of the postings. Ordered 9/11/19, it is now 11/13/19.

Have been 'scheduled' and they cancelled out once already.

Very poor communication with the companies involved (there are 3). They now say it will be 'sometime after Thanksgiving' (they failed to say which year.

Power Built Steel Buildings (888-234-****); Carolina Carports (800-670-****); Outback Buildings (540-382-****)

Power Built sells it; Carolina schedules the install and contracts with Outback to do the actual work

So far they all suck!

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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Philip R Rht

Stephen only concerned with himeself. Doesn't care about you know matter how much money you have spent

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Wont return phone calls to orice addition parts or damage parts. When he does finally call back he will act like he wants to get you pricing but never will.

I asked him after waiting 10 days for a quote on parts to repair a building I purchased if he wanted my businesss or not and he said he didnt want my business. Why nit just say that uofront instead of waisting my time. He is a low life terd. Use another company.

Read the reviews.

Its not just me. It bothers me i have to give even one star to rate him and his company.

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  • Unknown
  • Service terrible and they waist your timee
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Warn people not to buy from them

Chuck A Yhj

Product not delivered

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Put a deposit down and ordered building Oct 30 2017. They said 4 to 6 weeks delivery.

Jan 4 2018 still not delivered. We have been calling every week for the last month. Every time they say it will be shipping next week. Same thing again today.

Shipping “next week”. Extremely poor customer service.

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Reason of review:
Order processing issue
Claudius Mzu
map-marker Grove City, Ohio

Powerbilt Steel Buildings is a Rip-Off

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Updated by user Sep 26, 2016

Never write a complaint when angry! My Motto and temporarily forgot.

I thought I proof read before I posted but I missed a mistake.

I said I ordered 6/23/16.

Missed TYPO. I got a quote via Email and printed 6/27/16.

2 panels had been left off that were in the quote. I addressed the issue with my sales rep who had to get back to me after talking to someone above her. She got back with me the next day.

So technically carport was ordered 6/28/16 after I signed.

This in no way changes the facts. I was originally promised delivery 30 days out. Then 60 ish then 90 days and now probably 120 days. Funny thing about that contract; There is some stipulations that allows the company to cancel.

Even then as I read it. They can keep your deposit!

I would be happy to scan and email a copy to any one thinking of a purchase. hjhamby2@***.com

Original review Sep 23, 2016
I live in Grove City, Ohio. I ordered an RV carport from Powerbilt Steel Buildings on 6/23/16.

Today's date is 9/23/16. No carport! The salesperson I dealt with told me 30 days was the norm. About July 2/16 I received a call saying building was ready.

I informed the lady I didn't have concrete slab poured yet and that I was told I had 30 days. She said, ' no problem call us back when you are ready'. August 1/16 my wife sent email to my sales rep at Powerbilt saying we would be ready for delivery by 2nd week of August. I actually paid an additional $500 for concrete to get it poured on the 1st of August/16.

LAte August 2016 I called my sales rep. She said she didn't get the email. She then plamed me for not calling the person who scheduled set up. She then made a few calls and told me my building would be in place by Sept.

16. She also went into a spill about her being third party, and how difficult it was to contact these folks. At no time during sale conversation or on my contract was I informed a third party was going to be responsible for set up. Carolina Carports called this morning telling me it could be as late as last of October.

She also said no one had contacted her about a September delivery date! Had I known they used Carolina Carports I would have directly ordered from them! Economics says both have to make a profit! Yes, I signed a contract saying deposit non- refundable.

I did so thinking no business could survive making promises and not following through. I went yesterday to a local building company and priced the unit..steel is steel..and actually they came in a little cheaper than Powerbilt. As stated common sense says if if you are dealing with 2 companies both have to make a profit. I feel that Powerbilt Steel Buildings have found a lucrative avenue in not keeping their end of a deal and hiding behind a no refund policy.

How many folks would just be so infuriated as to lose the deposit and go to another company?Also noted, who is responsible for a warranty? Folks who sold or folks who install?

My Powerbilt sales rep made a big deal out of telling me she was "Third Party"! But only after many emails and disappointments.
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Reason of review:
Also poor customer service and they refuse to refund deposit

Preferred solution: Full refund

1 comment

Placed order with Powerbuilt steel rep Frank Montoya. Structure to be provided by Quality Steel Building in Vinyard,Ut.

Deposit sent. I went with Powerbuilt because Frank gave me a guaranteed delivery of six weeks(which was a lie to get my business)but in talking to Quality I was told delivery would be in first part of november....which I was stuck with.

I contacted Quality(11/17/21)and was told there was no order from Powerbuilt. Tried to contact Frank Montoya, but he doesn't answer, or return my calls.

Claudius Mzu
map-marker Grove City, Ohio

Update on PowerBilt Steel Buildings

PowerBuilt stood fast and did not refund my money.

If I were rich I would have completely canceled and lost the $500.00.

I wanted a building to cover a used but in mint condition motor home.

Carolina Carports came on Monday 10/16/16 and installed a nice RV cover. I can't complain about them, however the team that did the installation left many, (perhaps too many screws) in the entrance to the carport in the grass.

I was surprised to find out that Carolina Carports sent a third company to do installation.

So as it stands 3 companies got a piece of my money from one internet inquiry to PowerBilt.

I just think it was , "Shady" of PowerBilt to mislead me, or not tell me before signing contract, they didn't manufacture, install or warrant the carport! By the time I figured it all out it was too late.

My advice to anyone wanting a Carport or manufactured structure, is to know what questions to ask at the get go. Who manufactures the product, who installs and who warrants? Know that the more hands in the mix the higher the price. My RV is now covered which was my original intent. I would warn strongly anyone thinking of using PowerBilt Steel Buildings to Purchase a Carport though!

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: I wanted PowerBilt to refund my $495.00 so I could use it to buy a building locally. Actually, I think even though I did eventually get the Carport, the third party in this fiasco, Powerbuilt could refund my deposit. Not happy!

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