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The following morning we went to a local replacement window dealer/manufacturer and saw windows that were almost identical in every way. They even had features that he claimed only Power had. The cost of the almost came window $1200 installation another $900 by a local contractor. They are crooks. They have no factories. They but from the same people that you and I could go to. Even a bigger scam is their no questions asked repairs for storm...
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We had a nice young man from Power Home Remodeling come to our home Sat morning to give us a free estimate for Windows on our 50 year old home. He began his sales pitch by telling me about the company. When I told him I only wanted to talk about our windows he continued to go through his sales pitch. After an hour of listening to him and watching him measure each window he went to his car and came back with two large cases of samples. When I...
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Anonymous 90 lucked out! We were 3 hours. We aren't new to homeownership. It's not the first time work has been done on my house. My husband redid his first house & has re...


Anonymous 90 minutes??? you were so lucky! 3 1/2 hours and 3-4 trips to the car. there must be magic in his car because the price kept dropping every time he'd go out there. total joke...

One of the reps knocked on our door and offered a free quote for windows. My husband said he would talk to me and call him if interested. Rep suggested to get an appointment for the same day after i got home from work. I knew something wasn't right here. The rep as nice as he was talked for over 3.5 hours. It was on a Thursday, after a long work week and day and he wouldn't leave. I politely asked him to cut short the presentation and he kept...
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Anonymous hello, you mentioned the price is too high for shoddy work, at least gave them a 1-star rating. there prices seem to be in line with a couple other estimates I received. Im n...

I liked
  • Absolutely nothing
I didn't like
  • Pressure sales techniques
  • Side stepping question ask about how long he would take
  • Stayed at the house for too long