Poundland are happy to sell faulty goods but not cover costs of damages

I was recently informed by Poundland Customer Relations that damage to my property as a result of faulty goods purchased at Poundland is MY OWN FAULT, and that a Gesture of Goodwill payment of £50 is their ONLY and FINAL compensation, which will not cover the cost of replacing carpet damaged by a Paint Roller which snapped and ruined the carpet. I feel all consumers should be aware of this treatment of Poundland customers, and I will make all efforts to ensure consumers are made FULLY AWARE of this situation. I provided the same photos posted on this page to Poundland showing damage to my property as a result of a faulty Paint Roller which snapped and bounced down stairs, which I was then accused by a Poundland representative of being at fault for, which was also stated in a letter sent to me accusing me of not using appropriate precautions, which I have advised Poundland I did in fact take. The images clearly showed the snapped faulty paint roller purchased from Poundland, which they stated "there may be an issue" with (quote from response letter). It is obvious that Poundland sold faulty goods and have washed their hands of the replacement of carpets, instead demanding I be happy with a £50 gesture of goodwill, which is not acceptable from a self-proclaimed "Responsible Retailer" - inadequate gesture and treatment of Poundland consumer are far from responsible. Caring and Responsible Poundland! Happy to sell faulty goods but never happy to cover the reasonable cost of damages resulting from the faulty goods. Does this really sound like a truly Caring and Responsible company? Is also seems to be the policy for Poundland to remove critical posts from it's customers on Social Media pages, as happened to my initial posts to their Facebook pages highlighting this issue, with the photos included. What does Poundland fear from the sharing of truthful, albeit negative or critical information between it's customers?
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Reason of review:
Defective Products and Poor Customer Service

Preferred solution: Reasonable payment to cover the cost of replacing damaged property resulting from Poundland faulty goods

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Sounds like your fault to be honest.

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