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I also purchased a Landon sofa from Pottery barn and spent $1600. This means that I chose the least expensive fabric but for $1600 I expected better. My IKEA sofa held up way better not only in terms holding its shape(the Landon sofa down pillows are horrible) but also in the quality and durability of the fabric. My Landon is only 2 years old and the stitching is coming out from the bottom, the pillows are out of shape and the sofa looks like...
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Anonymous I am so happy you put this up here. I just cancelled my order for the couch after seeing this. Thank you so much. Called pottery barn and they have no warantee on furniture! ...

When I called the company in Feb 2016, they say it's been too long since purchase for them to do anything about it. They put the blame on "maybe someone just sits on that side of the sofa regularly" which is not true. I've been switching the cushion from left/right, flipping front/back, up/down on weekly bases. I've had this sofa not even a full 2 yrs and the back cushion looks like it's been used for ages. Sales associates keep telling me to buy the replacement for the back cushion. I feel ripped off of my money. NEVER AGAIN from pottery barn...
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Anonymous Why on earth should they replace a sofa after a full year? They have no way of knowing if you are doing the damage yourself. This complaint is ridiculous.


Anonymous you claim it is overpriced yet still bought it..
I agree with #1142754, just get a new insert.

I liked
  • How the products look in the beginning
  • Our sales person
  • Design
I didn't like
  • Company not honoring their product
  • Quality of product
  • Pottery barn does not honor their products