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They told me I'd receive my money next day, not next business day, NEXT DAY. I clarified this with 2 different people. One person even said it would come as early as the end of the business day Friday. I accepted my money on Friday and now it's SUNDAY and I still don't have my money from them. They're NOW saying it's next business day. TERRIBLE BUSINESS LYING TO CUSTOMERS. I'll stick with SquareCash. Read more

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Popmoney is simply the worst transfer service. Payment was sent from another Citizensbank user and I received an email to deposit the money. Great! However, neither on my popmoney account nor Citizensbank account does the payment show up, now already for 3 days. Cirtizensbank can't see the payment, while Popmoney of course refers me to Citizensbank.... Meanwhile, the funds remain with Popmoney, with only options canceling the transfer (costing... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 10
  • by anonymous
  • #1005757

I've transfered $500 from one of my banks to another. Popmoney won't let me log in, said my password was wrong. I reset, and reset the password many times. Tried calling, no answer, tried emailing Thier SUPPORT, mail box is FULL!! NOWAY to contact them, and for over a week I've had $500 in LIMBO. No way to contact them. Absolutely the WORST!!!

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Problem: On 2/1, I used Popmoney service to send money. The company stated I submitted the payment twice. With one of the transaction showing as failed due to my contact account and that funds would be refunded within 2 business days. I contacted Popmoney on 2/2. I spoke with someone name Casey, she advised that it wld be 3 days for money to refunded. Keep in mind I never on my end submitted for payment to go twice. I couldn't stay on hold so I... Read more

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Used popmoney to send money to a friend. I had the wrong email and wasnt able to change it so I called their customer service and was told I had to stop payment and redo it. After redoing it it took three days for the money to be refunded to my account, I was charged $36 and the new transfer has yet to reach my friends account. I would not reccomend anyone using it, it's a very slow process and a ripoff it should not be that difficult to send... Read more

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Funds I sent were not transferred and and I did not receive any text, email, phone call, nothing from Popmoney saying there was a problem. So when my grandson told me he didn't receive the money i called Popmoney. They had no clue as to the problem and said it was on my banks end. So i called my bank and they showed that the money was in fact deducted from the account but that the hold was on the Popmoney side. Back and forth for hours on the... Read more

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First two times I used pop I didn,t pay attention to how long it took for it to 'pop'. Third time i mistakenly thought it was immediate. I was wrong to think that it was fast. It was a three day thing. Three days! What are their computers hand cranked or run by waterfall waterwheel? Partly my fault yes... Called customer serv who was nice but unable to help. She showed me there is a next day option that I didn't notice and did not use. I was... Read more

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This company holds up easy to verify payments and then when you call to tell them the obvious they simply put you on hold. I have spent more than 30 minutes on hold just to talk to a supervisor. They use the tactic of making you hold for a long time so that you will go away. I have talked to 2 levels of supervisors and 3 representatives couldn't figure out anything. I guess most people do not take the time to complain but I will. Try not to use... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 26, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #980004

This is the worst service yet. This is the CheckFree corp

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Don't use this service if you intend on getting your money in a timely manner...the entire process is the worst beginning with apparently to retrieve the code via text will not work if you have Sprint...three days later & no other service I use (ex: Pay Pal) takes three days, I was notified they could not delivery the money because my acct was short a number after I verified my account info several times before I submitted....I'm not buying that... Read more

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