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I brought a very nice 2007 Pontiac G6 hard top convertible to sell them. They had them priced at 12,500 on their website for similar make and model except mine was by far in better condition with less mileage. Bottom line is all I asked them is not to insult me with an offer thinking, welp, they're gonna wanna make some money and I understand. I thought 2 G's was fair so I was expecting at a minimum of 8500 to probably an unrealistic...
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Anonymous Ignorant, you have ZERO idea how business work. Your car probably was re painted, car accident, after market wheels, other conditions that CANNOT be sold to the public so ther...

I didn't like
  • Offer
  • Poor quality in vehicles
  • Being taken advantage of
I to have an 2007 pontiac g6 and have lost my powersteering it is almost impossible to turn the car now. I have called and am told my car is not affected by this recall and they will not fix the issue i have reported it to the dept of transportations and am looking for anyone who can help get this resolved it is a known problem with this year and model i seen i dont know how many complaints.
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