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  • Customers like
    • Idea of being able to pack myself 3
    • Having a container in driveway to pack ourselves 2
    • One customer service rep 1
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    • Customer service 10
    • Business practices 6
    • Reliability 6
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The concept is great, however after the initial delivery of the empty container, it was scheduling error and delays one after another. I scheduled the pickup of the loaded container which was supposed to be delivered to my new address. First the container was not picked up and I was told there was nothing scheduled. It took nearly another week to pick up the container. When picked up I was told it was being taken to storage and not my new... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • by anonymous
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PODS took money from my account for a payment I was unaware I owed. It put my my bank account in jeopardy for overdraft. I was unable to schedule a propane delivery and caused me $75.00 for a unscheduled delivery after two days of no heat during temperatures of less than 20 degrees.

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I had PODS move us from the East Coast to the West Coast and had a great experience. Two years later we used PODS again to move back to the East Coast and had many issues. Mostly billing issues. Their billing department is lacking in customer services. They are super rude especially Bo. She would not let me get a word in. She should not be dealing with the customers if she keeps over talking and not allowing the customer to speak. In the... Read more

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First time we used them was a nightmare. Second time we tried them again this month, many years later and it was A WORSE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randomly charge your credit card. Do not show up when scheduled. HORRID wait times for useless customer service reps. DO NOT do as they say. THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO idea what to do at this point at all... SO DISGUSTED WITH THIS... Read more

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The first time we used the pods service, almost 10 years ago, it went well. This time has been a service nightmare. They keep trying to send us extra pod containers. They've charged us for multiple "pods" several different months (we've only ever had, or wanted, one of them). They've called to say they were coming to pick up our pod randomly when we weren't ready for them to pick it up. It has been a fight since day one. Read more

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this company has a great business plan....We will get a credit card number from the customer and bill the *** out of it for as long as possible. Meanwhile, we will stall the customer every step of the way with customer NO service. We won't even pretend to try to resolve the problem. We will hold the threat of not moving the belongings over the customer's head to keep the customer from cancelling the charge on the credit card end. What was... Read more

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It will be impossible to recommend POD’s to any family, friends or business associates due to the inaccurate quoting, billing and customer service that they provide. The PODS themselves never fit the actual room sizes that they say so you should always expect you to have to add-on to your existing order. We are currently dealing with an issue for our international move regarding inaccurate billing and compounding the issue is nonresponsive and... Read more

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POD was to be delivered to our new home today between 230 and 5:30. They never showed up and never called. We got an email saying our account had been updated. But we could not login due to site maintenance. We called the customer service number and got a rep on the east coast who tried to reach someone out here in California in our area without success. So we had to cancel our unloading crew for tomorrow and we still do not know what is going... Read more

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Awful experience. Arrived 6 hours late on pickup and cost me 4 extra hours with my movers just waiting for the container to arrive. I also got fined from the town for the length of my permit because of this late arrival beyond what the 'estimated' time was. I then stopped at the storage location to pick up an item and the container was not ready in the time it needed to be there. I was late with pickup because of this and lost a business deal.... Read more

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ADVICE --STAY AWAY FROM PODS!!! -I called PODS to request that my rates be reviewed and renegotiated as it was no longer peek moving season. After their review, I was told YES, my rates would be reduced. I patiently looked for my payment to reflect and be lowered... After 2 months without the seeing changes to my auto draft payment amounts I called PODS again, only to find someone at a higher level DENIED my discount without them even... Read more

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