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I wanted to deposit a Canadian Government check for $10,000 into our savings. I was told that it too up to 45 days and that there was a $25 fee. No problems, but after three weeks I received notice that the check was cashed on 9/28/16 at an exchange rate of 1.381. I went on line and found that the correct exchange rate for that date was 1.3063 a significant difference that resulted in a difference of $385 on top of the $25 fee. I complained to...
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Michael I am wondering if you were able to determine the exchenge rate on the date the check was cashed in comparison to the date you looked. The exchange rates can change in a matte...

I went to go deposit the check yesterday and it was closed on a Saturday morning while all other banks are trying to improve their service PNC is going down the toilet. Then I went to the ATM to deposit my check and was successful however it said there was no paper to give me a receipt. On top of that there a wiring is are outrageous and also they will only allow a very minimal amount to be deposited online. I guess they're saying that they...
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PNC Bank cleared a check in the amount of $1600.00 on December 11th, 2015. It was for a new part time I job and I had a representative verify the fund with Fifth Third Bank. The branch manager confirmed the funds were available and that there would be no issue depositing the check. I told him a coworker had an issue and I wanted to be extra sure. The branch manager then told he that the check had already posted to the account and that there...
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Pnc Bank Check Deposit Review

Pnc app not working atms not working all I wanted to do was make a deposit and was told by customer service to drive around to other ATM locations but wait who is paying my gas☹️Since I do not have banking hours in my job I am screwed. Why have an app that dotes not work or ATM that will not take a check deposit or customer service who offer no solution other than drive around.