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Over the past 12 months PNC has ripped me off by hundreds of dollars with numerous overdraft fees, and fees on top of fees, by manipulating the way that charges are processed in my account.How do they get away with these things? When I have complained they tell me there is nothing they can do. Deposited checks take days to clear (hey PNC listen up: we're in the 21st century it's 2017 - digital banking should be instantaneous). I am so angry with...
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Anonymous Good luck with your "bill"
keep enough money in your account = no problems
Been a customer of them since mid 1960's.. never been charged ONE FEE - - EVER
Good Luck.

We should be able to cash a check for any amount if we have an account with them is what I thought. On two occasions at two different banks, I was depositing a check and also taking money from it. They were saying that I could not take any money out until the check cleared the next day. Asking why, they said that I did not have enough funds in my account to cover for the check in case the check bounced. So because the money already in the...
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