Mark Glover IS a rip off!

Hey Jeff B.....I don't know how to contact you but, I would like to back you up. I worked for him at Discount Computers and he ripped me off and still owes me money. I would like to speak with you. I will try to find you on facebook under jeff b. Get back with me back on this page if you can....... You know who I am. I have met you before in the westport office. I can't remember your last name. I was the number one telemarketer there. I made him all kinds of money too and didn't get any of my commissions he promised. I have all the paperwork were he promised me the money he owed me. I have lots of other paperwork too that might be pretty valuable to you.....
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Hahahaha, I went to high school with this ***!!! He did steroids for a while and thought he had some balls...

his ex told me he had a really small unit.. One ugly *** dude...

now hes in jail... I LOVE IT :grin


Jeff B hung himself last year. So you will probably never get to meet him.

Mark Glover probably killed him. Watch out for this piece of garbage.

He rips everyone off, goes to jail and is back on the streets conning people again.


Surprise surprise He ripped me off as well. Landed a HUGE account and used him and never got paid. Sending old CRTs overseas replacing the tags, illegal working environment, the list goes on and on...


Beware, Mark Glover is back to his old crooked ways once again. He has a new company named MORS INC and is operating out of Chicago, IL.

Buyer Beware!

This is the same Mark Glover that owned Discount Computers, Technology Asset Disposal, and PME Recycling. This guy is a *** artist.

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Mark Glover and PME Recycling - He's a THEIF

Wow, where would I even begin with this criminal. He should be brought to justice somehow. I am an ex-employee of Mark Glover and not a very happy one. Time and time again, I've tried to reason with him. I've lost customers because of him, vendors that still haven't been paid for the goods they supplied us, and I paid for health insurance that come to find out in the middle of the doctors office had been terminated months ago. Mark Glover is in the Recycling industry for Computers and Electronics. He started out as Discount Computers, but they are no longer in business because Customs and Immigration shut him down. They seized over $70,000 in money, over 1,000 CRT monitors, Container loads of monitors that were heading overseas and some employees as well. Mark Glover has been exporting black CRT to the Egyptian markets for years, but that's not even the worst of it. He was removing the manufacturer stickers from the monitors and replacing them with his own counterfeit labels to show date codes of newer years. The date codes needed to be 5 years or newer in order for Egyptian customs to let the monitors in the port. This scam caught up with him, as Customs and Immigration came in, froze his account, took his monitors and illegal employees, and was shut down basically. Mark, then proceeded to open up a new company called PME Recycling. Here in NJ, I was the operations manager. The procedure for the CRT monitors seized, and we went to doing the right thing. Well, at least I thought it was the right thing. But he figured a way to screw over just about anyone he can. Mark Glover would make "Sales Orders" or Invoices to customers for product that we didn't have. Then he would have those customers send Wire Transfer funds to pay for the goods, and in hopes that we can someday fulfill the order. Well, it got to the point where he was doing this to multiple buyers, and then since he was ordering overseas containers on his own, would tell the customers that their order was on the way, when in actuality, it wasn't. It was headed to a different customer or wasn't loaded at all. I had over $100,000 in claims from my customer from containers that had the wrong stuff in it, to containers that weren't even loaded and or switched to another buyers name. Dishonest business from day one, and the sad part is, I had to do all the lying for him. Another example of what he did was he took $23,000 from my buyer for LCD's. It was supposed to be 2,000 LCD and they were supposed to all have good screens, not broken. Well, my customer ended up receiving a partial order, and the screens were all broken. Basically, sending out the product knowing that it wasn't the right product. He's done this several times, which brings me to this deal I did with one of his Egyptian guys. He had us individually box LCD's for them, and they had to be 2006 date code, or newer. Well, Mark told my warehouse guys to put the older ones on the bottom of the pallets and the newer ones on top. Saying, oh they are only going to check the top, don't worry about it. Well, I knew nothing about this until the buyer called me and told me that the container got held up because there were old LCD's in there and Customs wouldn't let him have them. Just another example of how Mark Glover Screwed people over. Another one was when Marc Salas ordered some Grade A, PRIMO LCD's from us. Sent the money, ordered the truck, the whole 9. Well, when Mr Salas got the order, it was half of what it was supposed to be. Mark blamed shipping as he did with the above LCD deal that I mentioned. This is the type of person Mark Glover is. Now that I am no longer with him. I think I'm going to open suit against him for the damages that have been done. I have vendors and customers that no longer wish to do business with me, and I am still owed money from Mark Glover for my last paycheck as well as Commission. He's refusing to pay me. I built him an empire to be by bringing him my customers and clientele and he has unethically paved his way in this industry because of me. I will start here, with this post, as I've already got in contact with many of the people that he's done bad deals with, or people that are ready willing and able to come to my side of the case. I will bring Mark Glover to justice, and I'll make this my job for the rest of my life. My motivation lies in knowing that one day, directly or indirectly, KARMA will prevail. Anyone that knows Mark Glover, and has been thrown through the meat grinder like I have or have a complaint, please feel free to contact me. You can find me in the white pages, I'm on facebook. Whatever, however, this will not go to bed until he sees justice. If you see this post, and you know who he is, and you agree, or have issues, then don't be afraid, and you are not alone. Nobody will taint my name again like Mark Glover has tainted mine. Of course there is many other situations and like antics that Mark Glover has pulled on people, myself and my employees. I can go on and on about the things he's done to hurt people and make a bad name for me. Mark Glover has opened warehouses in St. Louis, Arkansas, NJ, Philly, and now Chicago. He just keeps raping the people around those areas until he is not wanted anymore by the people in that area. When he is done screwing people in that area and realizes that he can't get any more product, he stops paying the rent and moves the company to another location. Think about it. This is just 1 year of working with him. He went through 4 cities already. If people keep doing business with him, then Buyer/Seller beware. Eventually Mark Glover will rip you off. He has done it to just about everyone I've come in contact with.
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Mark owned Technology Marketing Corporation in Livonia, MI selling Sun equipment prior to owning PME Recycling. He bankrupted TMC and walked away leaving his suppliers unpaid. The guy is a bottom feeder in the industry.


He is a *** bag, owes thousands to his suppliers and employees as well!!


can you please contact me?



I can't agree more.

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