My opinion causes the PMDG company to remove my & suspend products without issuing a refund.

Hi everyone. I would like to share with you some of the customer service i have experienced at PMDG. An online Flight Sim Products company Just a little background, i have been a PMDG customer since their 747 for FS9 days. So far i have purchased directly through PMDG's website: 747-400 for FS9 747-400F Expansion Pack for FS9 747-400X for FSX 737 NG for FS9 737 NG Expansion Pack for FS9 737 NGX for FSX 737 NGX Expansion Pack for FSX 777X for FSX Thats pretty much their entire major product range bar the MD-11 and JS41 I had also purchased a number of extended downloads for the various products i had purchased over the years. Now recenlty i opened up a ticket because i wasn't happy with my 777X product. I read their conditions and PMDG say that boxed products eg aerosoft may be re-sell-able, however downloaded products require permission for PMDG. Since all my purchases are downloads i asked them if i could resell my 777X and explained why i wanted to sell it. Instead of a yes or no answer they complained to me my reasons. And i tried again to justify my reasons. In the end basically my account got suspended making all of my products CANCELED and useless, and they DIDNT even REFUND my money! The reason they did that was they claim i 'advocate' piracy and also that i threatened to file a credit card dispute. Now, i dont know what the law is, (and i would like some help here) but how the *** can they remove my products without refunding my money when i never filed any dispute and never pirated any of their products! I own pretty much everything they sell!, and i bought it directly from them not a re-seller! My complaint was that each time i bought a product i had to buy other products to be able to me good use of their product. So i sarcastically suggests it better to 'Try before you buy'. I also said that i COULD have launched a paypal dispute because they never mention the lack of a full 2d panel on their product page over a product i had purchased years ago. Also guess what i found out, you cant dispute download purchases through paypal. I bet they know that but still did what they did. No where did i mention CC. Pretty much all my purchases have been done through paypal balances! Now they make excellent products, but i believe that with all the success and what they have achieved a number of individuals particularly the people who deal with public relations and support have become to defiant and arrogant. As a customer im sure im entitled to my OPINION however sometimes even that seem too much for them to be handle. Could someone give me some legal advice since without even launching a dispute or pirating a single product (they know i own everything legally already) they canceled my account without refunding a single cent. BTW i also posted this information of AVSIM forums but it got deleted withing a few minutes my their admin, u guessed it Toms Allenworth or whatever, and they banned my AVSIM account instantly saying that i was a PIRATE!!!! This kind of behavior really is unfair on people who legally by things. As you know i bought pretty much everything PMDG has, i also legally own every other addon including my FSX copy, ORBX Scenery, Active Sky products, EZdok, REX produces, TOPCAT tools, Navigrapgh Data & Charts, all legally bought over the last 8 years! I got receipts with my paypal account and name on it! Both AVSIM & PMDG did not repy to any communicative o have made with them. So please if someone can help me, let me know! and feel free to share this around social media and other forums, i think people should be made aware of PMDG & AVSIMS attitude & actions to their customers. so just to make it clear: 1. I never pirated aything, i own all their stuff 2. i never filed any dispute. (infact i cant anyway because its a downloaded product) 3. all this happened because of my opinion and not my actions. Heres the full SUPPORT TICKET below: ME Requesting permission to re-sell my PMDG 777. Dont think you guys do refunds thats why. Basically, i sick of spending more time adjusting my vc view and mouse to keep up with the moving vc than actualy flying the plane. during banks its almost impossible to click or hold down on vertain knobs and switches. If pmdg had made the limitation of fsx viewpoint shift due to heading and location before purchase then i wouldnt have bought it in the first place. iv also been burnt before with the ngx, only after purchase was given information stating that the throttle section of the vc will not be modeled due to lack of time. so again due to pmdgs lack of transparency before purchase i followed ryans advice upgraded my pc to run the vc, bought ezdok to set up cameras and navigate views. a few years later again im stuck with issues, this time its a vc thats very difficult to use during flight esp landings, due to the movement and camera merging with the seats in the cockpit. the problem not so bad with the ngx and is completely fine. i can keep my up with the little movement in the 737 RYAN (PMDG) Kaveesh, As this affects *any* aircraft in FSX, including the 747 and MD-11 products that we released a very long time ago and which are well known and accepted by the community, I do not think it's in any way fair to state that it's a shortcoming of the product itself that we should have notified you about. You're actually the only person I've seen write in with a complaint like this - others seem to be able to deal with adjusting the view. I realize it can be an annoyance in certain situation, but to claim it makes the product unusable is a bit much. I deliberately set the camera views to be most correct for the typical west-facing approach at most northern hemisphere airports and it was set to avoid putting you into the seat as the rotation effect happens. If it is doing that for some reason, you can modify the default view position in the aircraft.cfg file very easily to move the default view forward a hair to stop it from ever happening. Ryan Maziarz Technical Support PMDG Simulations, LLC ME thats because ur 747 HAS something called 2D Panels. SO we dont have the issue at all! U guys have been pushing virtual cockpits ever since but apart from the visual benefits, the practical experience of actually FLYING and OPERATING the aircraft seem to suffer, not by pmdgs fault, but by the limitations of FSX, but the companies decision to stop with 2D panels. Hence why nobody ever noticed or complained until the release of the 777 as they actually had no choice but to sick into the virtual cockpit. Ps setting up for the northern hemisphere may be a good call for a large portion of uses who fly there but remember this is the worldliner. atm im flying in the continent of aus only to stop drastic movements. an example of would be during a bank if i have the mouse of changing the altitude of heading bug, id have to re position my mouse multiple times to keep my mouse fixed on that *** i even did a video ages ago to show how drastic the movement was in various locations. yes no need to be forthcoming, remember how you guys felt on your product page that there was no reason to state that the throttle 2d panel wasnt modeled? most people showed up looked at the product page saw no mentioned and looked at the pics and assumed all the 2d panels were included. how may threads did u have to shut down over that shortcoming. iv said this before its your product so its all decision on design, however if would be nice and fair to point out certain elements, limitations etc just like you proudly point out the features and details of your products in your product page. I didnt realize but ***, if i started a papyal dispute at the time of the ngx i would have prob won it as ur website never updated the information regarding the throttle quadrant panel on the product page. anyway up to you, id like to resell, give me a yes or know, ill then move on and deal with it in whatever way i can, but i guess the lesson of the story is, dont read the product page, if they dont have a demo, erhemhem, try before u buy! (hint hint a particular private russian torrent forum has succeeded might wanna look into them) now, one solution i did say was the ability to remove the headrests from the VC as an option, that would solve the problem, but i wasnt given a sure answer. It would also solve the problem for future releases. esp ur longer 300er, and 747 releases. thanks ryan! RYAN (PMDG) Given that you just advocated filing CC disputes against us and pirating our addons, your account is now suspended here and you are no longer welcome as a PMDG customer. Any further correspondence from you will be forwarded directly to our legal counsel as it is out of my hands at this point. Ryan Maziarz Technical Support PMDG Simulations, LLC
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Very same thing happened to me! The owner of PMDG and the owner of Avsim are close friends and have a monkey see, monkey do, relationship.

Their products are purchased in good faith, and when they do not functioned, you are either "too *** to be flight simming" or some other nonsense.

I have opened a dispute with Paypal over the purchase of their crapola 747 addon. Sadly, despite that fact that I payed $54.99...and submitted a copy of my purchase confirmation when I filed a tech support ticket...they INSIST that I pirated the software!!!???!!!!

They can sod right off.

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