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I have a meeting scheduled next week. To discuss work performed by Plumbing Rescue. The pipes which ran thoughout my elderly parents home were dug up. After weeks of this mess, and meetings attempting to come to an agreement; their toilet still backs up, now sewage comes out of the tub. If you have been victimized by Plumbing Rescue, please contact the number below. An investigation by the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud revealed multiple complaints against the company and accounts of deceptive practices from Plumbing Rescue. Anyone with information are asked to call 1-80*-378-****.
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this story is ridiculous about plumbing rescue i got 4 estimates when i had a backed up drain the other three companies were very unprofessional didnt have the right tools shoed up in brokendown vehichles and the only one that was honest was plumbing rescue they said where my clog was is a repair the city has to fixso i called the city and they paid for it so it didnt cost me a dime. So this is obviously a person with authority that has caused this company all this bad publicity i would reccommend them anytime.

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Do Not Ever Hire Plumbing Rescue!

Do Not Ever Hire Plumbing Rescue!
Do Not Ever Hire Plumbing Rescue!
Do Not Ever Hire Plumbing Rescue!
On August 31st, my sink was clogged and i contacted Plumbing Rescue after my efforts to undrain the sink failed. They came out the same day and had to cut through my kitchen wall and replaced some galvanized pipe with 40 PVC. After the plumber left, i noticed that my sink wouldn't drain unless i turned on the garbage disposal but thought it was just a minor inconvenience so i didn't complain. I didn't have the $1,620 at the time of service so they told me that i can use their credit service in 3 payments. I paid $270 at the time of service and waited for an invoice in the mail for the balance and to make a payment. I did not receive an invoice or any further communication with the company until i received a letter in the mail from a collections attorney (Kass|Shuller Law Firm) indicating that if i don't respond within 10 days than they will put a lien on my house. I contacted the attorney and told them that they are in violation of collections laws which requires at least an invoice indicating the balance due and a notice to pay prior to being placed into collections. The attorney agreed that they did not follow proper procedures. I told the attorney that i will pay in about 1 week when I get paid. The following week I was about to mail a check to the attorney when I noticed that the kitchen cabinet under my sink was flooded with water. The base of the cabinet was water damaged and i noticed that he pipe coming down from the drain was too short to secure into the fitting so water has been leaking out of the pipe for over 60 days. I immediately called the collections attorney and notified him that i will be paying the invoice until someone from the company contacts me to discuss replacing my kitchen cabinet or mitigating the amount due to fix the sink and cabinet. The attorney said that he will contact the owner to discuss the situation and get back to me. I sent the attorney photos of the damage and the area where the pipe was too short and leaking the same day i contacted him and received a read receipt via email. Within 7 days from my call to the attorney, i received a notice that a lien was placed on my house in the amount of $1,350 which includes $1,300 for balance of services owed and $50 for collection attorney fees. I filed a small claims court lawsuit to remove the lien from my home and any amounts previously owned to Plumbing Rescue On 1/13/12 my sink got clogged again and I called Benjamin Franklin plumbing that offers $76 to fix any pluming at anytime. When the plumber came to my house and I told them that I just had my plumbing fixed, they were extremely surprised and wanted to know who did the work. When I told them Plumbing Rescue, the employee told me that he is friends with the owner but gets calls all the time from customers to fix the work that Plumbing Rescue has done. He was a little reluctant to put the details of the issues from Plumbing Rescue on my quote but also indicated that Benjamin Franklin pluming gets calls all the time from Plumbing Rescue employees looking to change jobs. The employee at Benjamin Franklin plumbing said that their company won't hire any of Plumbing Rescue's employees because they only hire licensed plumbers and none of Plumbing Rescue's employees are licensed. At 10:00 am on 2/14/12 I attended small claims court and the judge asked both parties if we would be interested in mediation. We both agreed. During mediation, I explained the details in my complaint but also noted that after looking up the lien laws, according to Florida State Statute 713.08(5), Plumbing Rescue had 90 days from the time of completion of service to file a lien on my property. The lien was filed on December 6, 2011, which is 7 days after Florida State Statute deadline. The mediator asked me what I wanted from Plumbing Rescue and I indicated that all I want is for them to release the lien on my house and to drop the invoice amount that I owe since, based on quotes I received from other plumbing companies, I will need to get my entire pluming under my sink re-configured. The 2 other companies indicated that I will continue to have issues will my plumbing until it is corrected. In response, Plumbing Rescue told the mediator that they think I manipulated the pluming under my sink and also replaced my garbage disposal in the past 2 months just to get out of paying them. I was appauled…They didn't even have the person that performed the work on my plumbing at the hearing so I can't believe that the owner is making that statement without knowing the configuration at the time of service. I am a small business owner myself and this case is taking up my valuable time and resources. I am not a dishonest person and Plumbing Rescue is the dishonest party here. Upon private sessions with both parties, the mediator told me that Plumbing Rescue will not even consider negotiating with me and as a matter of fact, they told the mediator that I now owe them more than the cost of the service. I owe them for attorney cost of $250 to put the lien on my property and an additional attorney cost of $50 for collections. If I don't pay the $1,670 + $250 + $50 than the will continue with a jury trial. The mediator also told me that after consulting with them the owner of Plumbing Rescue said that the reason they didn't put the plumbing in my house up to code and correctly is because that my plumbing was old and they were concerned that if they fixed it to code than other problems will arise because the plumbing is old. I don't understand the logic here because if they were concerned, they should have refused the work and not charged me $1,670 for the lego plumbing services. I refuse to let this company take advantage of consumers and use attorneys as the only contacts with their customers. I also think that I have a case of bait and switch because they advertise on their website to "$79 clear any drain anytime" with no stipulations except that the work must be performed under the sink which is what they did (this is the reason I called them in the first place). I am pursuing a trial lawsuit but want to be sure that this company never puts another residential customer through this again. I am also filing a complaint with the state licensing board and the City of Tampa. I want to ensure that this company either understands customer service and abides by their warranties or is not allowed to do business as plumbers and take advantage of consumers.
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Wake up people..... It is not all a scam, there are people out there that ruin it for the rest but really you won't go get all your brakes done for 19.99 before its over with you will be buying new rotors ect....

But it's advertised as such... Every company has there "cheap" advertisements to get there company out to your home... Whether it be plumbing or A/C or security..... Pick a trade or service it is there for cheap people which believe that they should pay more for they transportation than any repair of there 50 year old home.

I am a straight up guy if my clients don't need it they don't get it. But if you need more than a 79 or 76 dollar drain clearing then we will sit down and discuss your options .


I think YOU need to wake up. There are "bait and switch" laws that prevent companies from scamming consumers and the State of Florida has already arrested one employee from Plumbing Rescue with more arrests to come.

Plumbing Rescue also lost a lawsuit because of their "illegal" practices. Scammers are thieves, not real business people. If you won't stand by your advertised prices then you need to get out of business. In the case of Plumbing Rescue, all of the complaints to the State of Florida were due to the company providing unnecessary services.

Sears automotive repair was caught several years ago for doing the same thing when people were getting their cars "checked up" and told customers that their cars needed new rotors and brakes. They would show the customers worn rotors and breaks that the customer thought was from their car but was actually from a stash that they kept aside to fool the customers.

The law is catching up to Plumbing Rescue and they WILL pay. Go to the Hillsborough County public records and you will see that they lost a lawsuit for their services in the amount of $5,350.


Plumbing Rescue had a "drain cleaning" coupon for $69 and up to a 6year guarantee. My bathroom sink was draining slow so I decided to call them and have my drain cleaned out.

Before I made an appointment, I asked if there was an additional service charge along with the coupon and I was told "no". The "tech" looked into the pipe and immediately started his sales pitch that due to the "soap *** build up" I needed the " pipe sanitation high pressure cleaning" at a cost of over $1,200. Right then I felt a major scam brewing. A real plumber would try other methods first and then suggest other methods.

I explained I will not spend that kind of money, he replied they can set up a payment plan. I repeated again that I will not spend that kind of money. Then came the "scare tactics" of the water may back up into the house, causing severe damage . I let him know if that happens, I can use my house insurance and my deductible is less than the $1,200 "high tech" drain cleaning service they offer.

Finally the "tech" ran a snake through the pipes and found no blockages and that it was the "***" that could be causing the drain to run slow and I needed the the high tech pipe flush out. Well, the coupon stated "drain clean out for $69" and that is what my drain needed, cleaned out. They did not complete the work as stated on the coupon. My drain still runs slow as it did before Plumbing Rescue came out.

I strongly suggest to all consumers not to use this company. Their "good offer coupon" was only a way to get into your house and try to sell you the high price "high tech pipe clean-out" . Don't be fooled!!!!!

I am going to call them and ask for a complete refund of my money since they did not do as stated on the coupon. I guess the old adage of "if it's too good to be true, then it isn't" applies here !!


PascoConsumer...could you please contact me about Plumbing Rescue. I may be able to help you. My email is roxydog999@***.com


I'm not so sure that you got a proper diagnosis, but, even if you did, without following the suggestion of the plumber, then you shouldn't expect much to change by doing the bare minimum. Yes, coupons are a way to bring in business.

No company makes money off of those alone. The upsell is how they make money. But if you went to work and didn't make money, what would be the point? Just sit at home instead, right?

I don't think they gave you a raw deal, entirely. It sounds like you cheated yourself, too. No matter which company or independent you use, the licensed and insured PROFESSIONALS will be expensive. Licensing and insurance, not to mention tools and gas, are not cheap!

Run away from cheap. Cheap will leave you holding the bag.


Dear Independent Pro...Plumbing Rescue is operating a scam. Unless you work for them, i don't know how you can substantiate Bait and Switch scams which, by the way, is against the law.

You can't advertise one thing and upsell. A clogged drain is a clogged drain...what is there to upsell???? They have a LOT of complaints against them so unless you know the details of how this company operates, i suggest that you do not minimize the magnitude of consumers being taken advantage of.

If you are an independent SERVICE professional, you should be in the business of fixing ONLY the customer's problem, not looking for ways to "make money" other than the minimal clogged drain. If the company is losing money on the coupon then they should not be offering a coupon!!!


Independent Pro...this company lost a lawsuit for scamming. Just google "Plumbing Rescue Scams" and you will see how many people took the time to submit a complaint.

Imagine how many people out there were scammed by them that didn't take the time to post that they were ripped off? Read my other comment to you in this stream.


sam, could you please contact me at roxydog999@***.com?


I am going though the same exact issue with them right now

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Tampa, Florida

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