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Platinum Tax Defenders owner Sherri Gastelum is Heartless Thief

Sherri Gastelum, owner of Platinum Tax Defenders stole my money. This is not a joke. She took $10,000 from my checking account without my authorization and now refuses to return my money to me even though I never signed up for any services!!! She drafted bank account without my approval and now refuses to give me my money back. I am having to file a police report against her and she is probably going to go to jail. Beware of this woman. She is the ultimate scam artist. She has probably done this to other people also. If you are reading this Ms Gastlum, then all I can say is shame on you. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of me and probably others also.
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These kinds of people prays on others who don't know no better and leave you in worse shape than you came in with.


I'm thinking about doing business with PTD and I am a very cautious individual when it comes to things like this. I was alarmed right away when I saw what was written on this site so I kept reading.

This sounds like the same complaining person to me, kind of reminds me of my alcoholic ex wife trying to discredit me once upon a time. Now I have to decide,, do I let the ravings of a potential lunatic interfere with my business decisions? Being on the receiving end of a slam like this in the past,, I think the complainer just made my decision for me. Thank You, I'll be moving forward then with PDT.

I'll let you all know how it turns out.


If you are truly being cheated by this woman, you can identify your self. If your facts stand up in court PDT cannot sue you and win, actually the attention would likely get you a settlement.


This is obviously a jab at Platinum Tax Defenders by her competitors. If Sherri is such a criminal how is she able to help so many people as she has.

If she was indeed scamming all these people, don't you think she would be in jail by now??

Her and Nichelle and Mr. Wetton have helped me to no end and i would seriously recommend them to anyone i know.


Today, June 1, 2012, I Dustin Wetton, the attorney for Sherri Gastelum and the General Counsel of Platinum Tax Defenders, am writing to convey some clarity with this issue.I have seen, responded, and advised my client on how to react to similar multiple and common attacks upon her reputation and that of Platinum Tax on various sites such as rip-off report, pissed consumer, and trusted link. Each of these attacks are not clients, nor prospective clients, and we have not once heard from any of them before filing these false complaints.

Also, none of the attacks have anything to do with the actual actions, services, or work of Platinum Tax Defenders and its employees. As her attorney, I have been in contact with the FBI for extortion, I have contacted the Ventura District Attorney for fraud and criminal harassment, and I have contacted the Houston District Attorney to report online bullying and defamation. I have done this in order to protect my client as best as I can from these online attacks. While I have done this, the attacks continue, and all of their language is the same: some “insider” has information that Sherri Gastelum stole money and they are trying to protect the public from her future attacks.

This is the same language thather ex-boyfriend and ex-business partner, Scott C., verbally has said to me and my client numerous times. As part of my due diligence, I followed up with the four reported claims that this person wrote, a complaint I believe to be written by Scott C. or someone closely connected to Scott C.. 1) The investigation at the Financial Crimes Unit of Houston, TX case number 06598****-S.

I called and spoke with a “Sue” who looked up the case for me. This complaint was filed by Scott C. for theft and forgery. The claim did not list my client anywhere on it, but instead had listed a “Vanessa.” However, as the supposed crime occurred in California, the case has been closed and the offices are no longer looking into it.

Therefore, there is no investigation being done by the Financial Crimes Unit of Houston, TX.2) The investigation by Bar Harbor Maine’s Detective Small, who actually is part of the Ellsworth Crime unit, was also looked into. After speaking with the Detective, a complaint was filed by a “Sophia Pod” at the request of Scott C. according to the detective. The claim was that the previous business that Ms.

Gastelum and Scott C. owned together had taken her $10,000 without her approval over a year ago and that she just realized the money was gone. Yet, as this supposed crime occurred in California, this investigation was closed and according to Detective Small, their offices are not investigating Ms. Gastelum whatsoever.3) The U.S.

Attorney office has no record of anything to do with Ms. Gastelum and does not have her name on record anywhere.4) As far as local authorities go, I have already been in contact with the District Attorney of Ventura about this matter, and there are no records of any investigation by their team. I called the Ventura County Sherriff’s office to learn of any police reports filed or ongoing investigations; they searchedfor her name and found nothing as well. I also left a message with the Ventura County East Valley Investigations Unit in regards to this matter explaining a requested call back as we believe there to be false accusations placed against my client as retaliation by ScottC.

Therefore, as of now, there are no records of any investigations being done by local authorities.In summary, these complaints are the result of actions taken by Scott C. and those that care about him. They are attempts to hurt my client and her business and hold no validity. His “axe to grind” is because of the ending of the business with Ms.

Gastelum, her involvement with his parole being revoked, and the end of their romantic relationship. While there may be anger, emotion, and heartbreak, this is not a soap opera to be voiced online to the masses, but instead onemeant for a smaller audience between Ms. Gastelum and Scott C.Therefore, in closing, in no way are these complaints against Platinum Tax Defenders and Ms.

Gastelum true, and the only clarity that they convey is that there is an issue between Ms. Gastelum and Scott C.If anyone has any questions or comments about this or any of these complaints, please call me at 800-991-**** to discuss.


Sherri Gastelum said that she has no complaints with the BBB HOWEVER, if you check her story, it shows right on the BBB's website that she has 2 complaints! And one of the complaints is about BILLING ISSUES! Imagine that!

If she will lie to the world online, then it is quite obvious that she is willing to lie about everything else.

The police department in Bar Harbor Maine has contacted the Ventura County Sheriffs department and is, in fact, investigating her for felony theft and fraud. This can be confirmed by contacting the detectives division of the Ventura County Sheriffs Department. There has even been a case number assigned.

This woman is a pure crook and her lies can be easily verified simply by contacting the BBB directly and the Ventura County Sheriff's department.

It is so sad that some people will go to such lengths to rip us off as consumers. Ms. Gastelum will have her day in court very soon


Platinum Tax Defenders has hundreds of happy clients, an “A” rating with the BBB and zero complaints. This would not be the case if we were in the habit of scamming people.

This fraudulent “complaint” has nothing to do with Platinum Tax Defenders. Platinum has never had a $10K dollar client. This site does not do any investigations of the claims; (unlike the BBB) they just put out whatever anyone wants to say. If there were any legitimate complaints against me or my company, it would have been dealt with expediently.

There are no police reports, no investigations, and no claims to any federal organizations against me or my company.


Sherri Gastelum, Owner Platinum Tax Defenders


Thanks for the heads up!!! I won't be using this company.


Thanks for the info everyone. I've been trying to find out about this company for a while.

I just found out that this company doesn't even have a physical location. They use a "POSTAL ANNEX" PO Box and call it a "suite".

They have one guy who answers the phone from his house. It's just a joke.


If Sherri Gastelum is so innocent, then why is she hiding behind an attorney instead of addressing the issue head on? Having her attorney "validate" that he did no wrong is hilarious and carries no weight being that this the attorney is being paid to say whatever she wants him to say.

This is simply a sad case of apparent consumer fraud and the honorable thing to do would be simply to give this victim her money back. It is that simple. It is purely disgraceful that Ms. Gastelum has the audacity to justify keeping this victims funds when she knows for a fact that this victim never agreed or authorized to have her funds taken from her account.

You can call her complaint fraudulent all you like, but it is very evident that the issue is valid and we are all looking forward to bringing this entire situation to light so Ms. Gastelum can be held accountable for taking advantage of this victim.


As the General Counsel of Platinum Tax Defenders, I can validate that at no time did Ms. Gastelum "steal" any monies from any persons.

The above complaint is fraudulent, and we are aware of this persons multiple attempts at attacking Ms. Gastelum and are taking steps to ensure her protection from further false accusations.

There are zero complaints about Platinum Tax and if there are any complaints in the future, I will be happy to discuss any situation that may lead to a report on this credible site. I can be reached at 800-991-****.

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