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So dishonest!! WON'T LEAVE YOU ALONE!!
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Poor customer service
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This is a company that lies to people to get them to sign up but there's a problem I never signed up and now I have bad credit due to people that take a little info from you and use it for a little commission, so now I say do not trust anyone that comes trying to sell you a contract from this so called HONEST company. NEVER AGAIN!

map-marker Arvada, Colorado

Platinum Protection is a fraudulent business.

I signed on with them one day when I was very ill and made the mistake of answering the door. The guy told me it would cost 5 dollars a month for a year. After I recovered from my pneumonia, it was too late to break the contract, which turned out to be 49.99 a month for 39 months. Now that my contract has finally expired, they won't stop sending me bills. They don't answer their phones. They don't respond to emails. They just send bills, even though I don't owe them anything. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau but they did not respond to the complaint. Please, have nothing to do with these people! Beware!!!
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I also happened to be sitting on the porch. Who knows why I talked to the guy- 3 years later they have Collection companies calling with threats of " Breach of Contract" threats, harassing calls even though I was told a year ago that I would be left alone.

They keep saying I'm in a 5 year contract which is not true. Trying to bill me for services that are not being provided at a home I haven't lived in for years where there has been no monitoring going on for even longer!!!

What a horrible company!! Outrageous!!

Vander Wbr
map-marker American Fork, Utah

Keep receiving past due statements and we are not customers

I am having an issue with this company because we keep receiving past due statements and we are not customers. My wife and I started the process to receive services but after some research of the company we decided to go with some one else. We tried reaching out on several occasion about returning the equipment.After Several months have passed we received a "first past due notice for monitoring service." Once multiple phone calls were made to platinum and monotronics,we were finally able to speak with someone and get the equipment returned. I have my FedEx shipping receipt and Signature proof of Delivery Letter as well as photos of the condition of the equipment. I would really like to get this resolved as soon as possible and end all tie to this company.
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map-marker Houston, Texas

Lied to about contract length and moving/reconnection fees

The salesman told me it was a 2 year contract and come to find out it is a 5 year contract. I called a few months ago to suspend the service since I was having a house built. The lady told me that they don't even need to remove my old equipment and that they will install new equipment at my new house for free. I called to get this set up in my new house and the guy told me that the charge is $800 unless I agree to a new 3 year contract. Total scam and nothing but lies.
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Britanny Spw
map-marker Sacramento, California

I have been scammed by Platinum aka AMP Security LLC

In Feb.2013 a salesmen came to my door asking if I would be interested in an alarm system. He knew of burglaries in the area (in fact it had happened to me in Oct. 2012) I asked him to come in-even though I was very busy at the time and had other company. He explained how it work and that it cost 57.00 a month and that he would waive the 99.00 install fee. I agreed, the honeywell product was a little complicated to operate but an OK machine. The first salesman left then the installer came in. He presented a contract asked me to sign in certain areas; said I had a 7 day grace period, I agreed for automatic monthly withdrawal. He then went to work; spent a few minutes showing me the alarm. Then he left. After all of the commotion I decided to figure out the machine; I went in the kitchen where I signed the contract and the contract was gone; only thing left was empty boxes from Honeywell, a"how to" book-no contract, no business card, no names, no company sticker on the machine, no security sign in my front yard, no stickers to put on my windows. I called Honeywell and they said they don't keep names of companies that use their product.I unplugged the alarm.A day later I received a call from a company called Guardian to tell me there was something wrong with my system;I told them I unplugged it because I don't want it and were they the company with the salesmen and they said no. Then I said you must know the name of the company because how did you get my phone number, look up in your records and give me the name of the company. They did. AMP Security. I looked them up called their 800 number and told them to come and get the machine I do not want it. Where is the contract? Then I get a call from the first salesman saying he was sorry that the installer had been having personal problems and did not think and took the paperwork with him. I said just have him come back and take the alarm out. I am not satisfied with the service. He begged me to keep the service so that he can get his commission. This time I got his phone number. I kept calling him and the company begging them to get the system out. Then the company withdrew 99.00 plus 30.00 from my checking account. I went to my bank and disputed it and I got my money back. Then the sales person came over to my house on a Saturday begging me to keep the system he said he has a wife and a baby; and asked if he could please come in my house to talk to me; I said no. He said can I come back later I said no. That evening he came back again; I said please don't bother me.I am now being harrassed by the company and the salesman and said that I did not call them in time to turn the service off and I am liable and they are sending me to collections. I said you left me no information to call you I had to turn off the machine just to get attention and if Guardian had not called me I would have never known. I think it was a scam to take the contract/paperwork.Now they are coming back with threats of collection agency. I don't know what will be happening now.
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My fiancé works for this company. He has never once scammed anyone.

He actually recently switched to sell for ADT but went back to AMP. Don't judge the company until you actually know for yourself who and what they are selling. My fiancé works to make money of course, but he will put you first before he gets his cut. He will make sure that you are getting what you NEED/want whether it's the cheapest system package or the highest package.

Sorrt for the 30-50 people out of thousands that didn't like it.

But I believe and know that this company is hard working and determined and they don't work just to say "*** guys and let me get me money" they work because they actually care about safety. Most of them.

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I wish all the salesman are honest like you man!!!!


They said free installation and equipment, but they charged me $88.99 later on my account.


What a bad company and for the salesman to beg and keep coming to your house is totally unprofessional.

1.) You guests at the time of purchase are witnesses, get their statements.

2.)Your bank is proof.

3.)Your call from Guardian is proof, get copies of your phone records and the other numbers from the salesman.

4.) File a small claims suit after you get all your data and proof.

good luck :roll

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rnlynz S
map-marker Columbus, Ohio

Platinum Protection

This company sold us a security system if we signed a five year contract. They also told us if we moved the people buying our house would be able to take over the agreement. THen they sold are security contract to Safe security and never informed us. When we moved we told the people buying our house that our security system was through Platinum. They called and got the contract through them...However Platinum did not refer them to who they sold our security system too, and then they actually sold the (people that bought our house) security plan to another company. Now we are getting charged for a security system in a place that we do not even live at anymore. We called to see if they would fix it and then they told us the could not because they sold their security system to a different company and not to Safe security.It is a scam.. They sell you the security system then they sell it to another company... BEWARE!!!! Do not use them go through ADT or
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Ericka J Yfd
map-marker Salt Lake City, Utah

Platinum Protection Home Securiy scam

My husband was approached by a sales rep. in October and I came home half was through their conversation. I heard that he would install a security system and all that would come with the package (we did not get all that he said he would have installed) and that it is free besides a $39.99 monthly fee for the call center; they are not a part of that. Then he said all we have to do is put a sign in our front yard and advertise for the company. He had already duped my elderly neighbors into it. I was there when he said we could cancel anytime all we need to do is use the product and spread the word. The next day while I was at work, they had an installer come and install the system and my husband signed the contract without my knowledge. I called the sales rep that night cause I did not feel good about it, and he also took a void check from my husband and I did not feel good about that either. He assured me that a payment would not be taken out for 30 days and if we are not satisfied that we could cancel anytime. I believed him and told him that we would try it. Not being told I only have three days to cancel I called the customer service a couple weeks later and told them that I was lied to, told that a payment would not come out of my checking acct for 30 days and one was taken out five days later. I told her that I wanted to cancel and not longer wanted the system. She informed me that we could not cancel unless we payed 80% of the monthly payments we still owe (39 months). I told her that I I had called the rep personally and he told me I could cancel anytime. He said nothing about the three days and that there would be a huge penalty for canceling early. The customer service lady said that they are not responsible for what the sales agents tell us, they just go off what was signed. She said there is nothing she can do. I complained to the BBB and the Platinum Protections response was once again that we signed it and it is all in the contract. I called again a couple weeks later and talked to a guy that said the same to me. That we signed and there is nothing he can do. They do not care at all and have absolutely no customer service. They take no responsibility for the representative lying and scamming us into staying in the contract until the three days to cancel was up. I complained to the consumer rights, wrote a complaint on every website possible and spent hours researching other complaints that sadly are very similar to mine. If there is anyone that would like to send letter to the Attorney General in Utah, talks about a class action suit please contact me. I will do anything in my power to get out of this contract and have this company held accountable.
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Have you already followed through with the class action law suit? I would like to be apart of it if you are still going to do it. Please let me know how it went if you did.



Back in 2010, I cancelled the service within 3 days as the contract stated, and the cancellation was verified with the field agent who came to my house.

After 2 years of no contact or billing me, they sent me a letter saying that I owe them money since the account is somehow still active.

Although I signed up in Apr, 2010, they had "unknown" errors in their system; so they did not charge me until Mar 2012. I understood that since I cancelled the service I did not get billed; that's not the case.

According to the head of tech support Peter, they do not know what caused the error, how many users are affected, who is responsible for the error, etc, etc...sounds ridiculous to me. In my case, monthly fee is $54/month times 24 months of not billing me caused the company to lose about $1300. Assuming it's not just me, the error(s) must have cost the company a lot of money...and nobody is responsible in their company for the error.

Make sure to record the phone conversation with them. Peter lied to me several times, which I have proofs of.

BBB, attorney general, Utah bar association here I come.

Stay clear away from this company.

Ericka J Yfd

Apparently Platinum Protection is closing its doors. I cam across an article in the SLC tribune that says they have laid off the majority of employee's and that they only have a few to take care of exsisting accounts.

I tried to call but no one answers the phone. They say it's due to high call volume, but I am sure it is cause they have no employee's, liars!

Who know's what are going to happen to our contracts/accounts now. I am sure they wil be sold off and then we will have to deal with another BS company.


I called the customer service for the 3rd time today to try and get something resolved and they could care less. I swear he repeated "we only go off of the contract" about 10 times.

That is all the three customer service representatives have told me when I have called. I said if I am stuck in this contract for 39 months what is your company willing to do to make me happy. He asked what would satisfy me and I said a lower monthly rate or a shortend contract of 24 months. He said they are not able to do either for me.

I asked to have a supervisor call me and he said they will tell me the same thing and that he cannot promise that one will call me back. Customers that have been scammed by this company need to get the word out.

Complain to the BBB, Consumr rights, and write the Utah Attorney General. Platinum Protection needs to be investigated.


Thanks for you input read the contract, you must work for them. This company is nothing but a scam and I will make sure I get the word out so no one else get's screwed by them.

Just google Platinum Protection Scam and see for your self.

It is not a coincidence that this has happened to so many people. They are misleading liars.


When you signed the contract to purchase your house or even a car for that matter did you read the contract then? I would guess the answer wasbyes because you want to make sure the purchase amounts and rates were correct.

Then why on earth would you not read the entire contract for something else? Anytime you sign something you should read and understand it in its entirety.

Your fault for not reading what you signed and getting into something you are thinking about differently now. Remember a written contract can never be amended by a verbal contract - only written.

Suzanne S Rwi

I would be happy to get in on a class action, I was duped too!


I'd be more than happy to get in on a class action suit. I too was duped back in September and was also told I could cancel and they would simply come take the equipment.

I'm furious that I'm locked in to 5 YEARS at $49.99 a month. I guarantee you that was never mentioned by the salesman.

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map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Platinum Protection Security Pushy & Too Expensive

Platinum Protection is a Utah/Morman based company that operates by sending licensed salemen door to door during the summer months. They operate legally but operate a rather unconvetionally, i.e. door to door and in the evening hours. This is how I encountered them. Mind you, I had been shopping around for a new alarm service because I wanted to 86 my telephone land line and upgrade my existing Brinks/Broadview alarm system to a cellular device. Brink/Broadview was only happy to accomodate me for $300 and a and additional $10 a month service fee. Platinum arrived on my doorstep around 7:30 p.m. and offered a free cellular upgrade, an additional (third) keypad, two remote key fobs, and and additioanal wireless glass breaker, all for free. The catch? A 39 month contract and monthly monitoring of $49.99. I was already paying $36.99 with Brinks. So I invited the sales rep into the house and he went over the contract and I signed it. At this point, let me tell you that he had a Platinum uniform on and a photo ID and was able to produce a copy of his State of Texas license. I'm not ***. All was OK, until he told me that the installers would be there THAT NIGHT! I was a bit suspicious. As it turned out, that was a blessing, because I was able to use "the product" over the weekend and decide by Monday that I hated it, and wanted my old reliable Brinks alarm system back while I was still within the 3-day federal cooling off cancel-the-agreement-no-questions-asked time period. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The installers arrived 30 minutes after the sales guy left ~ 8:30. By 11 p.m. I kicked them out. They had not been able to install the third and promised keypad for whatever reason (no enough room in the box), and they were not able to program the system....they will be back in the morning. I had to take a day off of work. They arrived around 10 a.m. and got the system working, only there were issues with both keypads, which had to be replaced. I then had to call the tech back to work on one of the keypads b/c it wasn't beeping. I needed to hear the beep beep of doors opening, especially with small kids in the house. Over the weekend, the keypad failed again, and it never was lowd or shrill enough to be heard over a TV anyway. To end this story quickly. I faxed the cancellation clause and then called THEM several days in a row before I talked to someone who accidentally almost announced himself as a member of the "retention" team. I only wanted freaking confirmation that they were coming to get their equipment. Of course they tried very hard to keep me and address the bad keypad. Oh and I forgot to mention this! You have to pay extra for access to your own online account! Forget that! The normal access charge is a one time $60 fee. The "retention" guy offered it to me for only $2 a month. So do the math over 39 months. And as for Brinks/Broadview, as soon as they got wind of me canceling them, they quickly offered me a FREE cellular upgrade for only $1 more a month. Now why didn't they do that in the first place?
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map-marker Missouri City, Texas

Alarm has a fault, they wont look at it.

Back in Sept of 2007, a Platinum Protection sales rep had come out to our house. They were giving Free Wireless Alarms away with a 2 year contract of service. They told me how much better their alarm was over my working existing alarm. I agreed to the new Alarm and service. 30 min after signing the contract a gentleman came to install the alarm. Upon the install, he was having some issues with Zone 04, my garage door. After messing with it for 20 min, it finally took. He then did a test and all WAS well. About 30 min after he left, my phone rang and upon the ringing, we could here it ring over the alarm loud speaker at the keypad. I called Platinum back and told them the problem. The person I spoke to told me that there was probably a wire crossed and that the Tech will come back and take a look. He never showed. I called back the next day (Sunday) and they told me someone from service would call me somewhere between Mon - Wed. Nobody called. I called again and they told me that service was busy and that they could not take my call, but they will call me within 3 days. Again, no call. About 3 weeks of that went by then the Alarm through a Fault Code 04. My garage door again. The alarm will not arm or chime. It has an error. I called Platinum back and told them about the ringing and now my new problem. They assured me that I would not be billed until the problem is fixed. Again, no-one called or came out to fix the issue. At this point I gave up. I was upset. After a few months, I received a letter that Montronics (sister comp) was taking over the service. I called them and told them about the alarm. They told me that the alarm was being monitored and that they did not see anything. Funny, because I cant arm the house. The problem is on my end not their end. They did not or would not send anyone out. So, when their bill came I threw it in the trash. Called them again and told them the problem. Again they told me no problem was found. Yet I am looking at the errors. I told them about Platinum and that no one came out to fix and I was not going to be charged until the problem is fixed. They agreed to look into it. 2 months later, (They were not returning my calls) they turned the contract back over to Platinum Prot. I spoke to them, and they told me that they would credit those months, fix my alarm and apologized for the inconvenience. 3 days later, service called and stated that they could not come out and fix the alarm until the account was brought current. Again, I had to talk to 6 differ people there and all they did was keep transferring me. Now they have hired an Attorney to collect a debt for a service not provided I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. Platinum replied by stating, "He did not tell us about the alarm issues until February 2008 during a collection call. All he is trying to do is get out of his contract." That's funny, because I never asked to be removed from the contract, I was demanding a credit or a new contract. So now the court games will start.
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map-marker Houston, Texas

Platinun Protection

Do not use "Platinum Protection" since I install the alarm in my house, this has been a nightmare.....bad installation, lead to a city/police ticket for false alarm...several calls to be fix the problem, but not fix it yet...that's means, I cant use what I'm paying for it. Try a different one like "ADT" probably they will do the job right at the first day....I regret, I wish I can cancel..but they already told no for cancellation, I'm stuck with a contract for 3 years. I hope this will help someone before sign a contract with this company...
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