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This company is the worst company to ever choose. 1. They make sure you sign a 58 page contract basically saying you allow them to take your money no matter what they do even with no results and fully covers them. I would never risk doing that again and would have them sign my own contract. 2. They US 3d printing which when I was with them I supplied them all the step CAD files from my previous completed prototype and they kept having computer problems for over a month which I was charged for. 3. They truly have a very non standard billing method you have to prepay $2200 a month regardless of what they do or don't do and at the end of the month I guarantee you u get an email saying all your time has been used with out any solid proof of work. (They charged me for two months which they said would be the maximum time for making small detail modifications to my prototype. End of two months and $4000 they hadn't sent me anything no pictures no proof of anything and no new prototype) 4. They have terrible staff poorly educated and don't no how to communicate. 5. If you like giving away money please send it to me instead. 6. Basically you are bound to what ever the staff desire to pursue not what you want because they have limits with the 3d printer they use which will truly limit the cope of what they actually can do for you for a reasonable price. For example at another company I had the entire prototype original and with modifications a second time completed for only $2500. FINALLY BEWARE YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY MAY DENY YOUR REFUSAL FOR NO DELIVERED GOODS. UNLESS YOU HAVE AMEX OR ANOTHER 100 PERCENT GUARTEED SATISFACTION CREDIT CARD BACKING COMPANY.
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Like many others, I have been given the run around for over two years, and in conclusion, they recently emailed me stating I would need to pay more if I want to continue the project

I feel as though they are taking advantage of me being a small client. Since the beginning in May 2016, it has been difficult to get PRG to focus on my project and pull the right resources to come up with a viable solution/design. My expectations and goals are outlined within the agreement and were communicated many times verbally and via emails. I started to notice how disorganized PRG was as a company the first couple of months as it took a while to get updates and status of project. It would take them a while to respond to my emails, and when they did, there had yet to be any movement. It seemed as though they would spend a few hours to focus on my project every month and when they did… it was not the best of their quality time as if they just needed to provide me with any update asap. I also know that PRG only had one dedicated team member to work on my project during each phase, which means that one individual was left to come up with every aspect of the design without the consultation of feedback of other resources. For example… as a project manager myself, I am the liaison to ensure all is being communicated by all who will be tied to the project (i.e. engineers, sales, design team, manufacturing) to ensure all risk are mediated and thought of. In the case of my project, that was not happening. The first individual was left to think of all aspects, and he did not have the credentials. There seemed to be very little communication amongst their team about my project because every time I met another member, they knew very little knowledge and I had to walk them through the project from step one over and over again. All the lack of communication is documented within a project management tool called TeamWorks they utilize in which I have access to. I found myself acting as the project manager to ensure all were aligned. In TeamWorks, they would set a milestone or task and hardly ever accomplished it in time, however, PRG states the whole time they were working on my project with false data. My project should have been completed in 3 months, but has taken over two years and have yet to see a finished product that meets specifications. At every phase/stage, I was the one who had to think up of everything to ensure product success. The main reason I hired PRG was to help me take my idea to the next step of conceptualizing to manufacture. I was thinking I was hiring experienced professionals within their industry who had the tools and resources in place, but it turned I was more knowledgeable or so it seemed judging by the first products they delivered, which did not meet any focus goals. I constantly had to question their direction and guide them accordingly. PRG was incompetent to meet their own business model as stated in agreement. My invention is quite simple, it is a laundry accessory. After going back and forth with only the feedback of one team member, I was mentally forced & uncomfortable to sign approval forms to move to next stage stating I was 100% satisfied with current design, which was still questionable of effectiveness.. The team member told me that in the next stage they would share more feedback and make changes as necessary, which did not occur. After another year, I received an email from the prototyping team indicating they had no clue of the direction. Now, because of two of PRG’s mistakes, they are requiring me to pay more for their time to complete the project. This is an unfair business practice and PRG needs to own up and either deliver on their promise or refund my money. Frankly, I feel they will just continue to give me the run around for more months. PRG assumes I am just taking advantage of them to provide different prototypes, but the contrary, I want them to deliver a product that meets the goals agreed upon. DO NOT TRUST PRG RESPONSES TO OTHER REVIEWS, YOU WILL LOSE TIME & MONEY! They will repond with a rebuttal of how they are right and I am crazy which clearly shows the type of negative business practices they conduct. I feel there has been a breach of contract and negligence, I also strongly feel the PRG is committing deceptive and unconscionable practices when reviewing many other similar reviews/complaints online (i.e. BBB, Google, Yelp, etc.). It seems PRG's reputation of requesting more money to complete the service is a common practice which in my definition is very deceptive and other consumers have posted online as a word of caution based on similar experiences. They also have the reputation of not abiding by the timeframe of completion on the contract and require consumers to pay all funds in early phase weeks and dont meet their end of the agreement of completion. Once paid, they rarely communicate or respond to clients as I have provided examples of. It seems this is a common negative cycle acquiring new clients and committing to false promises. 50% of the online reviews state these issues with PRG. PRG then cleverly responds with false data depicting they have been working a certain amount of hours on the project, yet there is no way to prove this other then the quality, workmanship, and lack of communication as i have provided examples of. The data PRG responded with is not a good representation of the overall issue and only focuses on specific facts that do not paint the whole picture. Everything stated by PRG is dependent on forms signed and reports that were led by misguidance by PRG and each delivered product mentioned was a mistake that PRG does not own up to. I am not the only one who has gone through this frustration as it clearly is noted online with reviews. It is sad that they think their response is genuine and morally ethical knowing they made mistakes in the process. If I and other similar customers dont get taken care of or money refunded, then Karma is sure to drive this business to the ground. I get it takes money to run, but they seriously are approaching these issues the wrong way. I ask for everyone working my project to seriously ask themselves if this is right and what is stated by the owner is accurate. Their claims of doing free tasks is not due to my part, but PRG trying to fix a previous issue in which was clearly stated within agreement and countless emails. Apparently they do not know how to comprehend or articulate information given to them much less run an organized business. I have many examples to prove this and I guarantee you they either know it, or ignorant to realize it. Which begs the question why anyone who hire them knowing this. Do not waste your time or money with PRG. They had plenty of opportunities to work with me and other customers to make things right and chose to take the direction of deceptive business practices. I have been very kind and respectful over two years and ended up feeling taken advantage of and disrespected. Even to this day, they yet to reach out to me to work things out, and Im sure its because of their pride, stubbornness, or ignorance that makes them blind to the facts. My rights and savings account as a consumer have been violated and I plan on stopping this so no other consumer feels the same pain I have with PRG. If I was the owner, I would take a good hard look at everything again, and ensure what is being said by all who work there is honest and accurate. This is not a matter of the customer being right, this has now become a common bigger issue brought up many times before in which their business direction needs to be reevaluated as it is effecting their business model, brand and reputation.
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Hello Elias... I know this post was from a few years ago...

but what was your final outcome with PRG? Did you ever end up settling a refund?

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Plastic Resource Group Customer Care
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Nothing that was promised had been fullfilled.

Plastic Resource Group - Nothing that was promised had been fullfilled.
Plastic Resource Group - Nothing that was promised had been fullfilled.
It sounds like my issues with PRG and Tyler Harrell is very similar to other complaints found on this website. I'll make it as breif as possible and still try to help anyone considering doing business with PRG Prototyping. This is the best free advice you will ever get STAY AWAY FROM PRG. When you first contact them they are very professional both on their website, on the phone and in their ENGAGEMENT LETTER. That is what attracted me to them. Believe me, if I had any idea what was to come I would have run. They asked for $5,000 up front, I paid $4,000 with an agreement to pay the other $1,000 upon receipt of my proto model. ( they would not give me my proto model until AFTER I paid the other $1,000) It is a small project with some very simple electronics and they told me it would take 12-16 weeks to complete and they could do everything I needed in house and when it was complete it would be ready for production. I thought 16 weeks was to long but I gave them the bennefit of doubt hoping that it would not be that long so I sent my money with the signed agreement (which in my opinion only applies to the client) They took my money and laughed all the way to the bank. I was also told that I would be kept up to date by using their "Teamwork" website. Well, after a few weeks I had to call and ask what was going on because there was not much that made sense to me on that website. In any event, to make a longer story short, it took them 7 months and 3 weeks to send me my proto model. Needless to say it was far from manufacturing ready and they did not send me any files which was also promised. I had to go back and forth with them for 2 more weeks just to get those files. I paid the entire $5,000 for my junk in good faith but all I got where BS excuses for 8 months. BS and excuses is what they are really good at and if you talk to Tyler and even hint at a complaint he will turn it ALL back on you. PRG does not keep promises or provide good products, they do not have the expertise, knowledge or skills to provide results. My electronics was outsourced to another engineer that promised the work would be done in 2 weeks, it took 2 months. I was to pay him separately of course. I'm not even sure PRG does anything in their so called production facility. I think they outsource everything that comes into them with the exception of the money of course. Save yourself a world of headaches and aggrevation. The 2 screenshots provided look MUCH better than the actual proto model. STAY AWAY FROM PRG.
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Winfield, Kansas
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Not as described/ advertised
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Not happy!

I just finished writing a text message to Tyler Harrel. I am writing this complaint after numerous attempts to work this out. We bagan this process on June 7, 2012. The project was supposed to take approximately 16 weeks. Not only did they exceed that by 16 weeks before we received anything at all, but what we did receive was a very unprofessional "email" with some drawings and generic descriptions. Definitely not $12,000 worth of work. At this point, Tyler began targeting us for the prototype project. We felt we were this much invested and needed it finished. He asked us for another $4,800. After much anticipation and some very much apprehension, we decided to take the risk and let them finish. He agreed to revise the portfolio and deliver a completed package with the prototype. This was supposed to take 6 weeks. We are now into the prototype phase by 3 months and counting. Every deadline he has given us, has been exceeded! He has not done anything that he told us he would. At one point, he told us that he would be in the shop "personally" working on our project! That never happened! At this point, I'm not sure what we are going to do. We are into this project for almost $17,000 and we have NOTHING to show for it! IF they resolve this, I WILL update, but at this point, I do not have my hopes up!
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Little quick to judgment I see?


We received the prototype from PRG and moving on to manufacturing. Please disregard the above complaint.

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Texarkana, Texas
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Plastic resource group

I discussed my project with plastic resource group for a year before work began. Tyler was always quick to reply and friendly even though he had no idea if he would finally get the project. He helped to define the project and outline the stages of development before ever recieving a dime. I can not recall a single email or phone call that went un replied to during our project. If you are considering doing business with PRG please dont hessitate to contact me for a full review of their work. I am very pleaased with the end results. thank you
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I meant companies that utilized PRG not org sorry


Would like to hear more comments from companies that utilized org and now are successful. Thank you please state your company name.


I have had nothing but great experiences with working with everyone at P.R.G. Every step of the process was a pleasure and I would not hesitate to use their services again. They were very careful to make sure my prototype was solid and did everything in a timely fashion.

At one point I had a deadline for any changes that may be done to the finished prototype due to my U.S. design patent issue date approaching and they met the deadline way before the time limit. Thank you P.R.G and Tyler for being so professional and easy to work with.

I hope that others will step forward and speak of the awesome work that P.R.G is doing for them. They have helped me make my dream a reality and for this I am truly grateful!


Good point, too bad more of us don't post with good experiences.


Pkrfctr-I'm glad to hear it. I get tired of only negative people leaving comments.

Every business is going to have complaints. I bet if everyone who had good experiences posted, we would crash these sites.


I was also satisifed by my experience with PRG

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Spanish Fork, Utah
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Took my money, didnt finish, portions worked on are garbage

Plastic Resource Group - Took my money, didnt finish, portions worked on are garbage
I had an agreement with Plastic resource group(PRG), to build a prototype for me. The first phase of his bid was for $10,050.00 and a time frame of 20 business days. He received and cashed my check for $10,050.00 on May 6, 2010. Tyler said work would begin immediately. On May 19 I sent an email asking for a status report. On June 22, 2010 I received an email saying that they hadn't started yet and would be starting work now and a revised schedule of completion of phase one on July 23, 2010. At this point the 20 days to complete the phase, as outlined in their bid had already passed. I called and emailed numerous times throughout this timeframe, and was always told "we're working on it, we want things right so we won't hurry". When I started complaining heavily I was told various dates those parts of the phase would be completed. Not one of those dates was ever met! As of today phase one has not been completed to my satisfaction and PRG has refused to correct the issue or refund the money. I have every email, agreement, and complete phone logs outlining this issue in full
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This company is really messed up. After weeks of delay, a call, a quote, and then nothing.

I accepted the quote but yet no response from them, its been months now. Does any person know any other company I can contact?


i had the same exact horrible experience i payed out 13,200 got nothing but a trash result at the end and got stuck with a half of prototype, literally.


Don't use them. Believe the reviews.

We worked with them on what was an easy project should have taken a month or so and was projected at most to be a 3 month project. Almost a year later the project was done and it was such *** work that we can not use it to go into production. So a year wasted in terms of time and money with this company. I would have been better off not doing business with them.

The owner will lie but the product is ***.

RUN!! (We used them in 2016)


Hello, I am thinking about using them. So you recommend I don't?


Please does anyone know of any prototyping company that can deliver? I am really disappointing with all these bad reviews. I just just submitted mine last week to PRG and I guess it is still not late to star afresh with someone else .


I had the same result with PRG. Poor communication, poor quality, and project was never completed. I wish I had done more research on PRG and Tyler before hiring this garbage company.


Very similar to my issues with them. STAY AWAY FROM PRG.


Thank you all for your reviews! I live in NJ and was about to pull the trigger and get a quote from PRG, currently patent pending and wanted to get a working prototype done...but if its one thing I've learned in life...most times various different people don't all tell the same lie...I think I'll try to find someone local that has a better reputation.

Thanks for saving me from something I may have regretted. Good to do your homework!


We are working with them now and no problems. Do some more research, there are a few people that did some huge flame jobs on the company.

One of them was resolved, another was a lady who was dishonest with PRG and they ended the relationship.

Contact the AG, BBB and all those places. Do not just rely on message boards where anyone can post, even my :grin


I'm talking to them now about using them for my project and I'm really upset about all these bad reviews!!!! I was really excited and they seemed to get exactly what I want and I feel comfortable with them but now I'm afraid.

Reading your message gives me hope tho. Do you mind me asking what stage your at and if all has gone well?

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Spanish Fork, Utah

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