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| map-marker Las Cruces, New Mexico

I, too, got scammed for 6 month membership at $113.00 USD

After seeing a Facebook Ad for Planet Sappho, a supposed *** dating site for singles, I placed my ad-the basics. They advertise this site as "free", however, the catch is this; in order to reply to other women's emails and to answer others' personal ads, you must have a paid subscription. Seeing that it was $39.95 monthly, at first I hesitated, as I didn't see anything special about Planet Sappho; unlike Compatible Partners[ E-Harmony's LGBT site] and which both charge less monthly! So I paid for a six-month membership which was $113. Immediately,a pop-up comes on, offering you a "Gold" membership for an extra $9.95 and something else for $14.95 I think; don't exactly remember as the first thought was " I just paid y'all $113!" Then I filled out my full profile; something which took me over an hour and a half to do and came out awesome. A few days later, I decided to change some things and did. Mind you, their policy prohibits any " offensive" words, so I used " expletive" as many newspapers would and a song line. Needless to say, for some reason, my entire profile had been deleted without warning. I retyped the whole thing, trying to remember what I originally had written; describing myself as I am,a non-traditional college student who sees life from the glass half-empty worldview. Again, half the introduction was deleated. I contacted their customer service and attempted to post a comment on Facebook when I came across " Planet Sappho is a fraud". Looks like I'm out $113, enough to pay the State Univ. of NY's application fee of $50 more than twice!
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This is true. They just keep billing you even if you tick an option to be notified before your membership is automatically renewed each period.

They just bill you for the next period automatically.

You have to ring the UK to try to get our of it. Beware !!

map-marker Baton Rouge, Louisiana

PlanetSappho Scam

Planetsappho, a *** dating site, is owned by Cupid, a company that owns quite of few other dating sites. PlanetSappho is initially free to join and gives you want appears to be an extraordinary amount of capabilities with the exception of reading or sending emails to other members. While you're in 'Free Mode', you receive an inordinate amount of emails and winks, giving you the impression that the membership base is huge and ripe with interested members. As the emails accumulate in your INBOX, your desire to become a PAID member mounts and eventually, you cave and join. Here's where you figure out the scam: Once you join, the large number of emails stop, the many winks stop and only IF a real member stumbles across your profile and likes it, it's the only time you'll see another email or wink. I truly believe that PlanetSappho sends out bogus emails to pique your interest enough to join. One of the free capabilities you have is to be able to view who has browsed you. When you receive 6 emails and NO ONE has viewed your profile, something is rotten in Denmark. Should you become a paid member, PlanetSappho WILL auto renew your membership and it's pure *** to get them to stop. Instead of this unethical site, check out and still use caution before becoming a paid member.
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Connar Kzt

I actually managed to get them to credit me that full $113. They tried every excuse, but when I explained that I'm a college student who did not have time for their horse-manure, their constantly deleting most of my freaking profile and then telling me to keep reading their " terms of service"[ the only thing " offensive" being my statement that I saw life from the " Glass is always half-empty" perspective and that I was immature for most 50 year olds]; they asked me if I wanted a " partial refund".

I said yes; naturally they offered me a membership on sister site,! LOL. I MENTIONED READING ABOUT THEM BEING A FRAUD IN PISSED CONSUMER BY AT LEAST 15 PEOPLE WHO FELT THAT THEY WERE! Needless to say, their system would not let them give me a " partial refund" of only $108.95; they had to return all of the $113!

Reading what was said about dating websites-a link someone posted in here-I took the advice of Top 10-rated LGBT-dating sites/heterosexual sites; good old was #1 on both lists; followed by others such as E-harmony/compatible partners at #3 and yes, Cupid at like #7. 8) I DECIDED TO GO BACK TO MATCH.COM under " Women seeking Women" and rewrote that same ad using the outline. Within one week I met two different women, one who told me to delete my personal, as she wanted us to be mutual. The other, whom I have yet to answer for the second time, her email beginning with " Fructose", she wants for us to become close friends.

,) :) :) :? Which I told her in a short email is what I want to do! [ I need a little fruitiness and nuttiness in my life right now, as long as she understands me and I, her.] MY BEST ADVICE? Listen to others in here and yes, AVOID PLANET SAPPHO and its parent website,!


Connar Kzt

Planet Sappho, for those of you who do not know, is an online dating site for women seeking women; for some odd reason, Pissed Consumer-like the religious-right owned Walmart, will not let us use the L-word.


How can you close your account?


I signed up with my email address. Didn't fill out a profile, didn't post my pictures, didn't give them my credit card number or any other information.

Even though they had none of that, all of a sudden I was getting 5-10 alerts a day saying women were emailing me, winking at me, or wanted to talk to me. Like really, with NO photos or profile?? When I went to look at one of the profiles, of course, that is when it says you need to pay. I went and cancelled my profile and got an email saying my profile was removed.

A couple of days later, I get another email saying "Your profile has been successfully restored!" Like WHAT!?!

And then the alerts came again ... obviously a SCAM, which sucks because there are legitimate dating sites out there that don't have to manipulate customers.


i closed my account for reasons mentioned here. before i paid, lots of chat requests, emails, etc.

then after they got my money, no replies from those that baited me into joining. i had a suspicion these "ladies" were either robots or paid to bait, so i opened up another free account in another city. guess what?? those same "ladies" who baited me the first time emailed me again.

only this time their locations were changed to match mine. this site sux!!


Loked to be a ligit site and maybe one I could find some one on, then relised I was getting too many replys from local girls who didn't appear to be in newmexico lol my first instinct was to google it! Ha yea scam.

I looove my okcupid account, its ffree, features a matching system n I've had it for years! Glad I can't afford planet sapho or id be gripping too!

This site needs removed off the facce of the planet... :roll

Connar Kzt
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Yes, I learned about Planet Sappho the hard way, out $113.00 for " six mths. membership". Thanks for the scam report.


So glad I came across this information. I just signed up for the 3-day trial but when I went to read the emails, something wasn't quite right.

They all had similar subject lines, the English was horrible, and there were lots of )))) in the messages. That's when I investigated and found this info. Luckily, I used my PayPal account for the transaction and have been able to cancel the recurring payments through them. I did also follow the instructions on the website and have received a cancellation email.

Let's just hope all this really works...

Thanks again for posting this information.


I cancelled my subscription within the stated period and Planet Sappho have still gone ahead and charged me for a further six months after they had been made aware of my request. I am insensed and have written several emails to their customer service (thats a laugh).

No joy!

Future subscribers beware - they are rip-off merchants.

I don't know where to go from here. Being charged another £71+ is not funny!


I didn't sign up for this barren lsite. The user id eas made by whpmever and my password is my apple id password.

no google relation other than my email and google pic. the password is whats baffling. they have no app in the apple store and it thanked me for joining while i was asleep. Really not good to just let them get away with it.

File something with Feds consumer protection or local attorney general. Just an online form and a few minutes. It will eventually get their IP blocked and cause them at least a bit of a problem. They're potentially taking in huge sums and will probably just vanish before being caught.

Just change your passwords and put in the 2 step verification so they don't just have the ability to retrieve your google update saying password change. Also go to your google sessions and log out of all active so login I would be immediately required even if they are keeping the accounts open so any password change makes no diff. Pass change- 2 step verify- logout of all active sessions with google and then change password again. I dunno.

People keep banking info etc.

NEVER LINK ACCOUNTS WITH INSTANT ACCESS. instant access to linked accounts is giving all your info away.

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map-marker Ogden, Utah

Planet Sappho

I was a member and met a Debra Cunningham from California who scammed me for money and got me to send letters for her while she claimed she was with her sick grandma in the UK and asked if I would assist her so she could work her job in California and seemed like the sweetest person I had ever met. Just some person from Nigeria and once they peg you they get you again and again. Reported a scam prior to her for Planet Sappho and they did nothing about it and the same person stayed on scamming other innocent people. It sure make me wonder if planet sappho is in on the scams. Terrible place to get scammed very few real women.
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they send you the emails they want and force you to put a credit card and they no event sending you the emaisl be carfullll

map-marker Oxford, England

Planet Sappho-Cupid PLC

Hi, I am very pissed off with the above place, reason being I subscribed for one month about 6 months ago and only realized recently that they are still taking off £24-99 from my account, what is the point of allowing you to subscribe for one month (to see whether you like the site or perhaps find someone on the site within the month) if they are just going to continue taking your money, I am so pissed off for I know they will not refund the money......this will definitely not encourage me to go on these sites again. Marike-London
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They did the same thing to me. They won't give you a refund, I already tried. Instead I reported the issue to paypal for an unauthorized transaction.


I assume you used a credit card. File a complaint with your credit card company.

If that won't do, keep fighting... and thanks for posting here, because I was smelling a scam when I looked for a *** meet up place on line.

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map-marker Los Angeles, California

PlanetSappho - Caveat Emptor

I have been checking out several dating sites,always seeking the "free" ones.I've come to discover that there is no such animal,well,almost.Lesbotronics is like trying to break into Fort Knox,DateHookup a farce,mingles run by a group of uneducated chimps.So I decided to join PlanetSappho,I checked the 3 day platinum package for $6.95. Me;being the trusting soul that I am (not!)figured that after the trial was over the site would continue to bill me.I've found that out the hard way ...that's another story. So I purchased a prepaid Visa from Walmart and put twenty dollars on it.***!I should have only put ten on it for they charged me twice! Naturally I emailed them and just as naturally they admitted no wrong doing.Hey!It could have been worse,I could have used the card with the real money on it.So now I,m just going to spend the few dollars left on the prepaid and toss it.I recommend this approach to anyone when ordering a service.
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I wish I had found this before I started with the membership. My card people called this afternoon to ask me if it was fraud.

I then decided to investigate and found this. I was able to go and cancel the transaction before it went anywhere.

The fraud dept has assured me that there will be no legal backfire to me from anyone and if this company comes after me to send them to the fraud unit from the card company. The fraud unit will care for it from there.

lissa h Iri
map-marker Reston, Virginia

Planet Sappho unautorized debits to my acct

I joined planetsappho, a dating/chat site, that offered a FREE 30 day trial. I cancelled after about 2 weeks. Site was a joke and contacts were scary to say the least. Even though I cancelled within the first 30 days, they started charging my bank acct anyway. I eventually had to close my acct. and reopen a new one to stop the charges. When I used their contact us link to complain and ask for a refund, I was contacted by phone by one of their reps. ( John White) He berated me, calling me ***, said there was nothing I could do since he was located in the UK and threatened to call the police on me for harassment. Then the site completely blocked all emails from my IP or email address. They ripped me off for a total of $280. Since they are not based out of US there is really nothing I can do. Live and learn, never and I mean never trust a site not based in the USA.
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just joined plantsappho wish i had read theses complaints before i will cancel my menbership today and call my credir card company plus ur right its not free all of theses sites are not free u have to pay in order to chat etc.. and pink cupid is worse i forgot my password and they never responed to me i had a 3 month sub there worse site to get one i think the best place to meet some one is to go to where they hang out cause spending money like this u many as well flush it down the toliet


Wow, thank god I searched about this company, as I had a feeling that might happen, so thank god I didn't sign up to the 3 day trial. KEEP COMPLAINING and have them done for scam, OUT OF ORDER. Pfft the stuff that people get away with these days is ridiculous.


i signed up for a 3 day trial and cancelled on the 3rd day, i unsubscribed. i have now found out that they have taken money from my account £32.99 so i will be cancelling my card tomorrow. what a...holes!!!!


I had a feeling that PlanetSappho and other dating sites might charge for far more than what you intended,so I thought of (what I thought to be) a fool proof plan.I simply purchased a prepaid visa at Walmart and only put twenty dollars on it.Then I signed up for the three day platinum offer for $6.97.I wish I had only put $10.00 on it for they charged me the $6.97 twice!I emailed them,to no avail.But Hey!,it could have been a lot worse.I'll just spend whats left on the card and shred it.I really recommend this tactic,because you decide how much you're going to pay for something.


They did the same to me, they are charching to my account over 45 dlls, they are stilling


I had a very similiar experience with the same man named John White. He berated me, called me ***, and threatened to call the cops on me as well.

I feel feel worse for you however, as I was only out 35£. You should take them to court.

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