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Support bird refused transport

I have bird that act as psychiatric support for me and have ridden the Placer County Transit (PCT) several times before with him i read California statutes which state any animal can ride a public if contained in a proper carrier he was in a small pet carrier that can easily fit on my lap taking up little to no extra space he is a parakeet the size of a cockatiel that i was taking to the vet put on 4-2-13 a was order to get off PCT because animals are not allowed despite the fact that that is the only bus that says thatwhen i called the dispatcher demanding clarification he started stating the bird dosent have shots birds cant be support or service animals never giving me a clear answer and the only reason i got him to the vet on time is my dad had to take time off work to drive me there he is not a banned breed of bird and often gathers very positive attention such event caused both him and me great stress and potentially could have been detrimental to the birds health if he had been diagnosed with a respitory infection i have mild to severe depression so stress is never good for me
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