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Experienced leak with newly replaced roof. Clean up after the job was substandard due to nails and debris remaining after Fitzpatrick finishing the work. The draping used to protect siding had large holes in it and a lot of debris from the roof ended up on awning and in shrubs, lawn, walkway, driveway, etc. I specifically asked if the gutters would be clean out and laborers did not follow though as promised. The estimator and project manager...
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Had these guys out to access a leak in my attic.Turns out my attic fan was cracked and needs to be replaced. They could patch it for $202, not guaranteed or replace it for $981, guaranteed. What? Thinking this was outrageous I got other estimates and the job can be done for $250 by repritable company. They also charge you $65 estimate fee they never tell you about. Also if I didn't get the repair done right then and there the unguaranteed repair...
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In the end they did an ok job, put down like 3 shingles and put a gasket on my roof vent and showed me pictures of a few other things. I had another roofer come up and said the repairs were done, but should have used calk and did some other items when they did the repair as well as they used a glue on the gasket, and it should have been calk as the glue will eat the rubber. Also, didn't use calk on the shingles that were replaced, so a kind...
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I liked
  • Came out quick
I didn't like
  • Just felt like some bs was being told to me