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Do not use them!!! I was a loyal customer for 6 years and two moves. The original technician who came out said it was a two year contract and if we moved we could either take it with us or the new person could use the service. On our third move we decided to upgrade to something they did not offer. I call to cancel and am told the fee is $250. After 6 years and no mention EVER of a cancellation fee they tell me too bad, if I want to cancel I owe... Read more

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so i went to the salvation army in Peoria il. last night and someone came in trying to get his things from the shelter next door there was a worker at the door and she let him in the security guard for Pinnacle security services asked him to leave and he keep saying that he was let in and that he just needed to talk to one of the workers and didn't leave so the guard pushed him in the the wall and held him there but the area he pushed him had... Read more

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I bought service fron a representative in 2010. I called to ask about transferring my service in 2011 to another home and was told it would not be a problem and they serviced the area to which I was moving. Not! They couldn't even service Louisiana. I was still being charged monthly while they "found a round about way to service Louisiana" and not they are placing me in collections for that amount even though I started a new contract with the... Read more

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A year after I discontinued service and moved out of state, Pinnacle came after me for the remainder of the contract. To my knowledge the new owner of my home picked up the contract. Because I could not prove that they did continue service (more than a year later), my account was forwarded to a collection agency. After many calls and debates, it was clear that I was not going to win, so I paid the bill to get them off my back. That was... Read more

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They scam u and keep charging ur account. I plan to get the better business bureau involved. Not to mention NO ONE answers the customer service line.

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They tell you it's free to install the service, no contract requirements. I signed and when I cancelled they kept charging me, I called to cancel a second time and ask for my money back and only then was informed I was supposedly under a 4 year contract (even though I had informed the representative I was moving in a year). Their "contract", that I was sent after the fact, allows you to cancel in a one month period before renewing immediately... Read more

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Door to door salesman comes to my home. I told him I couldn't afford $65 a month because I am a widow with 4 boys. He was still so pushy and sat in my home for hours listening to me tell him i had no checking account or money for the system. He told me my bill would be $25 a month just to help me out but really he was helping himself to the commission. Now my credit is more ruined than before . Clearly I didnt qualify for a system. The door to... Read more

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Just phoned Pinnacle to find out when my contract was up only to find out my contract was sold to another company without my knowledge or consent. Some company is withdrawing money from my account and I have no idea who it is. They can be damned sure I will be putting a stop payment on that immediately! I received no notification of this change and did sign any documents giving my consent for Pinnacle to give or sell my contract to anyone else.... Read more

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Pinnacle security system sold my contract to Safe security . I paid Pinnacle a year in advance and after canceling the contract with Safe security after 10 months I had a reimbursement of two months coming. Both companies say the other owes me the money as they do not have the original payment. I just keep getting the run around! It is outrageous these companies can steal from people and get away with it! One wonders about the integrity of... Read more

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I been with pinnacle last year you sold me out to monotronics.when talking cover of dis[ last week on Wed. 2 guys came to me house and showed ID that they were from Pinancle and said about me coming back and I had low battery, they showed me the battery and said they said they would have man stop on Saturday to replae battery and for coming back my monthy payment would go down to $35 a month. None of the above happened no men, no battery, no new... Read more

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