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I want people to be made aware of another Cydcor Office in Connecticut. Pinnacle Marketing just like Integrated Concepts, The Maine House Group, and Premier Management Group is nothing more than door to door sales positions. Pinnacle Marketing is also in the same office suite as Integrated Concepts (which you will find plenty of complaints about here on PC). Cydcor offices always promote from "within" and Pinnacle Marketing is a promoted office from Integrated Concepts. What that means is the manager for Pinnacle Marketing used to be an employee of the owner of Integrated Concepts. They share the office suite as well as the bills that go with it. Is the job a scam? Not directly. However, the job listing you will see on Career Builder, Monster, and Craigslist are nothing short of vague and deceptive. Pinnacle Marketing does nothing with marketing or advertising. You can apply to the job if you want, however don't be surprised if you get contacted for an interview if you post your resume on CB or Monster. Avoid this position unless you want to take a job that is 100% commission and involves ridiculously long hours. Additionally, this office can only be described as being a corporate cult. Most of the employees there have no life outside of the office and usually spend the weekends with each other. If you decide to interview for a position in HR, marketing, management,and advertising don't be fooled. You will end up doing door to door sales and that is it. They justify the position titles because you will be "cross trained" in all "aspects" of the business. What that means is you will be brainwashed and trained to find a group of equally gullible people to do what you do and then train people under them (sounds like a pyramid scheme, right?) The second round interview is a joke. It's called the "Day-of-O" and what that means is you will be following a stranger around for an entire day going door to door trying to sell a product or service (likely Direct Energy) to both commercial and residential clients. What you're doing is soliciting and 95% of the people you come across do not want to talk to you. If you are a moral person and care about others you will easily see how uncomfortable most people are when you enter their business or knock on the front door of their residence. They simply don't want you there. Save yourself and keep looking for a job elsewhere with real earning potential and benefits. You've been warned.
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Do not be fooled by this company. It is a door-to-door job and that is it.

Ten years ago, I resoponded to a job posting for Pinnacle Advertising. When I went to the first interview, the man who interviewed me was very vauge on the job description. He told me he would tell me more about the company on the second interview. It was very weird, but I went to the second interview.

When I arrived for the second interview, they had a bunch of "recruits" like myself in the waiting area. Everyone was really confused as to what was going on. Anyway, all the workers came out and took one "recruit" with them. We spent the entire day knocking on doors in the neighborhoods of Nashville.

Later, at dinner, the Pinnacle guy I was with described their business model which was a typical pyramid scheme. If they had told me that on the first interview, I would not have lost $100 taking the day off of work for a second interview. This is a pyramid scheme.

If you are interested in a pyramid scheme, go for it. If you are not, do not waist your time.


I interviewed as the description of doing marketing at the company sounded great! The interview was in a lack luster building office, he was 30 minutes late.

In the interview it became clear that the intention of anyone, in any position, hired at Pinnacle is to force them to go from bottom to top and run their own office within a year or two. I let the interviewer (who was probably 22 years old and hadn't fixed his hair) know that I wasn't interested in running my own business, that I wanted to do marketing/pr and grow that way, and he was clear that their intentions are very different...that he wants all of his staff to move up in the company so that they can open new offices under him.

Very much sounds like a pyramid scheme to me! I just wish their online job description was clear of the position: start in marketing, trained by a current staff member, then get trained to train other new marketing hires, then open your own office.


I'm glad i read this, of course I agreed to the interview and thought "hey entry level assistant manager sounds great" but that same day my boyfriend and I did some research and realized that it wasn't legit. Of course on the one application it said NO door to door sales NO telemarketing etc.

and then we realized on another application for the same position didn't even say that at all. Heather T I am also from South Bend, glad we didn't end up going.

I emailed Lindsey last night and told her there wasn't enough information on what I would actually be doing. So glad I read this =)


I am glad I googled this first because when I did, I found that there are several sites for "Pinnacle Marketing", and when I used the domain on the end of the email address of the "HR" rep who sent me a "confirmation" email with directions before I agreed to the "interview" because it was in my inbox before we hung up after I asked her several questions she was unable to answer. It only took me about 2 sentences to realize that she was reading from a script.

A script? Really? That threw up a HUGE red flag, but I let her finish. I asked her who her "clients" are that she mentioned, along with more detail about the job and all she would tell me is something about working outside of the mall and the client is DirecTV.

I have seen someone with a little tent and some tables with brochures, trying to sell either DirectTV or Dish so if THAT is what they are, NO THANKS. After reading this, I am happy to know that my instinct was right. Nowadays, for someone with my skill set and education, I should know better if I get a call-back the next day after I applied. And to the *** who was mad at the OP for ripping on door-to-door, -THE POINT IS THAT IN THIS SITUATION, IT IS A RIPOFF, YOU DON'T GET PAID UNLESS YOU SELL AND THEY DON'T TELL YOU AHEAD OF TIME.

TO GET YOU TO "INTERVIEW" THEY LIE AND SAY THAT THERE IS SALARY, BUT ON THE WEBSITE FOR MY AREA (WHICH IS BRAND NEW, BTW) www.pinnaclemarketingsolutions.net , THEY CLEARLY STATE THAT THEY FOLLOW THE "PROMOTE FROM WITHIN" MODEL. Not to mention, if the company is real, they have ONE website for the whole company, regardless of the location, that is not the case for the company that contacted me. They have their very own new website that focuses more on their hiring, vacation and promoting than they actually do about their client services.. what does that tell you?

Their website is ONLY about hiring people, except for the very last box on the bottom, labeled "Client Services". Last time I checked, any company that's worth interviewing with actually makes it hard to get an interview and "careers" on their website is one of the smallest links on their site, down at the bottom.

Nobody has said whether or not the first "interview" was a group or individual, but I learned a LONG time ago, any "company" that has people come in as groups, needs to push to a large audience in a short amount of time, and it's all scripted in a way that answers most questions people have and sells to them at the same time. If any place has to "sell" the job to you, then there is always a catch.


Don't get down on door-to-door sales. Just cause you lack self-confidence, doesn't mean it can't work for someone else. I did Worldbook and did well.

The real losers are they who do not try.

Bye, y'all.


Please help me is NE Partners the same company as Pinnacle? I do not want to waste my time if so??


OH no way I had an interview with NE Partners today thanks, I knew something weird was up :)




I did this for a day and left...they lied to me to get me to come shadow someone for a day. most pathetic day of my life


I just received a call from a company at this same address, suite 19, and I believe they said it was called "NE Person Marketing" or something along those lines. I have an interview Monday...is it a waste of time or do you think this could be a different company?

I already got scammed by a company called Primerica, I am just trying to avoid another hassle before I take a day off from my temporary job. Thanks!

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