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We stop at a pilot in South Carolina to fill up with gas because we are traveling to Virginia to see family. We put 29.53 in gas and pilot charged our card 151.00. When we contacted them they said that was a routine hold and that it would drop off in 5 days called our bank and they can't release hold until pilot gives them the ok. Thank goodness we have access to other money because we need to get diapers and formula but what if that was the...
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Anonymous Your bank did not tell the truth. These holds are set by banks and Visa/Mastercard and have nothing to do with the merchant.

I've been buying fuel, and gas from pilot for almost 20 years. This is why most drivers don't care for stopping at the pilot/flying j stores in Texas, West Memphis, and Memphis. These drivers are leaving their trucks unattended for long periods of time, and bobtail trucks are parking where they shouldn't. Someb of these big companies have terminals right next door, but still their drivers are taken up all the spots where road drivers that come...
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LadyScot Do you comprehend what a truck stop is? TRUCK being the operative word here.They leave their trucks unattended for lengths of time because they are required to be off the road...

What a surprise we were charged not only the amount of gas that we put but on top of that we were charged $151.00 on hold to our credit card. There is not a sign anywhere informing the costumers about this. We talked the manager and he said that there are many fraudulent activities and for that reason they hold in this case $151.00 as a limit for us to put gas on our car, because the financial corporations are charging them for fraudulent...
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Pilot Flying J Gas Tank Refill Review

Dont use your credit card at flyin j. They will charge $100.00 upfront to buy 25.00 of gas.. Then u got ti wait almost a week to get the rest back. They said it the credit card company. No it not it their *** se5 up. Their should be a law that companies cant do that. I understand a $1 but not $100.00.. it ***
The rip off at the gas pump is not only from the spammers and outside crooks. The station itself might be dipping in your funds. After stopping at a local station and buying 18.81 in gas I checked my bank statement online. Yes the station had charged the 18,81 but also had a charge of 151.00 this removed these funds from my account. There was no notice of these practices on the pump. I used a debit card the funds were transferred to there...
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