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We went on a Sunday, after I made an appointment for 3:20, and ended up there for 3.5 hours.They could have offered me something towards my frustration and bad pictures, but instead she took $10 off. It wasn't for my mother telling me to get the pictures because we were burnt out, I wouldn't have a dime! I want a refund! They don't tell you until you're mad that you can't return the disk, bc they're afraid you'll make copies. Its not on my...
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I liked
  • Quality of some of the framed pictures in the past
  • Switch and bait
Had the worst experience of my life!I spent $270 on a Christmas dress for my 3 year old daughter and they took 1 hour of pics with 2 outfits. When it was finally done and I got to see the pics they only had one pic of my baby with the red dress! Are you kidding me how is that possible and 4 pics of the tutu! The rest was family !!!! I told them the reason for the pics was for the alone Pics! The manager just shook her shoulders and ignored me...
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I fed her at the Dunkin' Donuts in the mall so she would have a nice full belly and we walked over to The Picture People for 12pm. After standing at the counter for 15 minutes the manager finally signed us in. Then 1.5+ hours later we finally started taking pictures. So now my wide awake playful infant was ready for another nap. But we tried to get in a few photos anyway. They had a red barn background that I liked. I wanted a picture of my...
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Picture People Child Photo Service Review

Had bad experience photographic said she didn't even like kids rushed me to look @ my sons photos she was getting upset that a little girl was running around crying. I didn't like the pose I picked cause she rushed me never will I go there again. I never received my other poses on my email @ all to see. Montgomery Ville mall picture people sucks.
Well to start, I made an appointment for 6:20pm 8/15/2016 at the Springfield mall location.I took my 9 month old grandson, when I arrived I wasn't even checked in until 6:45pm while trying to keep him calm! There was only one girl working, who was clearly overloaded with customers. It wasn't until 7:30 until we finally got into a photo room, where we continued to wait another 20 minutes until she came to take photos. While she tried her best to...
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I didn't like
  • Wait time props backdrops personal attention
Just crazy that it took us over 2 1/2 hours to get some photos done, but then the wait for crappy photos was something else. I will never ever go back to this location which is sad because it's the only location left in the Sacramento/Roseville area. I will definitely go to a competitor and have our next photos taken. I use to LOVE picture people when my daughter was young now they hire people who don't care about customer service let alone...
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Tried to contact PP directly, but since they don't have an actual working Customer Service number (and their "Contact Us" form on the website doesn't work), I'm leaving feedback here, and now I'm DOUBLY angry. Hi! I've used PP a good dozen or so times. This was my first time using the one in BuyBuyBaby-Deptford. Photographer/staff was very nice and were sweet with my kids (which I appreciated). However, I'm really disappointed with the way...
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I went to picture people at the Ross park mall location today they asked if my daughters pictures were for her birthday I said yes her 1st we proceeded to take photos the lady pulls out a #1 that was terrible it was like destroyed and not to mention u could not see it in the photo bc it's was white and the back drop was white all you can see were the dirt marks on it !!!!!!! My daughters pictures were not great like the ones on the walls we were...
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My first time ever here and my last.I booked an appointment on line for the wellington mall location, we arrived and checked in quickly the session for our toddler was quick. The problem was that we waited almost 4 hrs to received our 5 printed pictures and cd. There was only 1 person who did the check in of the people and at the same time selected the pictures of the session and printed them .It was trrrible, i really did not recommend this...
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