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Pick n Save on Brown Deer Road and Green Bay Avenue. No stop sign in the crosswalk 4 westbound traffic in front of the store. Almost got hit once some other people almost get hit. Told management about this weeks ago and nobody seems to care. Maybe when somebody gets it, they will care. Too bad.

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Hi, The last 2 weeks we have NOT gotten our Pick'n Save ads in the mail. I am extremely disappointed. Last week the fill-in mailman refused to put the ads in our mailboxes. Instead he put them in a post office box in the lobby and we all thought that it was old newspapers ready to go out to be recycled. When the regular mailman came back one of my neighbors insisted that he put those ads into each mailbox like he's supposed to. I say " GOOD FOR... Read more

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Cashier lied i had a valid card the entrance and exit is damned no room for two cars .

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I was told my debit card was inactive this was a lie i wont shop at pic n save again. So o spent money on a better grocery store the entrance of this store is too narrow for two cars to exit and e tet

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Since you changed your ads to begin on Wednesday - Tuesday, we do not get the ads delivered in time for shopping on Wednesday. My day off is on Wednesday. I used to be able to plan on Tuesday night my shopping for the next day. Now I don't even get the ads until Wednesday afternoon in the Milwaukee Journal. The Shop Now newspaper gets delivered on Thursday. The last thing I ever want to do is shop on the weekends, the stores are crowded and... Read more

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Pick N Save - Out of touch, customer no service Calhoun and Capitol store Brookfield
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Generally I don't go out of my way to write to a grocer regarding a bad product experience, however this years Thanksgiving will be one of the last Holiday's for my mother who has been living in my home under Hospice care for the past few months and I wanted to make it a memorable event for all. Well memorable it was as I explained to Roundy's customer service. My initial email was as follows and the response I received follows that; I want to... Read more

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The store in Brookfield, WI, on Calhoun and North is generally OK, but you always have to check your receipt to make sure it's accurate. Today one manufacturer coupon did not scan, so I had to go right back in to get refund. The cashier did not even notice the coupon did not scan. Then when I got home, I checked receipt again and noticed a store coupon wasn't deducted. Why can't the cashiers be more thorough and careful? I called right away and... Read more

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The majority of the produce section consistently is outdated by days to weeks past expiration dates even on precut produce such as carrot shreds or chips. What isn't dated is very shriveled and has bacterial spots all over. The meat is often mislabeled or doesn't even have an expiration or sell by date at all. Seafood food and meats are also often rotting literally reeking across half the store. Before rebranding it was terrible and after... Read more

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Pick N Save Roundys Supermarket Chicken Review
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Meat scammer;they use a pqg fukk of water to make the meat have more weight. This is not the first time i check the weight and this is at least annoying Read more

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I bought shrimp at your location on national and Moreland. I got it home to make for dinner it was very iodiney I called your manager I don't even know if he was the manager Rob. He took the call had very little interest in helping me. I immediately returned the product and he seemed as though he was frustrated by the fact that I was returning it. I asked him to smell the product so he could have his seafood guy check the rest of the shrimp. He... Read more

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