Have you invested your life savings through PI Global who employs David Milne a UK undischarged bankrupt, a failed businessman. Roger Gumbrell lives an extraordinary super-rich lifestyle all at the expense of others, mainly his investors. He is a dishonourable man who doesn't pay his staff properly. He holds his clients in contempt after rinsing them of all their wealth & maximising his commission payments. Stay well clear of these dodgy...
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Anonymous He employs William Milne who is a UK british bankrupt


PIGGY PIG says it all really

Reasons for offshore investment Motivations for investment offshore include: Tax advantages - tax regulations often contain provisions to protect against taxation by multiple jurisdictions which can be exploited for legal tax reductions.[1] Nations intentionally attract business investments through lower tax rates. The corporate-tax trend over the period from 1980 to 2010 has trended lower, with the top rate in OECD countries (excluding America)...
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Bloodred What a PIG of a man. We learn that one of his advisors killed himself after he (Roger Gumbrell) kept his commission payment and wrote to all his clients. The stench of his dea...


PIGGY Global Roger Gumbrell is a P I G working in Malaysia. This being a Muslim country?
I understand that he does not pay his staff which is why they all deserted him and shut up shop...

Roger Gumbrell steals peoples money. Not just mine, but other unsuspecting foreigners arriving in Malaysia too. This is a tale of the ultimate British low-life using corruption in KL to his perverted advantage. As an American newly arrived in Malaysia, I joined a website called “Internations” so I could meet friendly expats also living and working in KL. The “KL Ambassador” of Internations, Jason ***, soon contacted me and welcomed me to the...
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Anonymous Oh dear, oh dear. The writing looks like it's on the wall, doesn't it, though I wonder if a few of these comments are from other brokers, putting the boot in.
However, I a...


PandSage Does anyone have any information about a Mr William Milne working for P I Global as he has been made bankrupt in the UK but I believe he is still working as a Senior Consultan...

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