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I have found the Phonak Audeo v90 to be the best of the Phonaks so far by a fairly wide margin. While electrical contacts etc etc can go haywire as some people have mentioned I believe that the main two problems with Phonak are: (1).Phonak is horrible at customer service and almost unreachable due to their near conspiracy with audiologists. They will not even let individuals buy small accessories or easily find warranty lookups without going...
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I liked
  • Pretty good product
I didn't like
  • Customer serviceunreliability of dispensers
  • Retail pricing
In the three yrs that I have had the Phonak Q90's, they have been back the audiologists and back to Phonak approximately 15 times. Everything from complete failure of one or both, to the in ear amplifier failing on one or both. Currently, the right ear amplifier has not been working for approximately 2 months. I just got tired of running back and forth and still not getting a dependable product. I cannot imagine any device being less dependable...
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I didn't like
  • Continuous failures of the product
Its gets loud and stays loud for 1 minute before it lowers the sound Its uncomfortable when this happens. I have wore these for 1 1/2 years and can not say I am enjoying a quality of life from this product. The person fitting my hearing aid and adjusting is suggesting I try ear mold type of hearing aid. Why should I try something different and pay more money when their so-called premium heading aid can be adjusted to my hearing situation. I have moderate hearing loss and do not care to try another phonak...
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I didn't like
  • Product backup