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They did nothing for us in the 9 months

We paid this company and worked with them for 9 months .We hired them to help us lower our mortgage and the interest rate.And after all that time it put us $20,000 behind ,same interest and maybe a $2 less a month.When they tell you to stop makeing your mortgage and it will help you in the long run, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!!They are very rude and do not care !! Than they had enough nerve to ask me what we did with all the money we saved, did you go on vacation??We had great credit before but, now its so bad we can not even get a loan for my sons braces because of this.I made a mistake and trusted Shane and Arron, big mistake.
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Winooski, Vermont

Phoenix Financial Solutions/ BIG SCAM

Phoenix Financial Solutions is a big waste of your time and money, Aaron Parkey is a scam money man and the owner of Phoenix Financial Solutions is Eric Davis, who is a liar and scam money man himself do not do business with them. This is my true personnal opinion. they are sucking the assets of hard working Americans, who do not deserve be screwed by the banking system and if my voice saves just one family I feel good, but I hope this saves alot of good people from these creep's. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Aaron and Eric you both should be brought up on charges.
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I can't say enough good things about PFS. My experince with them was second to none and they performed in my estimation miracles for me and my son.

We both had mortgage loans seriously past due and homes scheduled for foreclosure. What we were unable to accomplish working with the mortgage companies for over a year ourselves, PFS was able to accomplish in days. Both my son and I were thrilled with the loan modifications PFS negotiated for us and their fees were most reasonable. I highly recommend them to anyone needing the services they provide.

They are friendly, professional and really care about your situation and want to help you all they can.

They level with you upfront, keep in constant contact with you and do exactly what they say they will do. Their service is of the highest quality.


Phoenix Financial Solutions has proven they know what they are doing. They kept their promise and showed results before I paid them.

You must be willing to do your part to help them repair your finances. They will not promise something that cannot be done.

Sounds like "Mr Anonymous" didn't do his homework.


Phoenix Financial saved my daughter's home...period. I was very happy with their service and they kept their word to me on communications and timing.

The more I learned about tryping to get a loan modified, the more I learned that you MUST have help.

These guys guided us through all of our questions and literally got the new loan for my daughter. Thank you, Aaron Parkey.


Phoenix Financial Solutions helped me. If you have gotten into financial trouble and need help to get through the nightmare of working with a financial company, I would recommend looking into PTS.

No one can make your financial mistakes disappear, but they did what they promised for me. Everyone should make their own decisions, but don't let one guy named "Anonymous" make you scared to pick up the phone and decide for yourself.

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Naugatuck, Connecticut


Phoenix Financial Solutions is a rip off don't pay them a dime, they take your money in installments, and do nothing except stall you, Aaron Parkey is rude and is a smooth talking scam artist. The Texas Attorney General has this company under investigation for scams and Internet fraud. Don't do business with this company unless you want to lose your money.They subscribe for mailing lists and that's how they get their informayion on you.this company is as fake as they come don't be another victim of Phoenix Financial Solutions, and scammer Aaron Parkey, and his cohort's.
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Phoenix Financial Solutions is FANTASTIC ! I am so grateful that I chose PFS over other companies.

Everyone at Phoenix has been extremely helpful and professional while assisting me with my loan. I am not the easiest person to deal with. I have a ton of questions and at times, I struggle with organization. Mr.

Parkey and his staff went out of their way to put me at ease while they assisted me with a situation I put myself in. I have referred others to PFS and they are also very happy with their results. PFS is a top notch company that stands above others and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Thank You PFS !

! !


My experience with PFS was nothing short of miraculous. I can't say enough good things about them and their services.

It was well worth their fee to have them work with the mortgage company to neogitiate a loan modification that I had been unsuccessful in accomplishing after working with the mortgage company on my own for over a year. PFS negotiated mortgage loan modifications for both my son and me and we couldn't be happier with their results.

They provided friendly, professional service and did exactly what they said they would do. I highly recommend them to anyone needing the services that they provide.


Phoenix Financial Solutions has proven they know what they are doing. They kept their promise and showed results before I paid them.

You must be willing to do your part to help them repair your finances. They will not promise something that cannot be done.

Sounds like "Mr Anonymous" didn't do his homework.


its true...they got me. but karma always returns. DO NOT GIVE THESE GUYS YOUR MONEY!!

the bank will do the same thing at no charge and alot quicker!


I disagree with "Sorry for the middle class." I signed a contract with Phoenix Financial Solutions just about a year ago. They did everything that they promised in the agreement and answered every phone call or email that I sent to them.

It was painful going through what I had to endure, but my mistakes were not the fault of PTS. Check it out, make sure that you do your due diligence and only sign a contract after you have read it completely ...

but don't blame PTS if you have destroyed your financial life. Good luck to anyone who reads this and I hope you can get your financial life back together as I have started to.


Funny I heard the same thing about them from a guy in ct, on a online blog they sound really bad to do business with, Aaron Parkey is the ring leader, of these scammers, safe bet would be stay away from them.

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Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Some real world from Aaron Parkey, another threat,Phoenix Financial Solutions

Aaron Parkey from Phoenix Financial Solutions, to me, after posting his quoted e-mail's. here's another threat from Aaron Parkey Of Phoenix Financial Solutions, asking for 2800 dollar fee to save 100 dollars on my mortgage. and his thieving friends at Bank of America, that is robbing middle class America to line there pockets from assets of the American middle class. here is his e-mail to me after my first posting, of another quoted e-mail by Aaron Parkey of Phoenix Financial Solutions of Houston Texas 9900 westpark #108 7**** I would not recommend this company at all. heres his e-mail (I will be filing a slander case here in Harris County against you tomorrow then……welcome to the real world.)
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I called Phoenix Fianacial Solutions in June, my modification is complete and my first payment is due November 1st. I spoke to Aaron dirct, he was professional and the team that worked with me was great.

I tried for 2 years to work with BOA without result. I think the negative energy could be better posted to your mortgage company. I have no complaints, and for a change a company did what they said they would do...

help, what a concept. Bank of America could learn a thing or 2 from Aaron Parkey.


It is difficult for me to believe that anyone can be justifiably disgruntled with PFS. My experience with them on two occassions recently, one for myself and one for my son, was fantastic and first-rate.

They were able to work miracles with getting modifications for mortgage loans that were in serious default and scheduled for foreclosure. After having worked with the mortgage companies for over a year ouselves, producing no results, PFS came to our rescue and within days had the mortgage companies working on modifications for us. Their service to us was second to none and their fees were well worth every penny.

Being in a customer service related field myself, I know the difference between bad and quality service and the service that I and my son received from PFS was of the highest quality one could expect. I highly recommend them to anyone needing the services that they provide.


I cannot thank Phoenix Financial Solutions enough for what they have accomplished. I had tried to work with BOA for over 1 year and found out from a key person at BofA that they were swamped and do not have the manpower to help everybody.

I was given a sale date so I had to take action asap.PFS stopped the sale and have helped me build a case to keep my home.

I am certain they will keep me on track. ..STAY TUNED, I will share more on this story as the results come in.


I have used Phoenix Financial Solutions with great satisfaction. I had tried to work with BOA for over 1 year with complete frustration.

After finding PTS, I signed an agreement ... and they did exactly what they promised. I find it sad that people get themselves into trouble and want to blame others.

My life was interrupted by financial problems, PTS helped me EXACTLY as they promised. My problems are not their fault and no amount of typing ignorant comments with misspelled words on PISSED.COM is going to change that.


I feel that pissed consumer provides a valued service especially people that can catch a scam before they get suckered into it. sorry Aaron Parkey and Phoenix Financial Solutions :cry :cry :cry


Aaron Parkey of Phoenix Financial Solutions, is a dimwhitted ***. Parkey I guess your client confidential information is another scam.

Play the recordings to whom ever you want shows what a trust worthy company you work for. Steven Lucisano, again anybody ready this who needs assistance with mortgage help do not use Aaron Parkey of Phoenix Financial Solutions, Huston Texas.

Parkey stop calling my home all calls will be recorded from this point on and notified the state police and phone company, a record is being keep. I will have you arrested for harrasment.

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Naugatuck, Connecticut

Phoenix Financial services Huston texas

Hi My name is Steve from ct, Aaron Parkey from Phoenix financial services in Huston texas Hounded me with e-mails I responded. called him 3 times basically said I saw his reviews, and complaints with the bbb, and for him to stop cantacting me with his scams and *** here is his response to me, quoted email from Aaron Parkey,On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:29 AM, Aaron Parkey wrote: I don't have a single bad review and your recorded call was made today with the VP's office. I didn't get a chance to call you because I have my son with me for a few weeks from Cali, Colombia. He is seven and has more class than you. That's a shame because you just cost your very nice mother what was probably her only chance at saving her home you impatient ***.(end of his e-mail) I would suggest no one to do business with these people espiecally this jack ***, he claims the guy for BANK OF AMERICA WORKED FOR HIM IN 2005 AND 2006 SELLING MORTGAGES IN THE DEPARTMENT THAT IS GOING TO HELP PEOPLE SAVE THERE HOMES. WHAT A JOKE WOULD RATHER LOSE EVERYTHING THAN DEAL WITH PHOENIX FINANCIAL SERVICES IN HUSTON TEXAS,call someone thats accredited the better business has 8 complaints against them so hope I saved some hard working families some money from these scammers.
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everything that steve is saying is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay away from everyone at this business. your bank will do everything that these guys/gals will do and wont cost you a thing.


I made an error ) It's Phoenix Financial Solutions Huston texas

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Naugatuck, Connecticut

Delete comments on Phoenix Financial SOlutions

I have sent your company ( a certified letter asking you to delete the comments on Phoenix Financial solutionsl If this is not done, I will report your company to the Attorney General of New YOrk. I will be sued if you don't remove the comments. I can't afford to be sued. Do this immediately!!!!!!! Please, please make sure this is done. There is no excuse. YOu have lousy customer service and there is no link for me to be able to edit or delete my comments. PLease do this. It is not that hard for your company to achieve this!!!! I am pissed off at you!!!!
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Maybe if you were taking care of at least one customer and not reading the truth about your slimy self you wouldn't have to worry. It's all going to hit the fan Shane and I'm relieved to know that soon you will be in the barnyard shovelling what you are best at.

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Englewood, Colorado
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Phoenix Financial Solutions Loan Modification

I was recommended to work with Phoenix Financial Solutions loan modification company out of Texas. My husband and I ended up losing our home. WE were told they could lower the interest rate on our house and our motorhome and also wrap up our credit cards. They lied. Bank of America only approves 3%. It costs us $3500. We had our motorhome repossessed and the credit card companies are after us. Do not deal with these liars. They are registered in Nevada, have their office in TX and we lived in Arizona!! They are smooth talking and they will help you lose your house!!
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Why would you help people for free? your not aloud to charge for modification.

Your scammers and you know it. If you werent you wouldnt need an attorney to defend yourselves. Your action would prove people wrong.

You scam and thats it!!! why tell lies its easier to remember what you say when you tell the truth.


Shane you call yourself a professional in your air out somebody's laundry on the internet that's pretty rotten love you


dont trust these guys!!!! just dont do it!! stay far far far away from these people.


The attorney for the original complaintant on this site is Kathy JohnsonLaw Office of Kathryn L. Johnson, PLC4337 E.

Fifth StreetTucson, AZ 85711Phone: (520) 743-**** Fax: (520) 743-****kathy@***.comwww.kathyjohnsonlaw.comshe will confirm that she has been trying to get this removed as her clients acknowledge that the satement was false.we have all been trying to find out who owns this site in order to get it removed with no luck as they are a ghost.As far as Cheryl's comment goes here is my response.

"I can fix your mortgage, i can fix your finances, but I cannot fix belligerent ignorance....your on your own with that! But i did find the conversation amusing as clearly you were under the influence when we spoke!WE HAVE REAL REVIEWS ALL OVER THE NET AND HAVE BEEN HELPING PEOPLE FOR YEARS.


I just got off the phone with these folks at Phoenix Financial Solutions...I was called a "*** ***"!! What a way to win over customers!!!!


Open letter to Cindy and rocky Wines:

I am searching for you to have you served with a slander lawsuit for the false statement that you made above. I have been in contact with Jobe Repola, the Loan Officer that refered you to us in order to do that.

regardless of what goes on in your selfish disturbed mind Cindy, you cannot post untrue fact on the net that may cause harm to a business. I will also be naming the owners of this site.

I am giving you notice here that this post be taken down, per my attorney, on Feb. 1, 2011.


Cindy Wines, you forgot to tell them that you didn't want your motorhome anymore because even after i had all of your late payments put into the back of the loan AND had your rate reduced you were still upside down by 100k and couldn't afford it anymore, at my suggestion you turned in your motorhome...don't you remember driving it to the dealership? You also forgot to tell everyone about your modified mortgage...i have the papers in your file in my office...your rate was lowered to 2%, your payments put into the back of the loan, yet you told me that your Melaleuca business was not going so hot and because you were so upside down on the house, just like the motorhome, you were just going to let it go and move to Kansas.

your credit cards were being handled but the bottom line is you had to stay the entire course of the program, something i told you time and time again. The fact remains that you took on too much debt and were drowning BEFORE you came to us.

We were saving you over 1k per month on your house, 400 per month on your credit cards, and 250 per month on your motorhome. Before you get online to complain about someone...make sure you have all of your facts straight...again, i have all the documentation to prove this.

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Englewood, Colorado

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