Extremely Rude

After years of spa treatments not really being in the budget, I splurged on a couple treatments for my friend's upcoming wedding. I purchased gift cards to cover my services since I knew it was a stretch and I wanted to make sure the funds were reserved. When I arrived at the location I discovered the salon had moved. Ok, it happens. I probably should have checked the address but having been to this salon before, it simply didn't occur to me. I finally tracked down the new address and hurried to my appointment, knowing I was now running late. When I arrived I apologized and let them know that I went to the old location as it had been quite a while since I'd been able to afford coming in. I asked if there was any portion of my appointment that I could still be seen for. I was met with rudeness and a "guess that's your problem" attitude at the front desk. I was told that Erin was already with her next client and couldn't see me. I was frustrated but I left. The girl at the counter said nothing further to me. Upon arriving home I discovered that after I left the salon they charged me a no show fee, billed to my debit card. So the services that I had to stretch to afford now cost me twice as much. I called the salon and got the owner on the phone. She was short and rude. She did make a point of telling me that I was stuck with both the charge and the gift card cause she was absolutely not going to help me out with either and I could not use the gift card toward the cost of the no show. I realize that this was not entirely the salon's fault but good luck as a business if this is how you treat clients.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
artsgirl T
map-marker Salem, Oregon

Careful! Don't talk or chew too loudly at Phiz Spa!

As a loyal customer of Phiz Spa in Salem, Oregon, I was recently attacked by the owner over a litany of over-blown, trumped-up and otherwise ridiculous "complaints" regarding my behavior in her salon. Never mind the fact that over the last two years I've spent a minimum of $120/month on services with Erin Molyneaux, she has accused me of such heinous acts a socializing with other client (all of whom were friends of mine), talking during services, and arriving late to appointments (NEVER more than a few minutes, ever). In addition, after two years of paid services, I once asked her (asked, mind you, not insisted) to change the scope of services at one appointment from a full spa manicure to a polish change (primarily because I was short on funds) to which she agreed, but later dinned me for, saying it was terribly rude and caused her to lose a great deal of money. After she cut my finger (drawing blood) with a manicure implement, she did not apologize, nor did she offer compensation of any sort. It was after this appointment that she sent me a scathing e-mail containing the above criticisms ( and then some along the same lines). This however, in my mind, is not the worst of it. I had previously purchased a gift certificate for my elderly mother. Understandably, my mother now feels very uncomfortable with the idea of receiving services from this person. Erin flatly refuses to refund the gift certificate and in fact, insists on speaking with my father regarding the transaction, even though I have the cancelled check with which I payed for the certificate. Go figure. So, I worn people, be careful...mind you p's and q's. Don't do anything to frustrate or offend Erin. You will pay.
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