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I've had them build my website and do a very large SEO campaign for us that took a very long time. Although they do build a nice looking website it did not generate much of anything. I am extremely disappointed especially with that amount of money we paid them. So now I have to *** the bullet and have a whole new website redone hoping that it will generate actual business. It not only cost me money, but I think I lost money in the long run. Before considering them, check around to see who will do a better job. There are plenty of web designers out there that I;m sure will do a better job and not cost you an arm and a leg. Good luck!
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Bad quality
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We had a similar issue with them. It took nearly 6 months to come up with a website.

Lots of excuses as to why it took so long. Way too much money for what we received.

Unfortunately we cannot afford to re-do our website at this time.