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Great breeder!!!!!!!

I’ve came on here to address some things. My name is Whitney (YES Morgan... if that’s even your name...the real Whitney). It’s laughable seeing all these posts of you acting like 100 different people trying to destroy my mom. Give it a break. & to go as far as saying...
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My family purchased a puppy in January 2019. We have a female her name is Bella.

We have no complaints about the puppy very healthy and beautiful and loving puppy. Our Veterinarian examined her when we brought her home to Arkansas and he said she was very healthy and had no worms and no current health problems. The owner Gina and her husband are very nice and they seem to love their animals. We have told everyone about Phat Dachshunds and the owners.

Shared Phat web site with my friends.

We are so happy Bella came into our lives. Thank You, Gray Family

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Great puppy and now great dog

Great breader, all the puppies are well adjusted to people and other dogs which makes it easy to socialize.
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Good quality

Phat Dachshunds- A+++ EXCELLENT

I would like to take a moment to reply to these hideous accusations and fill in anyone who happens upon this post the true story here. (Keep in mind this is a website that is not credible and will let anyone post anything they wish without proof) I am pretty sure most would agree that getting a dachshund from us was a great experience and this is what we strive for. Producing happy puppies for happy homes. Our whole family put their heart into our business. The accusers in this post are very mentally disturbed and stalk our website. They have been buying puppies from us for the last several years under the pretense of being "crazy about dachshunds" "dachshund lovers". This started as a mother and daughter coming and buying a puppy here and there. Then in the recent years they have bought many. When I question it they laugh it off as what's one more. Then she said she was buying puppies for her sisters who were also dachshund lovers. An old man now comes into the picture. The daughter claims it to be her husband (which is odd because he is old enough to be her grandfather it seems) When I question adoptions now she makes up a false claim that her husband is Larry Laurenzi (Memphis Federal Prosecutor) to deter me from questioning her motives and to "seem" she has power, I suppose. She was putting deposits on 2, 3, or 4 puppies each time we list new litters. (Alarming & uncomfortable for me knowing something was going on) Nobody would actually buy this many puppies for pets. Keep in mind she was posing as a friend texting me often (never calls, always texts) She was often late picking up puppies or making deposits on time and would have a major health issue each time to hold me off from selling the puppies to someone else. She has anemia, a fake pregnancy where the baby supposedly died, a near death infection from the late term fake miscarriage, and a heart attack (to name a few) When she would finally pickup the puppies she would bring candles and bath & body works as gifts to put a band aid on the situation so I would continue to sell and not question. She posed as being rich, married to a federal prosecutor. Always implying in a round about manner that he would cause trouble for anyone who crossed him. A few months ago she claimed a puppy i had sold her had died of a defect. I replaced the puppy-no questions asked (I should have asked questions) In November 2017 she decided she would start claiming several of the puppies had genetic defects and would die. ( Really? I haven't had any complaints and now you the same person claims 3 or 4 puppies have defects? They left me perfectly healthy) I asked questions this time. I asked to speak to their vet. I asked for their vet to call me or that they give me the number and info to call. (Keep in mind-this whole time-this lady and her husband do nothing but text me-no phone call) I try to call them both and her mother as well. No answer. I asked for them to mail me copies of the vet reports-NOTHING. They will not give me a vet to call or any documents to verify any of the accusations. Instead they go straight to this bogus website and start posting these disgusting accusations about our business and our family personally so it will show up in google searches. I have asked for their home address.They won't give us an address. I suspect they have something to hide there. They only use a PO box for an address. Their phone numbers have no voicemail set up and they will not answer calls. Now keep in mind-had they followed proper protocol as outlined in our health guarantee they would have replacement puppies as agreed-no problem. But instead they go straight to posting on this website to try and ruin our reputation/business (because I asked for proof, they were caught) They have relentlessly sent very threatening text messages and many emails through various G mail addresses posing as random people and more threats of ruining our business. We have also received mail at our home threatening our business and even a dirty envelope with a blank piece of dirty paper addressed to our 12 yr old child! (more threats) Check out the accuser Heavenly Dachshunds-there is no such place. No name, no address, no phone number, just a bogus G mail address. There is no investigation on us-bogus threats! FAKE NEWS! Fake G mail. We are an honest business with the highest regards to our wonderful customers (they know who they are!) * What we have concluded from this- the 3 individuals posting on this website with disgusting FAKE NEWS are all the same family-they want to ruin our reputation. Reason why-they are puppy flippers/scammers (have been buying our puppies and without our knowledge or consent, reselling those puppies for higher amounts of money) They are now butt hurt because they can no longer get our pups and make money. They must have been down on their luck and decided to make up sick puppy excuses to EXTORT free puppies from us, since there is NO PROOF of any sick puppies-NONE. They keep saying it but where is the proof? They refuse to give the info because the is NO INFO. They are not who they say they are. They have fake names, they are posing as federal officials and I believe that is a crime, they only have PO boxes for addresses and they have several phone numbers (with no voicemail setup) so most likely track phones used just for scamming. If you search this bogus website for ADORABLE BULLDOGS you will find it is the same people scamming people on bulldog puppies as well. I am sure this is how they found out about this website because they have many complaints. Description on these individuals-They drive a black Lincoln-the daughter doesn't drive-she is always brought by the older man. She claims she is married to this person and they are Morgan and Larry Laurenzi (federal prosecutor) which is a TOTAL LIE. He is definitely not the federal prosecutor but I hope the real Larry Laurenzi is a bit ticked off when he finds out scammers are posing as him. The daughter has brown shoulder length hair, glasses, obese, and smells distinctly to have very bad personal hygiene problems. They always smell of *** and I suspect because they live in filthy conditions. The mother short dark/greying hair, hunched over, 70ish. The husband solid grey hair, slightly hunched, 70s. The fake names and addresses are as follows Morgan Laurenzi/Alexander (daughter) Larry Laurenzi 731-661-**** or 901-831-**** or 901-671-**** P.O. Box 1116 Jackson, TN 38302 Marie Alexander PO Box 338 Somerville, TN 38068 7**-**4-8360 Every negative comment/harassment in these posts I assume to be them. I have not been contacted by any random people. If by chance you are posting a complaint and not them. I keep records of every puppy sold and should be contacted directly. Anyone wanting references for us can contact us directly-you know my number by heart after reading all this. We strive to be excellent at what we do. We don't post reviews here our puppies are family and we stay connected. Every customer comes directly to our home to meet their puppy and parents. You meet us, you see our home. Nothing to hide here! We love our Phat Dachshund family and are very sorry you have come across this. Let's all take away from this-there are very bad people in this world and we need to be very aware of what can be happening at any time. I have a folder of all text correspondence, emails, and mailings form these individuals for anyone who comes to our home to view. The same copies have been given to the police department as well. -Gina
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What a pretty name Justine,wish we did sell a dog to someone with that pretty of a name but unfortunately we didn't, we did however sell a dog to bulla ballbreaker from the movie porkys or at least that is who you look like. Still no job poor morgan.

I guess your new job is making fake identities on this website because you aren't able to buy dogs from us anymore. Maybe your old *** husband or uncle Larry whoever he is this week can find another scam to embark on. So keep on texting us and emailing us because we know you will not answer the tracfone you guys keep purchasing and pretending like you are a deaf old guy who can't talk. 615605****.

Please call this number because theyare impersonating a retired attorney. I actually tried calling this number 3 times with no success and would you know it that they didn'thave a voicemail set up as usual.

The harassment isn't working. Wish I had taken a picture when I had the chance because you guys look hilarious.


Mike Honcho is that another name for Phat Dach? You know who I am Phat Dach you sold me a female Dach who has numerous skin issues.

My name is Justine. You sell tons of puppies but you know who I am and I would think could find me in your records for the many many litters you produce or at least I guess you keep records. I do not know these people you keep insulting but you are really showing how low you are. My dog is being treated for skin issues but at least she is away from you.

People post comments about the bad experience they've had with Phat Dach and you come back totally unglued and only prove what customers are saying about you. Phat dach you really are low and I hope justice finds you for all of us that you have ripped off.


Phat dachshunds are wonderful! Owners are wonderful.

They are being scammed by these horrible “reviewers”. Gina is awesome!


Phat dachshunds is a puppy mill with no ethics or professionalism. If you doubt then read what Phat Dach posts insulting people constantly.

Really taking it down to the gutter. Mike Honcho, Mike Hunt, Dusty Mayron and other joke names. You are not dealing with decent business people. If rantings like this appeal to you then you are in a sad place.

I am Justine and bought a dach from Phat dach. I have the sales contract and vet bills to prove it so they post they never sold to me. they are not going to admit what they do at Phat Dach.

pretend it is a hoax, get cash from new buyers, then you post complaints and Phat Dach denies selling to you. Buyer beware.


Justine is a fat overgrown skank that does nothing but pic foomunda out from under her jugs all day, because shes the type to use perfume to skip a shower. This website is clearly a free for all with no validity. Anyone that believes anything on this website clearly has discernment issues.


I bought a Dachshund puppy from Phat Dachshunds several years ago and it definitely was not a happy experience. My Dachshund suffers from chronic skin issues.

I still have her but the vet bills keep going for a sick dog. My vet said the chronic skin condition is a genetic disorder so the problem came from Phat Dach's.

I love my dog but never wanted to buy a defective pup that would have constant vet bills all her life. So no I did not have a wonderful experience with Phat Dach's.


Don't fall into Gina's trap. She is lying which is what she does all the time.

The reason Phat Dachshund on Facebook MIGHT look like a responsible breeder is because Gina hand picks who can be on her Facebook. I called Gina out a while back about a puppy complaint and her poor business ethic so she banned me from her Facebook. Sure did! If you have a complaint about Gina she thought you had no recourse about how she treated you.

You could call and text her and she would ignore you. Like if she ignores you it will all go away. When you state your grievance on her puppy mill Facebook she removes your comments and then bans you. This way all potential new buyers or victims I should say have nothing but good things to read about Gina and her breeding program.

I know all this from personal experience because Gina ripped me off and I spoke out so she banned me from Facebook & removed my comments. I am so thankful to whoever started this mission here on this website. We needed a leader. Thank you for your guidance.

Phat Dachshunds in Smyrna TN is one more puppy mill that needs to be shut down. I also want to say that I have read this above review that Gina Jacobs wrote where she is pretending to be a victim but Gina is actually the scammer. What she says about those customers is awful. No one should be talked about like that and especially public by someone claiming to be a professional and honest person.

I know what Gina Jacobs really is and I apologize for her to her customers. Gina is the type of person that you avoid at all costs.

She will cut your throat in a minute. I am so sorry she treated you this way.


Hi rachel,or should I say pathological liar Morgan,We know it's you,how many different names and post do you have on this pathetic site,must be around 30 by now. I guess it's safe to say you are still mad because we refuse to sell to scammers as yourself,do you really believe that people believe that other people or breeders is actually going to spend all day on here and fight your fake battles for you.

Scammers don't invite other people into their homes and certainly do not have puppy mills in subdivisions. These post is comical at this point and everyone is laughing at these post which is completely false and no way accurate.



Gina this is Nancy the mini Dachshund breeder in Louisiana. I emailed you about this situation and you never responded.

As I told you the Laurenzis are customers of mine now after the dealings with you. They have purchased Dachshunds from myself and others. We are not happy at all with what you have done and you ignoring the Laurenzis and the breeders that have also contacted you on their behalf. The Laurenzis contacted me to purchase a Dachshund puppy and I asked if they had other Dachshunds, where they came from, etc.

This is how I learned of what you had done to them then I find out they are not your first victims. I emailed you about your bad service, puppies dying, stealing $400 from the Laurenzis and you cursing them out by text. Why did you curse out your customers? You can't do that and pretend to be a goody goody.

I have seen the autopsy reports on the puppies and the text where you cursed them out. Those puppies did die and they died of your faulty breeding stock. The first puppy they bought from me was paid for by wire transfer from their bank to mine. The names for the Laurenzis that you claim to be "fake" is the husband's name that showed up on my online banking for an incoming wire transfer.

You can't just waltz into a bank and set an account up with any name. The bank requires proof of identity. The puppy was shipped by air. To sign the puppy out from the airlines they had to show ID and I am pretty sure the bank knew who the account holder was for the money wire.

So your theory of a fake name leaves you wrong again. The second puppy they bought from me they picked up in person. I found them to be a pleasant couple. Very respectful and very well mannered.

Both were well dressed and in a nice SUV. Yes I would assume they have financial means. Why do you insult them for that? The wife was not overweight and neither had an offensive odor coming off them.

You are trying to find any insult to throw and hope something sticks to the wall. When I met with the Laurenzis in person I saw the cursing text from you, photos of your dead puppies, autopsy reports on each puppy, and texts from Mrs Laurenzi to your phone asking you to contact her and asking if you wanted these autopsy reports. You never responded to her. Then you come on Pissed Consumer and lie saying they will not show you the autopsy reports.

No you will not communicate with the Laurenzis. You know you are the liar Gina. You don't respond to them, me and other breeders who have tried to act as mediators to resolve the issues. You have sold dying puppies and stolen from the Laurenzis.

You will not be professional enough to contact them but you come on here and make up lies and throw mud. One more thing making a mockery of Mrs Laurenzis past health issues is rubbish and again just throwing mud. But you lying and saying that she had a fake preganancy/fake miscarriage is total gutter level. That woman talked a little about the baby and broke down to tears while her husband comforted her.

Do not throw garbage like that at someone who is grieving with a broken heart. Mrs Laurenzi has been texting you asking you to take back some of the Dachshunds they got from you. She needs to place some. You will not respond to that either.

You will not respond to them and then you come on here like a little angel saying that you try contacting them and they don't return calls. BS! You have no scruples do you? You don't care what you have done to the Laurenzis you just don't want it to damage future sales.

Instead of resolving this issue you want to lie until you tongue swells out of your mouth. Gina you have no intentions of honoring anything posted on your website. You do not honor your health guarantee it is a farce to get people to buy from you. You will not take dogs back when people are unable to keep them.

That is another lie. You are not a responsible breeder. I have seen registration papers on your puppies. You can tell by the registered names you are a backyard breeder.

Mrs Laurenzi should be thankful that some thing like you is out of her life. She is truly a decent human being. The type of person people like you look for so you can take advantage of them. You have my email address where I contacted you about this situation.

You may turn it into the police dept so they can contact me. I have many things to tell them. From what I hear you are already known there for your dog scams and that violent son of yours. Try resolving the scam you pulled on your customers instead of telling lies.

Do something professional for a change. You might like it.


Ok I have been reading the comments or postings on this website but until now have kept my comments to myself. I am also a doxie breeder so I feel I can add my opinion.

Some things about Gina's story does not add up. I do not know the people Gina is degrading in her review here but I have sold a few doxie pups to past customers of Gina's. The message I am giving is I have heard complaints about Phat Dachshunds before concerning Gina's short wick attitude with customers & health issues with dogs. This is long before I ever stumbled upon this situation here so Gina does have unhappy customers out there.

Plenty of them. I also have heard that when they post ill feelings on Phat Dach Facebook that the comments are removed & they are banned. This is to cover up any wrongdoing on Gina's part.

There are points in Gina's claim of innocence here that scream "cover up" & just a smear to these 3 people you claim are out to get you & behind all this.

I don't think these postings are all by the same people. I read the post on Adorable bulldogs & the post is about Phat Dachshunds. I don't know why it is under bulldogs but that is unimportant. Gina, you need to contact these 3 people.

If you really believe they are out to ruin you it looks like they are doing a good job. You have to talk with irate customers whether it is these 3 people or other adopting families. You try to look like you are lily white & that screams fake. I know for a fact because some customers have been in my living room talking about you.

It wasn't good things either. When a customer is irate you resolve it. That is how good reputations are built. Different breeders & maybe potential new adopting families read this & it is repulsive to see you on here slamming your adoptive puppy families.

You call her obese, with bad hygiene & 2 that walk hunched over. Don't say that you have highest regards to your wonderful customers. No you do not. Readers can see what you say about people that supported your business.

New customers could be next in your line of fire. Talk about handicaps or weight issues. As a breeder it is disgusting for me to read that. Also why did you continue to sell to those people if you were concerned?

I am missing your issue with the lack of voice mail on their phones but if it is important to you why did you keep selling to them? I don't care if these people are rich or poor they should not be slandered by you & for body imperfections. That is low Gina Jacobs. Not professional at all.

If you think they live in filthy conditions why did you keep selling? It looks like you are grasping at straws to cover the real issue. People have complaints with your business. The way you are handling this is a bad mark on you and your business.

You even admit that you don't know they listed these complaints. One thing for certain any of my adoptive families will never see me posting insults about their weight or imperfections. This is low & unprofessional.

I am not clear on how they mistreated you by giving you the gifts you mention. Something doesn't make sense here Gina.

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Good quality

Phat Dachsunds AAAAAAA++++++ Dogs and Service

I am writing this review to tell of my experience as a customer of Phat Dachsunds. I was referred to Gina from an aquaintence that had also purchased a dog from her. I recently bought a wonderful dog from Gina Jacobs. I was treated with complete professionalism and...
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  • Great service
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Good customer service