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Pets for Everyone / Giggle Pets

Pets for Everyone in Wayland, MI does not take care of their animals. The bird cages were filthy and the store smelled like ***. This is not the type of store that I would shop in. There are lots of unhealthy looking animals too. I would be afraid to take any of these animals home for fear that they would die within the week. Other friends have said that when they visited, the floor was covered in bird *** and there was bird *** on the cages. There are also fish tanks that are coated in algae. Not very healthy if you ask me.
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i helped out in this store when they first opened up. the basement was filled with birds for breeding and had rooms where they kept birds caged in the dark all day.

one of the birds was bleeding. very sad, everything about this place is shady and awful and i'm glad they moved to a different location.


What the heck we clean the cages but do you think we clean them up every 15 minutes??!! Birds ***.


You're just jealous because it smelled better than your taint.


Eventually everyone will know what kind of slime ball pig alden loew is in my opinion. why dont you ask the good courts down south (not far) why they issued a warrant for the arrest of this ***.

Allegan county's court system to this point has let alden get away with animal abuse and fraud.

It will not be long before it all catches up to him and he is put in jail. It is sad that until that happens, animals are sick and dieing from abuse...have seen the pics


Alden takes very good care of his animals its the people that don't know anything about birds breeders are very rough looking because of the way they meet and they also have a very bad habit of *** on their cages and also trying to *** on you I have 2 birds have had them for 5 yrs and my birds are in great health and Alden is the only one I take them to for their trimming and will always deal with him people that don't know *** about birds shouldn't run their beak Alden and his mom have been in business for years and if you don't know what your talking about keep your mouth shut because I know a lot of you use to be friends with Alden then you all stabbed him in the back and stoled from him some friends but he knows who he's true friends are and trust me you so called friends aren't gonna bring him done. This is from..... Kelli Poulson so you have something to say bring it because I will always have Alden's back


The pet store owner is a *** retard. He screwed all of the the pet stores over in the past.

Because he goes around and bad mouth other stores if they didn't carry giggles toys. It's about time karma *** him in the rear. He probably used the money for his own pleasure instead of paying for the business expenses, so he can beg people for help on fox17.

Besides I wouldn't give them a penny for all the bull-*** lies in the past. :grin


well now that the owner of Pets For Everyone is in court over neglect charges and embezzlement we will see just how great of a store it really was, Karma is a *** now isn't it and justice shall be served!


The pet store is good. the owners are really nice.

I am a witness and my old nabior is to, because i went there almost every day and i watch them get groomed and feed and really takes care of them. I didn't work there, but my old nabior did. She said that they keep good care of them and everything. I always bout dog food for my dog and bought toys for her.

The owner is really nice and really cares and loves there owners. I don't think he should get sued for him doing nothing wrong. I see him feed his dogs and gives them treats.

They should come back. Go pets for everyone!!!


Your right


I have been in Pets for Everyone and Giggle Pets more tunes than I can count. It's pretty sad how someone will anonymously post a bad review just to try to make themselves or a competitor appear better.

Before you believe a complete lie like maggots in food/water dishes, I suggest you take a look yourself. The birds are constantly handled. Little critters are given fresh veggies. Kittens spend more time out of their enclosure than in.

Its as clean as any pet store I have been in. It's not difficult to say bad things about someone on the internet while hiding behind a screen name. Alden and his mother know more about birds than anyone I have ever met in my entire life.

Jealousy is an ugly thing and karma is even uglier. Make sure you don't live in a glass house, before you start throwing stones.

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Taylor, Michigan
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Alden Loew is now affiliated & doing business with Shannon Antor Benham

Update by user Jul 27, 2011

This store is the worst pet store I have ever been to! The animals are infested with mites and the birds are plucked beyond belief.

I would be ashamed to have them on a pet store floor for people to see! The store smells like a dump and the floor is covered in bird *** not to mention the rude people who run the place, I stood there for 15 minutes while the girl was on the phone and she never did offer to help me or ask if I needed anything.

I finally left and I will NEVER go to that store again! Oh and the bird cages had maggots in them!

Original review posted by user Jun 26, 2011
Alden Loew/Pets For Everyone in Wayland MI now does business with Shannon Antor Benham so beware of being scammed by either or both of them. Alden Loew knows about all of the scams Shannon has inflicted on people and he is in it with her now. He has been scammed by her himself so he knows full well what she is capable of and is just as guilty of the same behaviors and has done the same things. Now they are scamming and bilking people out of money, birds and other pets as a team so just beware and know who you are dealing with. Do not EVER trust them to pay you later or allow them to take a bird without paying you in full and in CASH only!
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I did business with Shannon and lost money. She lied to me. I also know 6 other people who have lost money and birds by dealing with her.


I did business with Shannon and lost money. She lied to me. I also know 6 other people who have lost money and birds by dealing with her.


Google the store name and Parrots in Motion or the peoples names listed and see for yourself what has been and is being said for and about these crooked people! Do not take one persons word for anything, read for yourself, hundreds of people cannot be wrong!

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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