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$4,300 Landman School = NO Jobs for YOU!

In late August, 2008, I slapped down the obscene sum of $4, 300 on a "Landman" school, gas & hotel with the hopes of starting a new career ...WHAMMY #1 If I had paid more attention to the following "RED FLAGS", I would've "hit the brakes": 1) The price of oil was seriously surrounded by bears. 2) Our financial system was gagging from their own sub-prime greed. 3) Our economy as a whole was being flushed down the tubes. 4) Election time was coming ~ That's a chinese cluster-____ right there. 5) The real estate market had flipped like a coin toss. 6) Other so-called "Landman" schools charged $400 to $800! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the beginning of October - '08 to the end of the year, I made several hundred phone calls with emails & resumes attached. This, as well, cost me another $747 in non-returnable expenses...WHAMMY #2 If I had DONE my homework, I would have discovered the following: 1) The "Landman" career field was already extremely overstaffed. 2) The fourth quarter is the "slow season" for Landmen. 3) Oil & Gas Brokers start NEW budgets after January 1. 4) The shale plays actually started back in '05/'06. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that the "New Year" has arrived, I was looking forward to finding ANY work & getting a return on my initial investments ...WHAMMY #3 Now that I WAS doing my homework, I discovered the following: 1) The Brokers won't touch anybody with less than 3 years experience OR prefer to hire strippers, family or close friends before anyone else. And...for the "Finale"...a drum roll please... 2) An individual cannot claim this type of schooling or any other schooling w/ the attached expenses on their taxes UNLESS they were already working in the career field. Since I changed careers, I'm $5,047.00 OUT OF POCKET and OUT OF A JOB! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summation: A) I paid for and received a product, there's no arguing that case. I received "XEROXED" copies of land titles/abstracts & a fancy geology book. B) Do I feel that the product was worthy of the monies paid? Of course not! C) On the FINAL day of our "Landman" class in the late afternoon, the schools' owner NOW advised us that the hardest part of the "Landman" career field was "getting your foot in the door"! Ahh, NOW the TRUTH is revealed & he's already pocketed my $4,300. Nice, hey? Here's a small nugget of info for anyone else that attends THIS school or any OTHER type of secondary school ... DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST on the career field to see if it's already flooded or not and/or stay in a REAL College/University and obtain your degree in something that's REALLY in demand (I.E. Engineering, MD, etc.). Best of luck to all & beware of those "rip-off" career schools.
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Just because you spray paint and polish a dried Turd and call it silver does not mean that the *** is worth 20$ an ounce...

That sucks you got taken for 5 G's, and it is unfortunate that these things are marketed as legit ways to break into the oil and gas land management industry when it is questionable how effective they actually are. But come on 3 days equals = 100,000$ a year Job, if it where just that easy?

When I was breaking into the industry - I saw this class and considered it till my friends uncle told me that for 4300$ I could follow him around and then still not have a job in 3 days. Eventually it took about 14 months and I had to Lie on a resume and have a friend vouch for me, but that is sort of how it goes.

So I actually know a girl who took this class and she was able to get a job, but she had to exaggerate her resume, and she just was not that good.

And I actually worked with "Rusty & Moe" from the "testimonials" put up by the "School" - They where nice enough and did get real jobs and are real people, but the testimonial construes it as if the class is the only reason they got the job - this is not true - they where both kinder older men, who had a long work history in banking or real estate, or court recording or computers or something like that, and i believe they had degrees or had served in the military, I really don't remember, it was like 5 years ago but to the "schools" credit they are real people (but having a verifiable work history, in other fields and qualifications got them there shot not the school.) Also they kinda caught a lucky break in that they jumped in right after the last crash recovered, and the HR landy who gave them there shot, had a lot of positions she needed filled and not a great deal of time to do it as well as she left that position like 3 months later so she really didn't care to much about the proverbial 3 years of experience.

I just hate to see some one who was like me in their early twenties who had dropped out of college go chase this dream of being a landman, and get screwed out of money, thinking that a 3 day class will suddenly substitute as a college degree.

Ok so that being said:

You wanna be a landman and make the big bucks huh?

First get use to it the oil and gas industry has some shady characters who would just assume screw your girl friend and leave you holding the bag for the 1500$ hotel room they did it in. I mean most people in the industry are legit, but don't count on them just handing over 100 G a year because you "have a good attitude and are a hard worker"

Second with no degree it is getting harder and harder, to get a job, like the original thread said - all the screw around positions have been given to the brothers in law and the strippers, so be ready to work HARD like 14 hours a day in the beginning. Learn to love the it and make it your only priority if you get that shot.

Next if you want it bad enough and keep working at it, it can & will happen for you, but if you want it your gonna have to work your *** off to get it and prove yourself to some one. No one is just gonna give you this *** In the mean time learn all you can, like what is HBP, Pooling, Reservations, depth severances, unit agreements, production data, mineral chains, R-O-W, pugh clause,and on and on and on, I have been doing this a long time and i still learn new stuff all the time. Also respect the old guard the landman who has been doin it 20 years they are the people who have the connections.

if you do need to take some classes to pad the resume because you don't have a degree or an associates: do it through TCU ENERGY INSTITUTE, or AAPL (is good because you actually get to go with professionals), OR UT - PETEX, or University of houston has a certificate program, or really any of the continuing education. i guess landman 101 is a cheap option, but i know nothing about it, but AAPL and all of those university programs are much better options than these jokers.

I get asked this all the time by various people, How do I get a job like yours?

I don't have a clear cut answer, I just had to fake it till I made it, be aware this is a travel position i normally spend about 50 out of 52 weeks a year 1600 miles away from home. the landman industry is getting cut throat like companies are always trying to get out of covering the per Diem ie "locals only", I have been living in hotels for way to long. Alot of people in this industry binge drink, it is hard to stay in shape because you are always so busy. and eat *** no time for the gym.

also be aware you can go to work one day AND BE FIRED THE NEXT FOR NO REASON (it is a contract position/ no unemployment or benifits). Most land men are self entitled and in trouble with the IRS because they dont pay the taxes on time.

I am not *** I just want people to know what it is that they are asking for.

All That being said, it is a *** of a way to make a great living!


Testimonials from Successful Students:

David, Thanks for touching base with me and I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner with this news. I've been working with a company based out of Fort Worth for about 2 weeks now. We are doing surface title work for a pipeline in SW Texas. The pay is great, per diem is awesome and they pay .55 per mile for any and all travel. It literally paid for your course in less than 2 weeks. The things you told us to say in an interview really worked. When I said that, he said "sounds good, send me a resume'". So I did, at 7:30am and by 8:30am, I had a job. No BS! ***, I couldn't believe it. KB

David, Just a quick note to thank you again for the training that I received in September of 2010. It amazes me that in only 1 year, I have a great paying job ($300/day + all expenses) and that I owe my training to your landman training course. As you may remember, I’m a younger (33 currently) guy that had NO previous landman experience. After the intense 3 day course, I was able to confidently contact potential brokers knowing that I had learned the skills necessary for any job that was available. Thank you again. I’m on track to gross over six figures in my first full year of work! Thanks, JP

I was very impressed with the amount of information the seminar provided in a brief amount of time. The instructors were especially excellent and patient. Having already had a few years of experience with oil and gas leases, surface use agreements, and title work, your course provided so much more, and was definitely geared to people without any experience whatsoever. In addition, between the contacts you provide to get started and the open end assistance, one would be hard pressed to have any excuses for not finding a job immediately. As you may be aware, I accepted an offer just over a week after attending your course… and more offers continued coming! It was worth every penny. Thanks for your past and future help, GS

Just wanted ya'll to know that I landed my first Job in West Texas. I've been on the job for 3 days now and love it. Thanks for all your help. Thanks, DH

Thanks for the great course for Landmen. I don't know how I could have gotten that much great information and training that quickly anywhere else, in such a friendly environment. Thank you, LP

I have attended David & Shelia Murphy’s course in Baton Rouge, La. and highly recommend your attendance if you desire to enter the Landman field of employment. Their course is quick, informative and right on target for everyday information you will need to be a successful landman. You will be ready for employment after 3 days with the information and knowledge you gain, the rest will be up to you, as it is with any business, job or career. Good luck with your new career path and if I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me thru David or Shelia. I am currently working in Pennsylvania on the Marcellus Shale project.

Just wanted to say thank you again for giving me the opportunity for a great new career in the gas and oil industry. Petroleum Landman Institute LLC. was the perfect choice for me. I will recommend it to anyone wanting a start a great new lucrative career.I felt your school was very informative and covered all the aspects of the job. Your instructors were all first class and took the time needed to make sure everyone understood. I was offered a job just a few weeks after attending your school. The contact list you provide is unbelievable. I actually work with four graduates from Petroleum Landman Institute LLC, and they are all on the top of their game. My goal was to earn $100,000 yr and this year I will be over $125,000. Best move I've ever made.Thanks again.

David, there is more to simply attending a "Landman School" than meets the eye! The Petroleum Landman Institute provides the very best professional instructors to qualify students in the gas and oil industry! David Murphy and his group of professional instructors are the best in the business! Completing the course is the first step. The second, and most important, is being mentored by David Murphy. His instruction on how to apply and conduct yourself on phone interviews is "Priceless". David is the best, he provides leads, resume instruction, and support. Support is the key to his system. He will take you by the hand and guide you through the rough spots and provide you with the confidence required when applying for a project. If you want to succeed and are looking for a great paying opportunity, call David Murphy, he is "The Man" in placing qualified students in this great expanding industry! I found employment with a great company, excellent day rate, benefits, etc. within days of graduating from the Petroleum Landman Institute! Thank you David for all you have done in preparing and guiding me.

I would like to thank David and his team of instructors for kickstarting my new career as a landman. I attended his course in Sept of 2010. I got a job a month after completing the course. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to begin a new career in oil and gas. The instructors are very informative and get you on the right path to success. The future is bright for myself and my family because of this course. LL

I'm up and running thanks to you. I cannot tell you how important it was for me to know you had my back. I felt so confused, but figured things out, trial-and-error so to speak. Good schooling and support, from you, and a hardwork ethic, (both Bren and I share), makes the difference. Just wanted to say thanks again for your Landman Institute and all I learned. That goes for Bren too. JC

WOW! Thank you is not adequate; however I wanted to express my appreciation not only for the academic theory and practical experiences, but also for the additional assistance you and your staff provided me as a student of Petroleum Land Institute. From the first contact with Petroleum Land Institute, throughout the class period, and the continuing assistance with the interview process and eventually acceptance of a position as “landman” with an Oil and Gas Company, I am extremely grateful. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference, as I am willing to share with potential students the great experience I had with Petroleum Land Institute, and to express the extent to which you go in assisting the students in the basic theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the practical advice you provide in beginning a career as a Landman. Once again, thank you, I can now begin my new life as a “landman” with confidence. Sincerely, JH

Just to let you know how excited I am, I've just sign on with a land broker. Thank you all so much for the super training and the phone coaching I needed. Thank you for helping me know how to talk to landman employers. Not only that, I will be paid more than the suggested starting rate. I got a raise before I started work. Keep up the good training. With Much Appreciation.

I wanted to write to you and tell you thanks for all you and your staff have done for me. After attending your seminar I applied for a job close to my home town. The job was for a Permit Agent. After one interview the company was impressed with my knowledge and gave me the job. I was in outside sales prior to this job and was not happy. Thanks to you and the classes that I took, I am very happy that I made the decision to attend. Thanks Again.

I got a call 5 days after the end of the last class on the 15th of May from fellow class mate, Rusty, about this job and they had 3 openings left. I called and within 24 hours I was hired. When you say your school has a placement service, you ain't kidding! Good Stuff. I really enjoyed the school and consider it very much an asset to my future. Thank you! Hope this finds you both doing well. Moe

I can honestly say that was one of the fastest returns on investment that I have seen. I start Monday at $325.00 per day. I had to see it to believe it. I talked to Paul and Moe because were the two that seemed qualified to start. Thanks Again ..... Rusty

This is Kim, I attended your school in June of 2008. I am still working in Heber Springs, AR and loving it. I have been here since November of 2008. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I hope all is well with you guys.

The Landman class I attended in February was excellent. The knowledge and information I received was invaluable. My instructors were absolutely the best in every way. This class has already given me the opportunity to begin my career as a Landman. I highly recommend this class.

I am writing this testimonial because attending Petroleum Landman Institute was the best life changing decision I have ever made. I decided to change careers mid-life as, like everyone else, I needed to pay bills and had a son in college. I had always done corporate administrative work but when I was in college had taken Petroleum Landman classes. It was now or never to make changes. I have a Landman in the family with over 35 years experience and he told me that if I wanted work the only school to attend was Petroleum Landman Institute, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and to be trained by David Murphy. I am now employed with a fantastic company with benefits. If you listen to David and follow his directions you will find the work.

Hi Dave, I started working this week in Fayette County Pennsylvania running title. It is only about 2 1/2 hours from my home in Ohio. Everything is going well. I again appreciate all your support. The training I received from Petroleum Landman Institute has definitely helped jump start my new career. I will be in touch in the future.

I contacted the Petroleum Landman Institute, LLC, after a career in the construction business for over 20 years. The course provided me with the tools to start a new career, and after some work to land that first job, I have not been without work since the class, and enjoy everything about it. We will always need oil and least for many, many years to come.

My new job is going well and I wanted to thank you again for all your help.

Dear David, just a note to pass on to your new classes. The Landman Training institute was one of the best things I’ve done for my career. When I started out, it was the fact that I had attended this course, that opened the door for me. And now that Ive been at it almost 3 yrs, when the economy went south in 08, it was their assistance through leads they provided me, that I finally found a broker starting a new project. When they say they will be there for you after the course, it’s true! Thank you David.

I started in this career about 2 years ago from a class I took from David Murphy in Louisiana, right out of the box after taking David’s advice I had my first position in Arkansas as a permit agent, also as he advised it was a boring job so I found a position in East PA as lease agent and stayed there about 8 months before it shut down, and from there I had a chance to move back to East Texas running title and leasing, and I am having a ball, Changing careers at 50 years old has been the best move I ever made.

David - As you know, it was two years ago in April that I attended your school. I had a job lined up within two weeks of finishing and I am now making among the highest day rates for my region. Landmen with years more experience than I have have been let go and I attribute that to what I learned in your school about networking and the importance of "doing" the job. It's okay to play hard but get your work done in a timely manner and be meticulous. That's a formula that has been working so far and I plan to stick to it. If you are reading this and you are thinking of attending this school, I implore you to do so. I don't normally say this when it comes to money, but if you have to, borrow it and GO! I did and after my first two pay checks I had earned over 130% of the cost of the school. And when you leave the school, David will give you his broker list to contact and send out your resume to. If I knew then what I know now, I would have probably paid the cost of the school for the broker list alone! By the way, my 2008 gross income was $144,000. Good times!

I did find a job maybe a month after the class. I have been enjoying doing this so much. Thank you so much for teaching me all about the industry. My boss and co-workers were very impressed about my knowledge.

David: Thank you for the hands-on training in the courthouse that you provided me in becoming a successful landman. As I quickly discovered there is no way to learn this from a hotel seminar or an online training program to become a proficient landman. Thank you for the help of landing my first job. Your job bank is awesome!

David: Attending your school was the best decision I ever made. My first check was over $5400 for 14 days worth of work and the next one two times as much. I want to thank ya'll for all the help after attending the course.

What made my mind up about attending a LANDMAN school which is 6-8 times more expensive was the back end support and the information I received from the the court house experience, in my opinion this is the most important part of the class. None of the other schools offer the Court house education. I started my first job a few weeks ago at $28.00 an hour, question "who out there in the real world without a college degree starts out in any profession at $28.00 an hour"? The best part about this is the day rate or hourly rate will go up from here with more experience. Most important keep a positive attitude and be diligent about finding a job and you will get your foot in the door if you attend this class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and instructors. Two months after attending the class I had an interview in Lafayette, and landed a job with them. I am currently working in Nacogdoches, Tx area going through the grantee, grantor books as expected. Again thank you for all the resources, when I need any advice in the future I will be in contact.

Although I have been title abstracting for years, I signed up for your class to fine tune my career as a landman. I came home and within 3 days I had a new assignment with a prominent oil and gas company with a daily pay rate increase of 44% plus lodging, meals and mileage. Thank you for all your help and hospitality. I would highly recommend the Petroleum Landman Institute, LLC. for those who are currently title abstracting and want to learn more to further their career.

In Denver Colorado I made 11K first month running title of all things. I am helping to train someone this week and they want me to start doing lease acquisitions soon. A classmate on the job made 2K more than I did this month. We thank you so much for all the help.

Many thanks to David for a great Seminar! We definitely received our money’s worth. I know I will be recommending your course to any of my friends who may be interested in becoming a landman.

The Petroleum Landman Institute provided my brother and I with the necessary tools to succeed as landmen. I started out making $250 a day and quickly began earning $350 shortly after. The classroom sessions paired with real courthouse training experience resulted in a coherent understanding of all aspects of the business. I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend, and I'm making more money than ever now. Thank you very much David.

Wanted to let you know that after attending the landman training that you offered I went to work in northwest La. in my home parish. I really enjoy the work and the challenge it has offered. After the project shut down we were working on, I sent my resume out to four different brokers and received three job offers. I would recomended your school to anyone who has a desire to become a professional landman.

I wanted to say thanks for all of your help in teaching me what i needed to know to launch my new career. I was able to go to work shortly after the class I attended as a seismic permitting agent. Your follow up and quick reponses to my questions after I started working have been invaluable. Also, the support i have received from the instructors has been incredible. Thanks Again to everyone at the school.

Thanks for everything. I won't forget how you stuck with me. For the first time I feel like I can get out there and make a better life for my family. It's almost too wonderful to believe. I plan to get better and keep making more money. I see that it really can happen now. Thanks so much!

Well I have just finished my first assignment running title on some property (with a little of David's help). It was successful and they were happy with my work so thanks again for everything.

I took the course last March and I have been working ever since the weekend after the course. I went to Victoria, TX for a 6 month assignment, then to Ft.Worth. The opportunity to work on a project for British Petroleum, in Chicago, presented itself so I took it. The money was too good to pass up! That is where I am currently working. After a brutal winter I look forward to returning to the south!!

I want to let you know that the landman seminar was awesome. I started out at $400.00 a day, and my mileage and motel are also paid for. I have worked in Texas, Alabama and Mississippi.Thanks.

I wanted to update you on everything since I've graduated from your landman school. I ended up landing a job 2 days following the school making $325/day as a trainee in Columbus, TX. I worked there for approx. a yr. running title, and also obtaining surface permits. I am currently working in Ft. Worth (Tarrant County) and doing extremely well. I have been out here almost a year now, and I absolutely love being a landman.( I can't believe I've already been in the business two years now! ) I wanted to thank you so much for being such an excellent instructor, and for giving me the knowledge to be as successful as I am today. Your school, and your reputation in the business have helped me tremendously. I can't thank you enough for all your help, and for always keeping me informed with up and coming jobs in La. Thank you so much again, and I will definitely be in touch.

The class is very beneficial for the beginning or experienced landman. Well worth the investment in time and money. THANKS!!!!!!

Very beneficial to the beginning or experienced landman in learning and understanding the various requirements and skills to be a successful landman. Well worth the investment in time and money.

About two weeks after I got home I found work with a company here at home. After my first week she was so impressed by the things I knew that she upped my pay. I have had my rate go up three more times since. I have had other offers but I chose to stay with this company because the owner is such an awesome person and 90% of her projects are around this area so I am home every night. I have to say that taking the Landman course was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much.

We are doing great and already advancing in pay! I am one of the top Landmen on our team and loving my job. Thanks for helping me start a new career in the right direction with great info.

Just wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for all you've done to change my life. When you told before the class started this past July that my first invoice would almost pay for the class. I thought "Right this is to good to be true" I had my doubts, but I was wrong!!! The class has change my life. I can't say enough about you and the other teachers. I will be ever indebted to ya'll. I will talk to any potential student if they want to call. I currently working in East TX doing title and mineral research and having to time of my life. Thanks once again.

I have found a job working with an Oil and Gas company out of Fort Worth. Thank you for the check up and thank you to everyone for making this job happen. I don't think I would have been able to have this opportunity without the class.

David: Wanted to let you know that I accepted a job with Joe who is with an Oil & Gas Exploration Company. I will be going to Jackson, MS next week. Thanks for your help. Keep in touch. Regards

I attended the class several months ago, and learned a tremendous amount of practical knowledge about the landman business. I would have to say the most beneficial aspect in my case was the job placement and back end support. With David Murphy’s help I was able to secure the job of my dreams, and found I could depend on him when any problem arose. I couldn’t have done it without their support. Thanks to all.

I have already found a job and will start mid February. Thank you for your help and following up. thank you. I know that this course started me out on the right track. Many people get into this field but have no idea what they are doing. I have experienced this with this job. Your course started me out in the right direction. Thank you.

I would like to thank you so much for the training I have received and the opportunity you have given me. Having come from Downeast Maine with a logging background dealing with land, I never imagined I could transition into oil and gas with such a financial boost in my income per year. Over the past year I have now grossed $84,000 plus enjoy my work very much. After my training period with Murphy Land Service, I have gone on to lease acquisition and title abstract work, and although the work is challenging, I find it extremely rewarding.

I never imagined that with over 30 years of a career in Northern land and logging that I would achieve this level of success and self-fulfillment. I now look forward to a future in oil and gas as being continually productive towards my retirement, instead of relying on Social Security at age 62. Your course has renewed my outlook in my later years.

Thank you so much for helping to change my future.

A well rounded, in depth course that brings you right into the world of the landman.

Teachers gave good background knowledge of the oil and gas development history. The abstractor, is an outstanding teacher. He demonstrated a great love and enthusiasm for his industry. Being from an old Louisiana family added to his overall industry knowledge. Some of the regional history he shared was priceless.

The landman, is very experienced and he willingly shared that experience with me in a manner that both instilled knowledge and confidence. I feel that we developed not only a teacher/student relationship, but an ongoing colleague-to-colleague relationship. I look forward to staying in touch with him and the school.

Teacher is very positive during the instruction.

With pleasure I write this letter to thank you for helping me obtain a job in the land business. I am presently working in Beeville, Texas with Dawson GE Physical as a Mineral Agent. My time as a mineral agent is spent in the court house abstracting. It is work that I enjoy and the time I spend with you helped me to feel confident in accepting my position.

I am a fifty-five years old female with a background of working in medical offices. I have always lived pay check to pay check. Not any more. The two checks which I received for the first month that I worked were for a total of over $8,100.00. For once I am not struggling, and know that financially I will never have to worry again. It is nice to know in a world where there is so much discrimination over age that there are companies willing to pay well that appreciate my years of experience instead of holding them against me. Once again, thank you for your time and assistance in obtaining a job. It has truly made a difference in my life.

I never imagined that with over 30 years of a career in Northern land and logging that I would achieve this level of success and self-fulfillment. I now look forward to a future in oil and gas as being continually productive towards my retirement, instead of relying on Social Security at age 62. Your course has renewed my outlook in my later years. Thank you so much for helping to change my future. The last few years as an Independent Landman have been very exciting and profitable. I have worked throughout the Gulf Coast as an Acquisition Buyer and Title Abstractor. Last year I grossed $83,933.00 and didn’t work the whole year. I appreciate your time and services.

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things have progressed with my new Landman career since we first met. The past few years have been very interesting and profitable for my family and myself. I’ve averaged in the neighborhood of $85,000 per year since attending your classes. Which has more than facilitated the re-payment of your tuition and made our lives more comfortable. The knowledge based classes you provided were very clear, concise and easily absorbed. Again I thank you for your help and guidance and hope to speak to you soon.

I am doing great. I already had a job when I took the class. I completed that project and immediately started on another one. Right now I am in Cameron County in Brownsville, Texas doing mineral ownership. Things are going great!

I can not express how grateful I am to everyone on at the Petroleum Landman Institute. I found a job within in a week after getting out of the classes making 220 a day. That job has come to an end, but I already have another one lined up making 80 more dollars a day. I never thought without a college degree I would be able to make this kind of money for me and my family. I can not thank everyone at the institute enough from the ground up, everyone is so nice, and helpful. Even after your out of the class, I was able to call David Murphy the day of my first interview and guided me through a mock interview and it really gave me the confidence I needed to get the job.

I just wanted to thank you for all, your instructors, and classes did for me. It took me just over a week to get my first job, but it was for $350.00 a day plus per diem and expenses. I owe it all to you and your class, contacts, and advice. I also appreciate your follow up to make sure I found a good job. I look forward to our continuing association and friendship.

Hey David and Sheila. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know what is going on with me after taking your class. It all happened just like you said. I sent out resumes followed up by a phone call and about 10 days I hit on a job down in South Texas making $300 a day plus expenses. I'm starting my 11th week and have had 2 more offers since then. I have to take a second and Thank You. Your class and its instructors really do a good job and your hands-on approach really benefited me. The follow-up and job help you provide is awesome and goes well beyond the three days of instruction. Much appreciated and keep in touch! DT

Thank you again for the very wonderful class this past weekend. I have already been assigned work in Dallas and have full confidence going into the job thanks to your class. Thank you very much, MB

Sitting on the dock of the Arkansas river in Wichita, KS. Wouldn't be here without your help! Take care! MH

I took your class a few years ago. Thank you for all of your help, I have been employed for 2 yrs now and making a ton of money. Thanks, LC

Hello David, I first want to thank you for your very personal, high quality, high energy help. You and Sheila are class people with great hearts for teaching and helping many. I hope to spread the word about Landman, and your class too, and will stay in touch. For the time being, this Landman is landed. Regards, BG

Thanks David and Sheila, The amount of information covered in your Landman Seminar was an unexpected surprise. All of the instructors did an excellent job of sharing copious amounts of industry knowledge. My goals were to expand my limited background, become a more savvy lessor of mineral rights for my family and gain the skills necessary to become an Independent Petroleum Landman. The numerous professional opportunities for an Independent Landman... abstracting of title, lease acquisition, lease checks, negotiations, pipeline, right-of-way, title research and seismic permits are very exciting. I am looking forward to immediately honing my skills and beginning my new career. I can not thank you and everyone enough. BJ

Just a quick thanks for all of your help. Your support was invaluable. The information you provided in training & after I was on the job was great. It is not often that you find people who will do exactly what was promised after they have your money. You are a man of your word. THANKS!!! CB

I attended the Landman training class with a desire to venture into a new career field. I found the training and the staff all excellent. I landed my first project and not only was the pay outstanding, the experience was invaluable. David, you and your team did a wonderful job in training me but in my mind the most beneficial aspect of taking the class has been the follow-on support. You have always been there to answer my questions, as have the other instructors, and you have given me genuine direction in pursuing my goals. I can't emphasize enough how appreciative I am for the training. I can say to anyone considering taking your course; if you are willing to work and apply what David teaches you, you will find success. Thanks again David, D.W. (Colorado)

If you would like to talk with any of our grads, call David Murphy for their phone numbers.

More to come.....



Well I spent 40000the on a DEGREE in Petroleum Land Management. I make 4000him a week. See what yiu get gor taking shortcuts?


I have known David Murphy for years. David is professional and ethical.

I personally know several individuals who David trained and these individuals have all successfully found jobs after attending the class. I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to start a career as a landman.


This is to \"Something Fishy\". You are an 1D10T. I took the class, I found a job. I have been working pretty consistent since I took that class. For you to even make a comment like that, is Stup1D. U R a ***!! LOL

This is for \"Magy\". Did you even try? LOL For you not to even get a reply of hilarious. But lets say you didnt. Do you think you are the only one to send resumes out. THere are thousands of Landmen in the U.S. seeking jobs. I have spoken with many companies that state they receieve many resumes everyday. Most have email addresses that are just for resumes because they do not want to fill up there regular inbox with resumes. Those \"questionable\" teachers are known professionals in that area. LOL @ you. Stop whining and try harder to find a job. Better yet, ask people how hard it is to get a job in any field of work these days. Just because you took the class does not mean you are guaranteed a job. You try and keep trying until you suceed. But I bet you are a 20 year old girl that has things handed to her huh? The only thing you are supose to get out of that school is contacts, a direction, and the know how. Not a job handed to you on a silver platter.

For all of you not able to find work, why not offer to work for 100 dollars a day while you get trained? Or, if your not working anyway, offer to work for free for a little so you can learn. Any experience is a plus. How bad do you want it and what are you willing to do is the question? Most of you just want to start at the top. Not willing to start waaayy at the bottom or below.

Only the strong will survive.


It was a waste of money. I never even received a reply from any resume's, phone calls, or application I sent out or made.

The teachers are questionable, more fast talkers than anything else. When I received my "revamped" resume' it was so bad I would have been ashamed to send it out.

I wish I had never wasted my money on this "school'. It was truly a disappointment and I received nothing for it.


Petroleum Landman Institute, LLC. is the best Field Landman training program in the Country.

All the instructors and companies associated with PLI, LLC. are excellent and professional.

If you follow David Murphy's guidance after class, you will have success in landing a job.

I would recommend this course to anyone pursuing a career as a field landman!


After reading all this there is one thing that convinces me it is a scam. You notice all the positive reviews on this page seem to sound alike?

Same format, same words? Then you go look at the webpage and the 'testimonial' section. And guess what? They all use the same phrases, the same grammar, no spelling errors, the only variation is the great amount of money they are getting.

The reviews are all fake. In all these reviews not a single person had poor grammar or an incomplete sentence? Noone did any phoneticle spelling or used typing shorthand?

UR kidding me right!?! lol


FYI. I went to the school out of desperation even though I thought the price was way to high.

I got a job though within a few weeks and have been making $300 per day for 6 days each week plus expenses and a nice per diem for food and mileage too. Several other people I work with went to the murphy school too. Don't put Murphy on your resume. Our company found out about it because some of the hires were not doing a good job but kept some of us who were producing.

They trashcan any resumes with Murphy listed. I am doing this job pretty well but would not be here without Murphy.


FYI. I went to the school out of desperation even though I thought the price was way to high.

I got a job though within a few weeks and have been making $300 per day for 6 days each week plus expenses and a nice per diem for food and mileage too. Several other people I work with went to the murphy school too. Don't put Murphy on your resume. Our company found out about it because some of the hires were not doing a good job but kept some of us who were producing.

They trashcan any resumes with Murphy listed. I am doing this job pretty well but would not be here without Murphy.

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