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Petaid Colorado Pet Medical Service Review

I took my dog and her 8puppies in to be seen by a vet. The mothers breast looked fun,so i wanted them checked out. i was told everything was fine. The next day on of them blow *** in it, i called the vet back, i did not have the money to take her in, so i was told that they would take care of it, only if i agreed to some condections. first i had to give them 2 puppies, so they could take them to the pound, and seconed i had to let them fix the mother. I didn't have a problem with gitting het fixed, but i did have a problem with them wanting two 4 week old puppies that are way to young to be taken away from their mother and siblings. Now why did they want the puppies i don't know, but to use blackmall for two puppies or nothing and putting the mothers health at risk is b.s. and why put the two puppies i the shelter, when i had all ready found all of the puppies loving homes is beyound me. i mean i know that they where going to treat the mother for free kind of, but to use backmall to get the two puppies was not right, and the only reason i agreed was to save the mother dog, that and they said.she would need surgery at 1,100 or more, but when i get there with the mothet and the two puppies, and only after i have singed over the two puppies am i told that thd mother only needs ani-boctictes and nothing else. If you have a pet that needs help do not go through Petaid of colorado, you never know what they my or may not blaclmall you.for
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Bad quality