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Pet Store USA - Petstoresusa.com
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The Issue with this company was solved and I\'m %100 satisfied.

Original review May 31, 2012
Let me begin by saying if you're looking for a Pet Supplies Drop shipper do your self a favor and save your self a lot of headache and stay away from these guys. I made 45 orders with them and only 12 out of 45 where actually shipped, they over charge you for the shipping by at least $2.00 a Package and the Do Not have a reliable Customer Service what so ever!! I started To get a lot of calls and emails from my customers asking what the *** happened to the product they ordered it never arrived. Every time I Call Pet Stores USA they give me a horrible attitude. they never advice you that a product is out of stock it always shows as In Stock and available when you order it on their website , and then you call a month later and inquire about the product you purchased. they will tell you ohh it out if stock a the moment. They claim that they are the cheapest online: another lie, they will charge you $2.50 fee for every order you make with them. I found 4 Drop shippers to replace them with no fees and at least %20 Cheaper than these Crooks, and a 100% reliable than them. They honestly should take The "USA" part out of their Name because they are a disgrace to our great and wonderful Country.
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Who did you find to replace them?


Grain Valley Dog Supply excellent service and ethical!!!!!!! Unlike Pet Stores USA AKA UTM Distributing, Pet Street Mall, Bargin Buy Pet Supply on Ebay and another Amazon store name? Curt and his hired gang of thieves.

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