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I paid Debbie Moore who own SEO PET SERVICES and Moore Designs to optimize my website for ranking on the major search search engines, I paid her via Paypal which I have proof of I supplied her with my html editor and passwords she re designed my website in php which I did not want since my editor does not support php. I asked her to change it back and refund my money she ignored my phone call and emails. Basically she tried to make it so whenever I had to update I had to use her instead of my editor which in turn she would charge me to update my website, that was not going to happen. She then emailed me after I filed a complaint with paypal, and she promised to do what she was paid for if I canceled the claim. I was *** enough to trust her word as a professional which was a big mistake. First of all it took her over a month to do the work she did do and then the work she did was useless to me. She tried to get me to allow her to host my website I told her no because my husband owns his own server so I did not need that, she tried to get me to change my website to php with the excuse that google is not html friendly again I told her no because I use an html editor and was not interested in pho. I paid her close to $900.00 so when she re did the work she basically did the exact thing she did before. We agreed she would add keywords that google would pick up on in searches that would rank me high I paid her for the most expensive service she offered and she gave me nothing, she was to add 3 pages only to the site without touching my Available Kittens page she added those pages which were not what I wanted in php her work was sloppy on the menu the whole menu was off and looked very unprofessional. I would not approve it because she did not provide me with what I paid for. I have all the emails to prove everything, she used my text and my photos and threatens to sue me for copy write which is totally reaching since she copied my text and used my photos that I own. She is a fraud, long story short she did not perform her job and ripped me off for $900.00 she said she has the pages I asked for in html but will not release them to me unless I sign a release saying I am happy with her work, which I will not do since I have not seen her work in html and judging from the work she did I do not want it, I had to restore my website and reedit it which was time consuming because she changed it and it looked awful. She needs to be investigated as I know in Florida anything over $500.00 is a felony and a serious crime and my lawyer and I are going to pursue all options, I do not want her ripping off others obviously she is unprofessional and hard up for money to do what she did, truly pathetic in my opinion. No one ever signs for work unseen and the work I did see was totally unacceptable, she is a fraud and *** artist and does not need to be allowed to do this to others. Just do not want her ripping off others with her shady business practices and is unprofessional. Obviously she sees nothing wrong with ripping off others out of state over the Internet which is a crime. She is now trying to write bogus complaints about me online which does not match what happened. She was paid and did not provide the service she was paid very nicely for, end of story she is a rip off and a fraud.
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Update by user Jan 28, 2013

Debbie Morre of PET SEO still has not refunded my money. After having a friend work on my website it is all updated and shows up on the first page.

This woman is a complete and total *** and a theif. She practices shady business dealings, rips off her clients.

Oh and btw I did not have to add 10 other pages like this nut job tried to do it is all formatted in html and works wonderful for me. And was start to finished it took ONLY 4 days not 2 PLUS MONTHS like this *** tried to do, probably so the customer could not go to paypal after the 45 day mark and file a claim, BEWARE OF HIRING HER SHE IS A FRAUD AND A RUDE IGNORANT THIEF.

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2012
I hired Debbie Moore to optimize my website for rankings. I paid her close to $900.00 to do this, flash forward to almost 1 month later she was not done and when she finished she re-did many of my pages in php which I told her I DID NOT WANT, I use an html editor for my website. She tried to make it so anytime I wanted to update my website I had to depend on her which in turn she would charge me for she also tried to get me to change hosting and pay her for it, she will try to sell you all these things you do not need. Why would I pay her for hosting when my husband has his own server? She did not return emails or phone calls, I then filed a claim with Paypal and oh and guess what, then she emailed me, what a surprise. I tried to work it out with her she asked me to cancel the claim which believing she was a professional of her word I did only to be ripped off by her. She is a scam artist, does not know how to do her job and does not listen to her clients needs but will try to gain finacially off of you while taking more than a month to do what should take no more than a few days and misrepresented her abilities and is avery unprofessional. She emails me and says I copywrited my own website what a joke how can you copywrite your own photos and text then threatens to sue me like I am suppose to be afraid of her. She used my photos and my text and says I am copywriting her work, she is a joke. So then she says the only way she will give me the zip files she created is if I sign a release saying I am happy with her work etc. which naturally I did not sign because her work is *** and in turn she charged me $900 and did NOTHING, she is a piece of work and anyone thinking of using her should beware. She will take your money, make promises and then not deliver. Do not use her for any SEO work. Paypal is investigating her for fraud and has her account on fraud alert. I have to now sue her legally in court which is a hassle in order to get my money back. I will chuck her up to another loser I dealt with and make sure anyone thinking of hiring her knows just how unprofessional this lady is. She has two website which I found out after the fact PET SEO SERVICE and MOORE DESIGNS both dealing in SEO work. Sve yourself from her ripping you off save your money, time and a huge headache. I am posting this because people like her should be in prison. a total scam artist fraud.
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Was thinking of hiring this company for SEO and Web work, glad I read this. I will pass.

No refund and I see they are blame shifting trying to make it look like the client is at fault and it doesn't wash, wow how unbelievably scummy can a company get.


Kismet Persian Kittens - Attempted Theft of Services, Slander

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

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Company Kismet Persian Kittens

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Kismet Kittens, a Persian cat breeder located in Florida, hired my service in November, 2012, to provide intensive SEO work on her failing website. A great deal of work was done for this client (In excess of 40 hours of work) in accordance with the scope of the project as agreed to. Additional work was provided in the way of creating additional pages of content, including professional copy writing, to help the client's website rank for long tail keyword variations".

The client indicated throughout the process that she was very pleased with the work, which was promptly completed over a period of 8 weeks:. Once the production site was ready for final review?. I contacted Allana and asked her to review the final product so that any final revisions could be done and the new site uploaded to her hosting account'. She emailed my advising that she was sick, and would take care of it as soon as she was able!. I heard nothing from her for several days;. I again contacted Allana several times by email over a period of a few days, but heard nothing back|.

The following day, I received a notification from Paypal advising that Allana had initiated a chargeback on the money she paid me for the services!. Her reason stated was "product not received". I contacted her immediately to find out why she would do such a thing. Her reason was that "she did not hear from me and that I was not communicating with her". She then advised that she had changed her email address (without informing me), and had deleted the email account with which we had always corresponded.

I was immediately suspicious that she had always intended to get her money back after I had provided the services. She and her husband, who is apparently involved in the computer field, had wanted me to upload the new website files to their private server, prior to final approval.

Upon confronting her about the chargeback, Allana was apologetic, and stated that she didn't understand much about computers, and did not realize that her chargeback would immediately remove the money I had already earned from my account. She agreed that she would reverse the chargeback, and asked that I modify the format of a couple of files that she was concerned about, since I had implemented the use of php includes to display information from one page within another, instead of using "frames" which she had been using (which effectively render the content of a page unreadable by the search engines). She reversed the chargeback, and I agreed to make the change (against my better judgement, considering the detrimental effect frames have on search engine ranking). The changes were made promptly the very day I spoke with her. I then emailed her (at her new address) and asked her again to review the production site so that we could finalize the job.

Lo and behold, instead of even looking at the finished website, which was very well done and would have given her a dramatic boost on the search engines, she once again attempted to initiate a charge back on Paypal. Fortunately Paypal will not allow a charge back twice for the same transaction.

She then emailed me and made all kinds of threats to ruin my reputation, sue me, etc., etc., if I did not return "her money" immediately. The services had been more than provided, and I even had out of pocket expenses for a Facebook advertising campaign that I am sure helped her sell more than a few kittens.

I have been in business for more than 14 years providing services to small pet related businesses, and have not once had a complaint filed against me. I have many, many clients for whom I have obtained high positions for competitive keywords on Google, including the #1 listing for Persian Kittens on Google. My track record and good reputation speak for themselves.

Allana Myers has since been posting completely false information about this situation throughout the internet. Her posts are patently ridiculous, and it seems obvious through her writing that she is upset that she didn't get away with stealing services from me. She has also been posting as "another unsatisfied customer", however it is obvious in the rambling, nonsensical statements that it is the same individual doing the writing.

Allana Myers actions speak of someone who is very well-versed in the intricacies of filing charge backs, and I would expect that she has done this before to other service providers.

There are two sides to every story, Allana, and I have the files, documentation and statements you made to me in emails to back up my side of things.


I dealt with something similar about 2 yrs ago in my business, I was fortunate enough to do a charge back on my credit card and not return his emails or calls.

It sounds like this Debbie Moore person is familiar with PayPal and how they operate once a person cancels a claim.

There will always be people like her in the world. I agree with the consumer on this one, she paid for services and did not get what she paid for. No matter what this SEO person should have refunded her money. I work in a field where I subcontract out SEO work in different states from where I reside, I would NEVER recommend someone of Ms Moore's un- professionalism and appalling treatment of her customer.

Shame on her.

Good luck and I hope you find a good SEO company to represent you.


Browsing through the recent complaints on pissed consumer I was attracted to your entry. Being a retired SEO professional I can relate to your situation and the way that many vendors will say anything just to get you hooked. You appeared to have discovered that when you filed the PayPal claim. Unfortunately you were gullible and trusted that Ms. Moore would do what she promised.

You should have not paid a cent until you had a contract or at least a written list of services and description of your expectations. The PHP vs. HTML as an example. It is a personal choice and PHP is more powerful but if you are comfortable with HTML then she should have given you what you desired.

Hindsight as they say is 20-20 but that is no consolation now. Obviously Pet SEO Services or Moore Designs has a problem with ethics. When I was in the business the customer was always right and we delivered what they wanted, not just a canned package tweaked for a quick sale.

There are a lot of good companies out there providing exactly what the customer wants. It may have cost you $874 but you learned a valuable lesson. Now you can start over with the knowledge to find a good SEO vendor and no MOORE problems. Sorry, I am retired so good luck.

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