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Wish - Horrable

Gforce Performance Chip - Performance Chip Review from Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Gforce Performance Chip - 1995 Pontiac Bonneville


Suspicious phrasing, lots of qualifiers. Sounds like it was posted by the company!

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Gforce Performance Chip - 2010 SRT8 6.1


Thid product is a scam. The internal parts aren't even connected! Try it with a multimeter testing for continuity (a path for electrons) and the meter will read 1 meaning infi...

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Gforce Performance Chip - Bought one 4-5 years ago. Didn't work for me..

Gforce Performance Chip - Toyota Performance Chip Review from Winnipeg, Manitoba


I put one of these on my1998 Chevy Lumina, hoping to increase the already great gas mileage. It didn't do that, but there was a VERY noticeable power boost from the first time...

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Auto Parts Warehouse - Gforce performance chips gunk and misleading

Gforce Performance Chip - Simple Review #1458973101

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