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I recently placed an order and received it in the mail yesterday. Let me begin by telling you that i order MANY things online and when i am invited to a party i always order. NEVER in my entire life have i felt so incredibly ripped off and taken advantage of. My products were horribly overpriced and TINY! They were smaller than a normal purse or sample size and four times the cost. The Skin Stick is completely useless, as well. In addition, they... Read more

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First, Bath & Body Works products are all superior to that trash you are peddling. And second, they do not leave a greasy, slippery feel behind. (eeewwww) Is this a group of school girls talking?? Third, they are not a direct sales company. They are a multi-level marketing company. This is just something you obviously don't understand, or, you've listened to "the next slippery eel" above yourself on the greasy and slippery totem pole. IF your... Read more

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About a day and a half after use, skin around mouth began to feel tight and itch. Next day, hives around eyes, swollen and face is on fire with pain and itching. Hoping this doesn't take long to go away as I can't function fully

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I have had this phone since before Christmas and I got it off Amazon to work with Verizon. I understand I have to change carriers but no one will take the Read more

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I had EXCELLENT customer service! I called to say that my packing slip did not match what was sent or not what I ordered...I was told to keep it..sent an apology PLUS my correct order in 2 days!

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I didn't place any order but you guys charged me for those items, I want my money back'!!!!!!!

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I just used a face cream called stay gold and it literally burnt my face my face is beat red and feels like it's on fire it's very upsetting and uncomfortable Read more

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I just love that not only are these products naturally based they are made here in the USA, don't cost me a fortune and I feel good about letting my family and friends use it too. Just this morning my coworker came in and said here, take some of this lotion, I squeezed out way too much. I said what is it? She told me it was Bath & Body Works. I told her I didn't want it due to the sulfates, parabens, etc but she put it on me anyway. Ewwwww! The... Read more

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I had the worst case of hives from the Healer Stick. The company did nothing because it was opened... I bought two and now I get $7 back because I had to pay for returned shipping. My hives showed on the second day very faint and didnt think much of it because it was not many and they were so small. Day three it looked like my skin was covered in pea sized welts! It burned itched and took a week to heal... Looking further into their ingredients... Read more

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I ordered two things from Perfectly Posh. They were both extremely smaller than I thought they would be. I thought one of the items would be a good size because it cost 18 dollars. It is about 2/3 rds of the size I expected. I was so dissapointed. I spent a lot of money thinking I was going to get some lovely products and it didn't turn out that way. I got the Calling all Fairies exfoliating mask with sugar. It stinks. It does not smell sweet... Read more

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