The order system is a total scam

I ordered one set and said no to everything else. they sent two sets and all the other garbage with it. The "free" items charge for shipping and handling as well. I disputed the charge. They sent a fake order form that was nothing like what I filled out saying I agreed to the whole package. My credit card had to charge me because I did not receive any order confirmation with any charge amount or what I agreed too purchase. Even if I send it back now, the shipping and handling is not refunded. The S&P is more than the cost of the order itself.
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West Point, Georgia


My bill jumped from $10.00 for perfect tortilla to $163.20.!!! Now it is up to me to find the number of this rip-off company and jump through their hoops to get my money back.!!!!!!!! This is a complete rip-off. At no time did they let me know what the total bill would be - only that they would bill me for this product. I can't find any phone number or address to complain to. Now in complaining it has taken me 10 minutes to complete this complaint form. This is BS This is BS This is BS
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Middletown, New York
New Reviewer


This company is a scam! Not only are they not clear when you place your order, you have to go through all these loops and offers before you see the summary of your order. I thought i would have the option to review and then place my order, but you do not! $31.00 for shipping?! I also was not allowed to edit my order! BIG GIANT SCAM! I will be cancelling my order as soon as it shows up in the data base! DO NOT order from these people! So pissed I got ripped off, and refuse to pay for this. Companies like this should not be allowed to sell.
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Chicago, Illinois
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Perfect tortilla final check out price is ridiculous!

$30 shipping? not adds up and adds up! DONT ORDER FROM HERE! it does not show you the $$ as they add up--even if you refuse all other items it came to $70!! Now i cannot find out how to get back in an cancel..I will stop payment on my credit card and never order from one of these again. how do I reach them to cancel...i entered out of the order before I remembered to take order number. any input as to how I can get back in to cancel this order? Its a circle of garbage to try!
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Cicero, Illinois
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False advertisement

I saw the commercial for the perfect tortilla bowl, it was for 10 dollars plus 7 dollars shipping, so i ordered it. I received a bill for 35 dollars. They said that i had to buy 4 bowls instead of 2 bowls, and they charged an additional 17 dollars. I sent the bowls back and they only credited my card 20 dollars., instead of the full amt charged of 35 dollars including `15 dollars for processing and handling. Do not order from these people, they will ***. Do not be taken in by the false advertisement! In the end you will be overcharged, and very sorry you ordered from these shiesters!
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Deerfield Beach, Florida
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Perfect Tortilla Pan

I NEVER buy stuff off t.v. but this little gadget looked really neat so I gave in. To be able to make Tortilla bowls at home (baked not fried) was enticing. I ordered the "buy one set get one set free" which included 4 tortilla pans and the "bonus" chopper. I was charged $30.00 shipping and handling on a $17.00 order!! I quickly cancelled my order and chalked it up as a lesson learned. Luckily they had a "cancel order" button, so I used it. Hopefully it will work and I won't have to go off on this company.
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They got me too ... they are crooks and scammers! **PLEASE - Do not let them steal your money!

When I ordered, I also did not get a "review your order" page - just an order conformation! With an extra $10 for the so-called free set + $31.00 shipping/processing! I was so pissed!

I ordered on the weekend, so first I checked my account online. I did not show yet, so the next morning I went to my bank (open 7 days a week) and they said the best thing to do because it had not posted to the bank yet was cancel my debit/visa card and have a new one sent.

So I took a little cash out to tide me over until my new card arrived, and cancelled the card before they got any money out!

I never received any sort of email following the transaction, but I did get an email from them a couple days later saying there was a problem processing my CC and I should call them right away to clear it up! So, I tried to call them at the # they gave me in the email ... was going to give them *** about scamming people ... but, guess what? Tried calling the number 6 times - every time it rang a couple of times and then the line was disconnected. Hmmm. Really?

Also, I was not given a "cancel order" button, but, BEWARE - I have read on other forums that even when people think they have cancelled, this company still took money from their accounts!! And others have said that they are being charged a "monthly" fee that they didn't even know about until after they looked at their bank or CC statement.




If you have the time ... call the "parent" company, although I don't think it will help much - after all, this a company that screws people and steals their money, so I am pretty sure they don't give a ***.


Here is the actual company information:

Allstar Products Group (APG)

2 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

Phone: 914.347.7827


I should have thought of that! Thank you sessa :)


No need to order from this company, you can buy tortilla bowl pans from Amazon.

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Canaan, Maine
New Reviewer

Perfect Tortilla NO recipe book!

Ordered the two sets, all $$ were correct, arrived in a timely manner. Very happy with the product itself. They did arrive without the recipe book(s). Called customer service and said they would would mail them out and should receive in a couple of weeks. Received a letter canceling the order ... due to high demand my order could not be filled. Checked the online status and sure enough ... canceled. They were to be part of the order. Appears to be no recourse. They knowingly send the pans without the recipe books. It is a good thing that we like the pans.
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I just bought two Taco Mold bowls at the "Nothing over a Dollar" store, and, they are perfectly baked Tortilla Bowls. No recipe book, but, I can make up my own.

And I can slowly use the Tortilla bowl as a dipper for the ground beef misture till its gone.

i will go back and buy two more boxes so I will have 6 for $3.00 Total!! What a Deal, compared to about 15.00 or so Dollars, if u order the Tv one:) :)


You can buy them at Walmart. $10 for four pans!!


Me too. No recipe book at all.

Did not get Cut N Cup either. Called cust. serv. They sent the Cut N Cup but no recipe book.

Need the recipe book.

:( :( :cry :? :sigh


Same deal as above....bought the "set", great recipe book =( Im sure going to get sick of Taco salads quick. :eek




Same here. No Recipe book, just a piece of paper.

The bowls are good but getting what I paid for and expected would be better. Called 914.347.7827 and had to leave a message. Be interesting to see if anyone responds.

I bet I don't buy online again. :( :( :cry


Same here. No Recipe book, just a piece of paper.

The bowls are good but getting what I paid for and expected would be better. :( :( :cry


Just tried to call the TV#, option 3 for more info. Never got a person to try and cancel the on line order I did that somehow ended up to be $195 for 4 sets!! The auto answer told me I just ordered another set-???-don't call the TV #!!!


Here is the actual company information:

Allstar Products Group (APG)

2 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

Phone: 914.347.7827


Same here. No recipe book.

Great pans. Fun.

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Seattle, Washington
New Reviewer


I was so upset after getting off the phone with representatives Alex (operator #529) and manager Jonathan (operator #566). I was calling regarding a misunderstanding I had when I processed my order online. I saw a commercial about the perfect tortilla double your offer free. I assumed that I was going to pay $10 for both sets and only one 7.95 charge for S&P. I ended up getting a second set assuming the same about the S&P, so I thought I was paying $20 for four sets and $15.90 for S&P. When going through the process of ordering there was never an order summary of how much my estimated charge would be. If I would have known I was paying $7.95 per set I wouldn't have placed my order. The first attempt to call on August 1st, Alex answered the line I was trying to explain to him what my problem was and he was cut me off and talk over me which made me feel like he was calling me a liar and belittling me. He doesn't have any customer service skills and feel sorry for any customer that has to deal with him. The representatives need better training on how to handle customers. When I felt like he was down talking me I asked to speak with a manager. I was on a long hold time and then he cold transferred me to a line that just kept ringing then went to dead air. I then, called back in and happened to get Alex on the line again. He did transfer me to your manager Jonathan that did the same thing Alex did. He kept cutting me off and I did yell at him to get his attention that he has poor customer service he should allow me to finish talking and explaining to him what I thought happened during my order and when I was finish speaking then he can clarify what he needed. With the poor customer service I received I will let my neighbors', friends and family know what horrible service I received from that company. Due to the service I received from their employees, I will be canceling my order and will never order from that company.
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This is the first time in my on-line ordering life that I have not gotten a chance to review the charges for "accuracy" prior to my credit card being charged. A clear and loud cry that one is dealing with a B.S. company that fully understands that if one sees the charges first, they will understand they are being taken and will elect NOT to order.

They understand that, and don't care. They do not care about the customer, therefore what confidence to you have that they care about the product and the experience that the customer has with the product?

BEWARE! (And I'm willing to be that the (2) people that selected B.S. under the first rating work for the Perfect Tortilla).


I also just got taken by these crooks!!! I never received a total breakdown of the shipping cost.

I was shocked when I submitted the order and found out I owe 31.80 for shipping. I had ordered two sets so my total came to 51.80. What a rip off!!!! I will be calling my credit card company first thing Monday morning and telling them not to pay this.

If that don't work I will call the Better Business Bureau.

I could have gotten four of these tortilla pans from Amazon and the shipping would have been only 6.00. Someone needs to do something about this false advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are so right this is a scam and i want to cancel my order can you tell me how to do it please


I've seen this commercial several times now and am tempted every time to order so I thought I'd check reviews first and came across this. You all can complain all you want but you're idiots because of it.

I'm sorry none if you know how to listen or read but that's not the company's problem.

Even when visiting the site on my cell phone there is still clarification of the offer and shipping charges. Next time try reading past the order now button before accusing someone of scamming you.


I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered a set of 3 Perfect Tortillas. I paid $27 for the items.

Shipping charges were not listed on the order form prior to placing the order. After clicking to place the order shipping charges came up to be $54.65 for a 2-6 week delivery! That is outrageous!

When I called to cancel the order the representative on the line told me the order had shipped and if I didn't want it when it was delivered, I should just refuse delivery, or if I wasn't home I should just return it to the post office. I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute this charge as soon as it posts.


What a joke. $41.80 for shipping charges, $58.80 for total that they charged me WITHOUT my permission. After placing my order I was never shown a breakdown of costs that would be charged to my credit card, all of a sudden my order was processed and I was paying shipping out the ***

FURTHER, I called first thing (8am) Monday morning to cancel my order before it got sent and charged to my credit card. Was told to call back 6 hours later because my order hadn't come into their system yet.

Called back at 2pm to try and cancel the order. Apparently it hadn't come into their system yet and they told me to check and call back tomorrow. After I hung up the phone I went on the website and found my order was 'In Process' - which clearly doesn't say 'Shippped'

SO I called back this morning, 8am, to cancel my order that was hopefully in their system by now. They, once again, couldn't find it. I told them I was looking at it on and it said 'InProcess'. They said "oh you have found it on the website"........:(

Unfortunately THEY were looking up my order in the wrong program and it had ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED!! What the heck! I had called and called AND CALLED to make sure it didn't get shipped and it was their error that it got shipped!

They tried to get me to keep it and give me a $30 credit - what the *** would I want a $30 credit with perfect tortilla for?

Already long story short, they will NOT be charging my credit card and I WILL be returning to sender as I am SO livid I don't want ANYTHING to do with this product.


Started to place order on website until I saw Postage and Handling charge of 31.80 on a 40 dollar order!! Did not hit SUBMIT ORDER but they completed it without emailing me.

Found the charge on my account.

They wouldn't cancel, but claim they will let me return it if I pay the postage. Found the same thing for 12 bucks on Amazon, no postage with Prime.


Alexia - can you PLEASE PROVIDE THE PHONE NUMBER of customer service for this company? They do not provide a phone number anywhere and they ripped me off with my order as well. This company is generating a lot of complaints and no one can find a phone number to call them - outside of the number on their ad, which is completely automated.

Please provide the phone number you have so the rest of us can call them and stop this. I am reporting them to the Attorney General's office for deceptive advertising and overcharging me.

Their $10 get two free offer will cost you $20 and $15 shipping and handling (they charge you $7.95 EACH for the buy-one-get-one-free ). It will cost you $35 at the end and you can't change the order and there is no where to call.


On two sets I got charged $32 for shipping but they tell you that you it should arrive in 2 to 6 weeks!!! At that price, wouldn't you think you would get it sooner????


Yeah, basically the same thing for me. What they don't tell you is, is that you pay 7.95 shipping for each set including another 7.95 for the "free" gift.

I ordered 2 sets and my grand total was $51.90.

Also, they own the shipping company and that's where they make their money. Sad isn't it?

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Fresno, California
New Reviewer

Perfect Tortilla

I was really upset that the shipping was $31.80! I thought it was 7.95 p&h. What does p&h mean? Now I have to wait until Monday to cancel my order! Pissed off! This is what I ordered, Quantity Subtotal: HEM Perfect Tortilla 1 $14.95 HEN Discounted Perfect Tortilla 1 $9.95 Sub Total $24.90 Shipping $31.80 Tax $0.00 Order Total $56.70 I will not pay for this!!! I am disappointed. I trust the ad then the end of the ad, WHY is the bottom the the order was this much? I will not trust this offer!
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Total Scam - Reported to Amex

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Toronto, Ontario

Did not ask if this is a correct amount!

Advertisement from T.V. Perfect tortilla from Canada kept asking other items yes or no, i put no on all the items they wanted to sell. I only wanted the 2 tortialla shell and get two extra free. I had it add up to 29.75 total, when i press contiune to get to the amount. OMYGOODNESS what a shock, they went ahead and total up on their own $144.00 to me. There was no way i could not cacelled the orders and i have to wait to open up the order status in 24 hours. PLEASE LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THIS IS A SCAM ADVERTISEMENT. Now i have to go to Walmart to help me on the MoneyCard as WalMart wont help me on line. I have a profound servel hearing loss, and can only commuciate typing messages.
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i dont understand, you peaople claim to be getting "ripped off" but if you just paid attention to advertising and listen to what was being said instead of just watching and seeing/hearing what you want to hear and actually read things on the website before putting your credit card information in you would understand what you would be charged for

also if you would read you would know the customer service number is listed on the website if u click on customer service people, are always saying there is no contact number but it is right there if you would just open your eyes

oh and if you call customer service and are polite and not screaming there is a chance people would be more likely to want to help you and not hang up

no one likes to be screamed at they are regular people just like you that are trying to make a living dont take your mistakes and *** decisions out on them


Here is the actual company information:

Allstar Products Group (APG)

2 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

Phone: 914.347.7827


I have had the same experience. Does anyone have a live customer service line and not the number on the ad?

I am reporting this company to the State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office. That is the shipping information they have on their "order" site. They charged me $20 for the one $10 deal they had, then $15.00 for SH.

This is illegal and I am going to bust them. I really need a number to call. Can anyone help? Otherwise, I am sending a letter certified mail tomorrow morning. They need to be reported! There are complaints all over the Internet about these crooks!


Total scam. They charged my credit card $114!!!

The add says two for $10. I will try custom service but I'm sure I will get nowhere with them they are a bunch of crooks!!


Can't believe they want so much $$$$ for shipping. Then just try to cancel - if they don't hang up on you.

They must get so many complaints that they just hang up!

Don't buy this product. It's a rip-off.


*** Company, I completed a single order they said 7.95 shipping, no confirmation screen it just said "order placed" I agree complete fraud criminals. It should cost 5 bucks to send the item I was billed 31 + dollars for shipping. A%%%%%holes.


Same thing happened to me. They don't tell you about their outrageous shipping fees and mine totaled for more that $35 bucks for a couple of tortilla pans...

Bunch of crooks!

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Carson City, Nevada

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